Parties accused of ‘neglecting’ disabled people after politicians fail to show up for welfare debate : Welfare Weekly

Disability Rights UK: “Such a stance is dangerously neglectful.”

Source: Parties accused of ‘neglecting’ disabled people after politicians fail to show up for welfare debate : Welfare Weekly

Politicians must be honest with the public about the NHS | The King’s Fund

The King’s Fund is calling on the government to review its priorities for the NHS and be honest with the public about what the health service can deliver with its budget.

Source: Politicians must be honest with the public about the NHS | The King’s Fund


It’s a sad truth

This saying is true ‘How can you tell a politican is lying; they open their mouth’.


But did you know that politicians lie? And get away with it thinking we won’t notice?
This post is for anyone who may not realise that we have an important referendum vote coming up on the 23rd June about a little group called the Eurovision Song Contest  EU.

A couple of months ago, it was announced that

The Government will provide every household in the UK with a leaflet that sets out why the Government believes that voting to remain in the EU is the best decision for the UK.

The leaflet will be delivered to households in England from 11 – 13 April

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Politicians can you understand or believe what they say?

Miliband causes chaos with answer on ILF closure from Disability News Service

An extract ‘

Labour leader Ed Miliband caused chaos this week after he was asked if he would save the Independent Living Fund (ILF) if Labour won power at May’s general election.

Miliband told the audience that the government “should not be getting rid of the Independent Living Fund”, and that “if it does go to the local authorities that budget has got to be protected”.

The government – if it retains power – will close the fund and pass the non-ring-fenced funding to local authorities on 30 June.

Miliband also said: “We’ve got to find ways of protecting that money for some of the most vulnerable disabled people, some of whom I’ve met and who are saying, ‘this is a terrible situation what’s happening to the ILF.’”

He made the comments during a question and answer session at a college in Staffordshire.

But his response was so vague and confusing that many of those listening – including Labour activists – thought he had announced a new policy to save ILF.  ………’

The double talk from many politicians does cause many confusions, that for many of the population they do not know what is being said and therefore either conclude that it is nothing and are they suitable for election to power. Or they pick on certain parts of the politician statement and believe they do know what is being said, but do they, or do the politicians just wish to confuse the electorate.

Why can a politician not be direct and clear in their statements or would this make a policy to which they would be held to account.

Such as Nick Clegg and his promise on student tuition fees at the last election, an apology, but is it not easy to apologise.

By creating confusion can they say they were misquoted and it was the fault of the persons interpretation of their statements, in effect casting the blame on others.

Is there any politicians that you can trust? If not, how can we ever vote to elect any of them? Thus creating even more chaos and confusion. Politicians should be held to account to the populations they are there to represent, but if so would anyone wish to stand for election.