“I had to go to a tribunal to get what I needed”

As it has been stated before that this whole processed is geared to produced as much stress as possible and in many instances, if not all, the assessors and the system is not open to reason.

Unlike our legal system, where you are presumed innocent until proved guilty, the benefit system appears to make everyone guilty until found innocent.

As though the conditions people have are not enough to cause concern and stress, this benefit system only adds to it, thus making people feel even worse.

If people are already distress and/or stressed, this additional stress could make a person worse, which could result to create a situation where they are in a state where they have no hope, which is a state where persons could take their own lives. Creating situations which is the final straw, until you have been there, you will not appreciate those feeling of extreme despair.

Has the system been designed to create this? It certainly makes you wonder, a case of permanently removing people from the benefit system.

Would this Government really do this!


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SERVE YOUR COUNTRY and get treated like this: At least 13,000 hero soldiers left HOMELESS

The Government takes what it wants, then disregards the rest, be it people’s lives, natural resources, in fact in any aspect it can.

This is nothing new as we did the same with the colonies centuries ago and still do, in one way and another.

This is disgraceful in regards to resources, but even more so when lives are at stake.

Will it ever end, I fear not.

Childhood bullying can cause lifelong psychological damage – here’s how to spot the signs and move on : The Conversation

Childhood bullying is so common that it may not seem like a big deal. Up to 35% of people are estimated to have experienced it at some point. By adulthood, we are generally expected to have “got over” it. But the mental health effects of being bullied can be serious and last a lifetime. One study has even suggested that, when it comes to mental health, bullying is as harmful as child abuse, if not worse.

Approximately 20% of people who have been bullied experience some kind of mental health problems later in life, even at the age of 50. While some of these, such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), are easy to spot, others may be more difficult to recognise. These can range from inexplicable bouts of anger to a lifetime of feeling inferior to other people.

Although there has been an immense amount of research on bullying, most of it has focused on immediate effects, intervention and prevention. So we need more research on long-term effects and new forms of bullying, such as online abuse.


Source: Childhood bullying can cause lifelong psychological damage – here’s how to spot the signs and move on : The Conversation

Hero was honoured by the Queen but betrayed by army after asking for help with his PTSD : Mirror.

They say the army looks after its own, but apparently only when it suits them.


Major Wayne Owers was honoured three times for gallantry after defusing 93 bombs in Afghanistan – then confided in military doctors about his terrifying nightmares.

Wayne Owers had a secret battle against PTSD (Image: Roland Leon/Sunday Mirror)

The dashing Army officer embodied the bravery of Britain’s Armed Forces on the front line.

Gallant Major Wayne Owers was honoured three times by the Queen, saved countless lives and defused nearly 100 bombs in Afghanistan.

Yet his 27-year decorated career ended with him being dumped – after he asked for help in battling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The bomb disposal expert confided in military doctors after suffering terrifying nightmares and anxiety attacks from the horrors he witnessed.

But after two years of treatment he was told that he was unfit to serve any more, despite medical experts saying his condition was improving.

Rather than offering him a non-operational posting, as had happened…

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‘Traumatised’ autistic man restrained for 11 hours | DisabledGo News and Blog

The mother of a man with autism who was restrained by as many as nine members of staff for 11 hours at a private hospital in Birmingham has said her son has been left “traumatised”. Jill Nasralla told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire she had not received an apology after the incident involving her son Adam, then 20, at Wast Hills. He has now been given an out-of-court settlement by the hospital and police. The hospital said patient welfare was its “number one priority”. ‘Absolutely terrified’ Ms Nasralla said her son’s behaviour had “deteriorated” since he was moved to the hospital at the age of 19, and that the hospital had removed her son’s autism diagnosis without her knowledge. In March 2014, after being restrained at the hospital Mr Nasralla was handcuffed, placed in a spit hood and detained in a police cell where restraints continued to be used, with no solicitor or appropriate adult allowed to visit him. His mother explained: “One weekend he went into absolute crisis. I got a call

Source: ‘Traumatised’ autistic man restrained for 11 hours | DisabledGo News and Blog

Piers Morgan is wrong about Lady Gaga. Here are the facts about PTSD | Eleanor Morgan | Opinion | The Guardian

His tweets questioning Lady Gaga’s PTSD reveal an ignorance of this complex condition which we must challenge at every opportunity

Source: Piers Morgan is wrong about Lady Gaga. Here are the facts about PTSD | Eleanor Morgan | Opinion | The Guardian

Antidepressant success affected by environmental conditions – Medical News Today

Researchers reveal why antidepressants work in some patients but not others. Their findings show antidepressant effectiveness may depend on environment.

Source: Antidepressant success affected by environmental conditions – Medical News Today