Butler corrects Starmer publicly on destruction of slaver Colson’s statue – SKWAWKBOX

Starmer had said toppling of statue was ‘completely wrong’. Black MP Dawn Butler corrects him Labour’s Brent MP Dawn Butler Black Labour MP Dawn Butler has bravely gone on the pub…

Source: Butler corrects Starmer publicly on destruction of slaver Colson’s statue – SKWAWKBOX

Protests, arrests rock G-20 summit as police clash with activists

‘Around 1,000 members of that march were black-clad anarchists, though the demands and politics of the protesters in Hamburg range wildly. Many said they were demonstrating against globalization and capitalism. Others protested the policies of certain leaders, like Trump, who has targeted immigrants and Muslims, in addition to withdrawing the United States from the Paris climate agreement, and authoritarian leaders like Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Others expressed dissatisfaction with the outsized importance of the summit, which brings together the world’s 20 most powerful economies and attracts wide-scale protests virtually every year.’

‘The protests also kept some summit attendees indoors. Spouses of world leaders typically attend a host of events during the summit, but U.S. First Lady Melania Trump was unable to leave her accommodations as protesters gathered outside her guest house. “The Hamburg police could not give us clearance to leave,” Stephanie Grisham, a spokesperson for the First Lady, said. “She was prevented from participating in today’s spousal program, which she was looking forward to.”

Trump herself tweeted her concern for those injured in the clashes, while making no connection between the demonstrations and her husband’s policies:’

Source: Protests, arrests rock G-20 summit as police clash with activists

So…My Girlfriend Had an Abortion

This is an emotive subject and while there is a right to life, there is also a right to have your own opinions and these should be respected by others. No one should be judgemental or cause harassment to others.

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abortion protestA few weeks/month ago, my girlfriend and I went to a clinic and had an abortion. It was her decision more than anything, and I agreed with her and supported her through every moment of it. That wasn’t the problem, we are both pro choice and agreed we weren’t ready.

The problem was, well, the protesters. I respect every human, and their opinions. If you think every fetus has a right to life, I will not argue with you, only state that my opinion is different, but that I respect yours, as it has nothing to do with me. But these people badgered and shamed every woman that walked into the clinic.

The procedure only takes 5-10 minutes, but the overall visit takes 2-4 hours, so I spent a long while in the waiting room. I tried to remain as non threatening and friendly as possible, because a good percentage…

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