Leaving Half The Country Behind: Poll Shows Majority Now Opposes Impeachment | JONATHAN TURLEY

During the testimony last week, I expressed various concerns with the artificially short period allowed for the impeachment investigation due to the Democratic pledge to impeach President Donald Tr…

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Can a sporting event change attitudes?

Unfortunately until the Government change their attitude towards disability there will never be an opportunity for a change for the better with the public at large , it will even be difficult to maintain the current position so a change for the worse is more likely.

While not actually saying it the Government are indicating that disabled people do not require welfare benefits and even if they do this should be for a limited period to enable them to overcome their disabilities. This could be where the Paralympics comes in for, although, this would not be the intention, the Government (DWP) appear to believe that these Paralympians do not now need benefits and if this is so for them, then it should be so for all other receivers of benefits. This is in fact not correct for it is only because they receive benefits, that they can continue to do the sports they do. without the benefits their participation in sports will eventually be decreasing until they can no longer engage in sports and then they will be back to square one.

The mainstream media go some way to make public this belief and therefore the general public think this is so for every benefit claimant, if one person can overcome their disability then so can all, so those who continue to claim benefits can only be scroungers.

Having a complex needs daughter I am well aware that she will never overcome her disability and will in effect become more disabled with the advent of time, as will many if not all others who have disabilities.

So the starting point is with the Government of the day, but unfortunately all they are contend with is making cuts, on cuts and more cuts, so eventually the number of disabled people will decrease, but only because the Government is making it impossible for them to survive.

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Following our #SportForAll activity this summer and as we head towards the fifth anniversary of the London 2012 Paralympic Games. We’ve discovered that, despite the success of the games themselves, there has been little change in the way disabled people feel they are treated by society and supported by the government.

The London 2012 Paralympic Games ran between 29 August and 9 September. At the time it was Lord Coe’s view that “we would never think of disability in the same way again.”

The Games themselves saw disability given an unprecedented platform, with Paralympics GB taking home 120 medals, and para-athletes like Sarah Storey and Ellie Simmonds becoming household names.

However, our new research reveals that a quarter (28%) of disabled people did not feel the Paralympics delivered a positive legacy for disabled people once the two weeks were over. Over a third (38%) think that attitudes have not improved…

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From London to Rio, 2012’s Paralympic legacy has been shamefully betrayed | Jackie Ashley | Opinion | The Guardian

Yes, the 2012 Paralympics were a success while the event was being held, but afterwards the Government and media went back to square one showing constant abuse towards disabled people, mainly with regards to disability benefits. What examples are these giving to some of those persons within the UK popuation to persuade them to change their abusive attitudes towards persons with disabilities.

Then we have Rio who felt the Olympics was more important than the Paralympics in stealing funding that should have been available for use to run the Paralympics and the travel costs for the competitors to attend. They closed some stadiums and reduced transport access implying the Paralympics was a lessor event.

Not all the blame can be attributed to Rio as a portion of the blame rests with the Olympic and Paralympic committees in allocating the events to a country who would always struggle to run one event let alone two.

Yes, the Rio Olympics were eventually a success, but at what cost to the Paralympics. The needs of both competitions need to be equally considered by the ruling bodies and to a large extent on the countries bidding to hold them.

Now some of the competitors will not be able to attend the Paralympics creating great disappointment for them and showing disregard for the training they have undertaken.

No one event should be held higher than the other. Hopefully for those competitors who can still attend, the event will be a success, but those attending will have regrets for those who can not now attend.

This is a very sorry state of affairs and one that should never be repeated.

Source: From London to Rio, 2012’s Paralympic legacy has been shamefully betrayed | Jackie Ashley | Opinion | The Guardian

How does the public think we should fund social care? | The King’s Fund

With little political consensus around the way forward for funding our growing social care needs, Richard Humphries looks at how the British public views the options.

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