France and UK to take ‘urgent action’ on English Channel migrants | Euronews

British Home Secretary Priti Patel has promised more joint action between the UK and France to prevent migrants crossing the English Channel.

Patel met her French counterpart Christophe Castaner in Paris on Thursday, soon after dozens of migrants were intercepted on five boats off the British coast, and one boat made a landing on a beach in Sussex.

Over 900 migrants have successfully made the crossing between the UK and France in 2019, with the Home Office returning at least 65 people.

Meanwhile, legal proceedings brought against a number of smugglers. In July and June, two men were jailed for assisting unlawful immigration to the UK, one in Britain and the other in France. In May, a French national was jailed for selling 39 boats to migrants.

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In January, the UK and France agreed a joint action plan which included £6 million in new security equipment including CCTV coverage of beaches and ports. The two countries also agreed to return migrants that make the crossing.

“We’ve been working extremely closely with our French colleagues to tackle the use of small boats but we both agreed more needs to be done,” Patel said.

“It’s vital we ensure our collective expertise is used to stop the boats from leaving French shores and dismantle the criminal networks driving this activity.”

But Catherine Woollard, secretary general of the European Council on Refugees and Exiles, told Euronews that the numbers of migrants crossing the Channel remained “very small”.

“An alarmist approach on the part of UK politicians and media is likely to contribute to the growing xenophobia in the country, as well as generating the risk of disproportionate action,” she said.

At its narrowest, the stretch of water between the UK and France is just 33 kilometres. But poor weather conditions and a huge amount of commercial shipping makes the English Channel a dangerous crossing even for experienced navigators.

Many of the boats being used by migrants and smuggling gangs are small inflatable dinghies, which are often overcrowded to maximise profits for smugglers.

On August 23, the body of an Iraqi national – Niknam Masoud – was found off the Belgian coast after it is believed he attempted to swim to the UK from France.


Source: France and UK to take ‘urgent action’ on English Channel migrants | Euronews

Italy news: Five Star Movement MEP outburst over EU rules – Why was not FRANCE punished? | UK | News |

Speaking during a plenary sitting of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the Five Star Movement MEP asked the European Commission’s President Jean-Claude Juncker why France was able to break EU migrant rules without being punished.

Mr Valli said: “As for the position of the Italian government on migration – we took on an explosive situation.

“You would turn Italy into the refugee camp of Europe.

“Europe has not taken responsibility for what needs to be done.”


Source: Italy news: Five Star Movement MEP outburst over EU rules – Why was not FRANCE punished? | UK | News |

Anger mounts as Israel begins detention and deportation of African asylum seekers : The Conversation

Around 20,000 Israelis and African migrants took to the streets in Tel Aviv on February 24, protesting against a government policy of detaining and deporting African asylum seekers who refuse to leave the country. A few days earlier, a group of Eritrean asylum seekers held at a detention centre in Israel went on hunger strike in protest against their imminent expulsion from the country.

In early Feburary, Israel began issuing expulsion orders to African migrants and asylum seekers whose asylum claims had been refused by the government. Most were from Eritrea and Sudan. The orders, under new rules announced in December 2017, give people the choice to be sent to a “third country” by the end of March, or face detention and imprisonment. The receiving countries will reportedly receive US$5,000 per asylum seeker they accept, while the asylum seekers themselves receive a plane ticket plus US$3,500 each.

The “third countries” have not been officially named, but they were reported to be Rwanda and Uganda – although both countries subsequently denied signing a deal with Israel.

It is the Israeli regime of deportation and detention that is the root cause for the distress of the African migrants and asylum seekers on its soil. It is almost impossible to even launch an asylum claim let alone become a recognised refugee. Merely 11 African asylum seekers, ten from Eritrea and one from Sudan, were given refugee status between 2009 and 2017.

However, in what might prove to be a landmark ruling, an Israeli special appeals court ruled on February 15 in the case of an Eritrean asylum seeker that desertion from the Eritrean military provided a valid claim for asylum. This ruling could affect many Eritreans threatened with deportation, but is unlikely to change wider attitudes among Israeli authorities, who in any case will appeal.

Mixed reasons for coming to Israel


Source: Anger mounts as Israel begins detention and deportation of African asylum seekers : The Conversation

TeleSur English: CIA Planned False Flag Attacks in Miami

The public have no comprehension on how far these internal and external security services will go to so that their perceived ends can be obtained. This is the ‘tip of the Iceberg’.

The terrorism within the Establishment.

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

More on the contents of the 3,000 files relating to JFK, which have recently been declassified. This is another short video from the Latin America news broadcaster, TeleSur. They reveal that the files show that the CIA was considering carrying out a series of false flag attacks in Miami and other cities in Florida, and even Washington. One of the possible tactics was to sink a Cuban refugee boat, which the Agency stated could be real or simulated, and encourage a series of murder attempts on Cuban refugees in America. This was to fool the American people into believing that there was a Communist terrorist campaign operating in America itself, backed by the Cubans, which would serve as a pretext for invading the country.

The files also reveal the various attempts the Americans made to assassinate Castro. But they also show that Cuba was not behind J.F.K’s assassination. The video…

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Trump wants you to fear refugees and migrants. Here are eight books that push back. – The Washington Post

From “The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay” to “The Brothers,” eight books that complicate Trump’s ugly, simplistic portrait of aspiring Americans.

Source: Trump wants you to fear refugees and migrants. Here are eight books that push back. – The Washington Post

Migrant Mayhem

The asylum rules need to be relooked at for asylum, if these asylum refugees can reaccess the country they are supposed to be fleeing from, their status should be changed.


Migrants claiming asylum in Germany take HOLIDAYS in the countries they are ‘fleeing’

While Switzerland has also flagged up the same issues, confirming dozens of asylum seekers who had apparently turned up penniless after fleeing what they said was a war zone were found to have flown home on holiday.

‘Who the f**k are all you racists?’ Migrant youths terrorise community in shocking footage

GW: What part of “visitor to a foreign country” don’t these uneducated slobs get? One usually goes into the “host” country and politely asks the locals for advice and guidance surely! One also usually walks about and takes a few photos of the architecture, visits places of note, pops into the library/museum to take a look at the antiquities there, sits in a cafe watching the colour and vitality of the community around them and so forth. Yea one always jumps on police…

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Iraqi boy lost family, arms to Pentagon, now facing racism in Britain

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video says about itself:

Exclusive: Ali Abbasblames Britain and the US for troubles in Iraq

23 June 2014

12 year old Ali Abbas lost both of his arms and was severely burnt in a US missile strike on Baghdad. His mother and father and other members of his family were killed.

From daily The Independent in Britain today:

‘Why don’t you go back to your country?’ UK border official allegedly asks man orphaned in the UK-US invasion of Iraq

Ali Abbas, who as a 12-year-old lost both arms and 16 family members in a US airstrike, says he was brought close to tears by a UK official

Adam Lusher

The orphan whose family was killed and who was himself maimed by a missile fired by Western forces in the Iraq War has said he was brought close to tears by a British border official who told…

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Hating the haters.

I agree for the UK as been reliant on immigrants for many, many years and the country as blossomed as a result. Before the European immigrants, there were the immigrants from the Commonwealth. Then well before then we had the invaders Celts, Vikings, Normans, Romans, Jutes, Angles, and Saxons to name but a few.

The media needs to be promoting non-racist values.

So to those who are uttering racist abuse, they could be doing so to some of their very distant cousins.

Poppy's Place

What has happened to this country? What is going on? We really do seem to be becoming a nation full of some very nasty people and I don’t like it. All I am seeing at the moment is story after story, report after report, news item after news item, on social and in mainstream media, of racist and xenophobic attacks and mind-boggling hatred towards our fellow man and woman. It’s horrible. Even though it’s now been a week since the Referendum, since we voted to leave the European Union, it’s going on and on and on. The hatred and racism is not abating in any way that I can see, if anything, it’s getting worse. According to newspapers and the news bulletins I’ve seen, read and heard just today, racist hate-crime has increased fivefold in the last week. A truly terrifying statistic and not a Britain I want any part…

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