Why are people afraid of a powerful China but not a powerful US?

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Let me bring a different perspective, an Indian one; since we have plenty of Western ones already in the media and here in Quora.

From an Indian perspective it is very interesting to see this kind of reactions on both sides. Despite the wholehearted assimilation of a huge diaspora in US indicating a huge cultural understanding of America in among Indians, relations are not what you would expect them to be. The reasons for this, while being numerous, generally have been mainly to do with a failure on Americans to actively engage with India in a friendly manner that allows India liberty to follow her own foreign relations as she sees fit. This has never occurred as for America “close relations” has always meant to take a country into her fold in every possible manner. This has, is and will be always be a big stumbling block between US-India relations.

Since India views America in through this lens, naturally the actions of US are looked at very differently. India is more perceptive to view America’s actions as a mixture of chaos and running interferences in every single countries. The second point is quite sensitive considering that India was under the rule of a foreign power for 150 years. This is always ignored in every analysis of relations between the two countries. This is also one of the reasons why India’s foreign policy in the Cold War was oriented towards combating imperial colonies. Hence this is one of the reasons why Indians don’t see eye to eye with American policies almost everywhere. And having almost come to war with US during the Indo-Pak war of 1971 (the result of an extremely stupid and short sighted decision under Nixon), and being under the spell of sanctions, India hasn’t always embraced the US.

Now coming to China, I think the most important view held by many Indians is just the sheer scale of economic development that have lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty. Delhi however looks at the growing Chinese influence with slight suspicion. But the broader picture is very positive as most of the Indians living now were born after or were too small to remember the 1962 Sino-Indian war. Relations are not what they could be, but there seems to have been a growing realization on both sides of the fence of putting past squabbles on the side and co-operating on important issues and having more exchanges on each other. The Chinese in my opinion seem to have an excellent understanding of according the respect to Delhi of not in anyway dictating what Indian policies should be. There are of course concerns regarding frequent border incursions in the dispute Aksai Chin area, but these seem to be minor and won’t be something which derisively affect Indo-Chinese relations.

So from an Indian POV, the issue is looked at with drastic differences than what the West looks it at as. While India would naturally share some concerns about a powerful China on the account of sharing a disputed border with it, but the current engagement between both countries suggests a policy of a mutual and healthy co-existence. While there is a bit of anger against China shared in some communities, particularly in the Northeast and Ladakh due to the complexities in China and Tibet’s relation, the larger majority of younger people are more swayed by the image of China’s rise as a country poorer than India 30 years ago to become the 2nd largest economy in the world.  ……………..’

In Your Heart by Thomas S. Carver

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He was so proud of his little girl
It was her very first day of school
He walked with her to school that day
And she held his hand all the way
They walked together quiet and sad
A little girl and her loving dad
Into the school her father led
But he almost cried when she said
Daddy, Daddy please don’t go
Don’t leave me here all alone
I’ll miss you if you go away
And I might need you, can’t you stay
Little Daughter please don’t cry
You’ll be okay so dry your eyes
You have our memories in your heart
We’re together though we’re apart


He sat up front on her wedding day
And cried as his daughter walked away
Later that night he watched her dance
He sat there waiting for his chance
The band started to play their song
Father and daughter danced along

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