Kindness Lasts Forever – by Sara Oliver

A true act of kindness.

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 foreversixmom (Sara Oliver)We’ve always been a different family. Long before words like Autism entered our every day life my kids knew what it was like to have a ‘different’ mom than all the other kids.

I didn’t drive like most mommies. I took medicine…..I had seizures. My kids knew what to expect though, knew who to go to for help, and most of all knew that mommy would have a seizure, but she would eventually be alright.

I’ve dealt with (knowingly) Hydrocephalus and Epilepsy since birth. I’ve spent my life being sick and constantly being a slave to the limitations of my body. I’ve always believed in being an advocate though, and in empowering my children so that when they faced a scary situation…maybe it wasn’t so scary.

I married young…and divorced just as young. I wanted to be the parent to make it work, to allow the girls’ dad to have…

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Rescue, Time saves lives?


Oh my, how many more poor creatures are at risk. I am told there are 100s, if not 1000s, may be many more, of poor creatures in our sewers who may be in danger and will need to be rescued. I am not sure what these creatures are, as I have not been down the sewers to see them.

But someone has told me they may be called RATS. Anyway, they do deserve to be helped.

Anyone willing to volunteer, please ring their local Health Authority and ask for their medication to be increased.

I do believe that my Christmas and New Year celebrations to have been very excessive, as I feel I have been in a coma for going on 3 months, as it must be 1st April today.