England’s teachers among the best paid for fewest hours in Europe

I am not qualified to talk about Pay for Teachers, but pay is but one aspect of the strike action, for there are others. Be their pay be good or not there is a shortage of teachers and other forms of support in schools. Schools are also extremely short of many other resources vital to the actions of teaching and much of this is down to the continued spending cuts imposed by Governments.

No matter how much one is paid they need all the resouces available to do the job completely and this is not occurring currently.

Source: England’s teachers among the best paid for fewest hours in Europe

Signs of Autism in Infants and Children – Autism Parenting Magazine

Early signs of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be detected in infants, yet many children with autism do not receive a diagnosis until the ages of two or three. While not every autistic baby is able to be diagnosed as an infant, there are many benefits to receiving a diagnosis before reaching preschool age. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) an autism diagnosis can be appropriately given at the age of 18 months or even sooner for some babies. Doctors will typically do a screening for autism spectrum disorders at the 9 month, 18 month, 2-year, and 3-year wellness checkups. The earlier an infant is diagnosed with autism, the sooner interventions can begin and the best resources can be identified.

Many children with autism, however, do not receive an official diagnosis until they reach the age of two or three years old, usually after the child has already begun preschool and social interactions have become more obviously strained. It is never too late to be diagnosed and begin identifying resources to help make life with autism easier. The earlier a child is diagnosed (especially in his/her formative years of development) the sooner the child can begin to benefit from selected


Source: Signs of Autism in Infants and Children – Autism Parenting Magazine

Hillary Clinton wishes to stop all Wild Life Crime

Hillary Clinton Helping to stop Wild Life Crime

Here we have Hillary Clinton the USA Secretary of State supporting the WWF campaign on Wild Life Crime.

Please take time to thank Hillary Clinton for her support. To do this click this link Support Hillary Clinton

A great ally in herself with the USA behind her, this is a commitment that should be undertaken by the world at large, countries as well individuals in each country.

For one reason or another the human species has taken control of the worlds resources for its own ends and if taken to its extremes could eventually lead to the total extinction of all living matter, humans , animals, vegetation, etc.

Any use of a resource will have some effect on other resources, some good, some bad, some seen, in effect, immediately, some only after many years, possibly many generation hence.

Resources are important to all, not only humans.