Defence Minister refuses to grant Afghan pilot who helped UK right to stay in UK and is being threatened with deportation to Rwanda, no way to treat an Afghan veteran

Defense Minister James Heappey MP is wrong and no matter how the Afghan war hero pilot got to the UK he should be allowed to stay in the UK.

Not his fault there was no legal way for him to enter the UK that is the fault of this Tory government of which the Defence Minister James Heappey MP is a member of.

More legal ways are needed and this should be a priority for the Home Secretary Suella Braverman MP and this would go a long way to reduce the illegal ways and the number of small boats arriving. The other is to target the persons arranging these passages for it is them that need punishing not the boat people who are at the mercy of these criminals. The media seem to find out who they are, so why can’t the authorities in charge of policing and security.

Why not use some of the money being given to France to reduce the boats coming to the UK, to set UK immigration centres in France. Now that would be good use of the money and would further reduce the use of small boats.

Suella Braverman retoric about people in the UK should be trained to do the jobs beingt done by some immigrants, is not the way, yes, they should be employed, but in ways beter with the skills they have. To force someone to do jobs they are not qualified for, even with some training could well means the jobs are not done well and that could be much worse. Suella Braverman ploy is to ready herself for any future areas for promotions, such as a future prime Minister, so that will be her task not reducing any immigration. Before she could qualify as a future Prime Minister she has to not just talk, but show results in her current job as Home Secretary, otherwise she will not be qualified for any other jobs, perhaps she needs retraining or perhaps training.

Immigration has to be used as a means to cover employment areas where there are deficiencies and also help people who have aided the UK in many ways, as well as keeping to our international obligations.

This is what is expected of the UK as a country of freedom, sanctuary and tolerance.

Yes, we do need to control our borders but with decency, trust and respecting human rights.

The UK is based on various forms of immigration and conquests over centuries and in the main the UK is better for it all.

We embrace and accept many cultures which is for the good of everyone within the UK, even the few racists among us.

I did vote for Brexit, but immigration was not part of my agenda, I just didn’t want to be ruled by the EU. We have enough problems with the UK government in London, so I didn’t want more control from a Europen government.

I was happy being in the old European Economic Community, (EEC), while it was supposed to be just a trade agreement, but when it became clear political union was to come, then I wanted out.

So this Tory government do your duty and respect those who have put their own safety at risk to help the UK where and when it needed. Please resect Human Rights.

Please, Defense Minister James Heappey MP show this Afghan pilot the respect he has earned and allow him to stay in the UK and all others who have similarly done so. If you don’t then you are guilty of having no respect for anyone.


Rolf Harris left ‘very unwell’ after brutal secret cancer battle claims author – Mirror Online

Rolf Harris is reportedly in a poor state after his health has deteriorated it has been claimed after it emerged the disgraced star was secretly battling neck cancer


While I would never wish anyone any ill will did Harris ever have any respect for any of his victims.

‘Harris was released from jail in May 2017 after serving three years of his five years and nine-month sentence after being found guilty of 12 counts of sexual assault, one of which was later overturned.’. Irrespective on whether the sentence was sufficient for his crimes and should have been longer, he came out and then continued to live his life, but his victims will have had a life sentence and the memories will never go away, even after the eventual demise of Harris.

Some could say that him succumbing to neck cancer is some justification, in that he is now suffering, but not as equivalent to his victims suffering and not only them, but their families as well.


Source: Rolf Harris left ‘very unwell’ after brutal secret cancer battle claims author – Mirror Online

Charles is the king of apathy, not our hearts – he risks it all by asking for more | Gaby Hinsliff | The Guardian

Most of us don’t care about the coronation, and attempts to whip up our support have already backfired, says Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsliff


‘Swear an oath of allegiance to the king’ does Charles want us to be more like America, yes, they don’t have a King, but they do swear allegience to virtually everything.

Charles is obsessed by his own importance, he has even gone again st thw wishes of his Mother, the Late Queen, for she said Camilla should be Queen Consort and not just Queen, even Queen Consort was too much for me.

The die was cast for Charles when ‘The Firm’ wouldn’t let him marry Camillia before she married another. Then allowed him to marry Diana so she could produce a heir or two and then she had outlived her usefullness. No wonder Harry is the way he is, for the Royal Famly is the worst disfunctional going, with the exception of the Trump dynasty. Or is that a step too far, as Trump has already a lot to contend with.

The Firms PR machine is the best it has going for them, for with Camilla they fooled many, keep your head down and say nothing, typical for most of the Royal Family, except Andrew, but that is another story.

We have who we have and we have to hope for the best, for even though I am not in amour of Charles he is better than the UK becoming a Republic, for who in their right mind would ever had wanted a President Blair, or Johnson and Truss, l;et alone a President Starmer.

At least I am a respector of equality for I distrust the Monarchy and Government equally.

If there is still a Monarchy for William to take over, then he could be a saviour, but maybe not.


Source: Charles is the king of apathy, not our hearts – he risks it all by asking for more | Gaby Hinsliff | The Guardian

World must prepare for next “inevitable” pandemic, flu expert warns | The BMJ

Concerns over avian influenza viruses this year show that “we can’t drop our guard” and must prepare for the next “inevitable” pandemic, Nicola Lewis, director of the Worldwide Influenza Centre at the Francis Crick Institute, has warned.In an interview with The BMJ ,1 Lewis said that “the threat of influenza hasn’t gone away, and it didn’t go away even when we had the covid-19 pandemic.” She said that her team were working to understand the viruses circulating in animal populations that were changing “despite the fact we were already in the middle of an alternate disease agent pandemic.”Lewis, who joined the Francis Crick Institute last year from the Royal Veterinary College, heads up the Worldwide Influenza Centre in London, one of the world’s seven major centres responsible for analysing influenza viruses, which reports into the World Health Organization through the Global …


Yes, I so agree, but very much doubt the World will do, even more so each individual country, for leaders just live for the momment and some not even that. The future means nothing to them, perhaps with the exception of their own future.

The Human Rights of everyone are disrespected by most leaders of all countries, with some much more than others.

Source: World must prepare for next “inevitable” pandemic, flu expert warns | The BMJ

Starmer Promises to Teach Boys to Respect Women – A Sop To Get Women’s Votes?

Starmer will do anything to gain votes for he is a politician and that is what politicians do. Do they mean what they say, I very much doubt it for once votes are obtained, people are forgotten until the next time. This is so no matter what colour the party is.

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

A few days ago Keir Starmer announced that if Labour came to power, boys would be taught to respect women in school. I can see the point of this, though it also seems to me to be a bit prim and schoolmarmish. It reminds me of the female management advisor who appeared on one of the TV shows a year or two ago and advised managers not to allow men to discuss sport at work in case it led to chauvinist behaviour. It also displays the totalitarian woke fixation with controlling how people think. But as a policy, I also find it rather threadbare as it ignores the real, material problems ordinary people are facing. This is the cost of living crisis with rising electricity bills and food prices. Some parents, and I think it may well be mostly mothers here, have been denying themselves the food they need in…

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Rishi Sunak urges BMA to call off strikes and drop ‘unreasonable’ 35 per cent pay demand | The Independent

Former health minister Lord Bethall said doctors’ actions were ‘bonkers’ as four-day walkout begins



The pay demand is not at all unreasonable, what was and is unreasonable is that  this and past governments have not given Junior doctors reasonable pay increases, and not just junior doctors but virtually everyone in Public employment areas.

But this and other past governments have done many unreasonable actions some of the major keeping welfare benefits so low that persons on them can’t live reasonable lives, the unjust interferences in the running of the NHS, not funding social care at any reasonable level, but then no government has. These are just some unreasonable actions and behaviours from this and other governments and there are so many more.

It is well about time the UK has a very listening government one that is for all the people and not just the select few.

Will we ever have, well that remains to be seen, but unfortunately I can’t see one coming from any Party, for there is no government of the people for the people and we all so need one.

Governments all abuse their power and the majority of the UK population is so left behind and totally ignored, that is so disgraceful that it should be a crime and those responsible should be prosecuted, now that would be accountability, which currently there is none.

Source: Rishi Sunak urges BMA to call off strikes and drop ‘unreasonable’ 35 per cent pay demand | The Independent

The victim-shaming of Nicola Bulley has thrown an unflattering light on modern Britain

She’s the focus of ghoulish conspiracies and the police threw her reputation under the bus – her disappearance brought out the worst of us


Yes, this is pure and simple victim-shaming, and yes, she was a vulnerable person, but, in our own way are not most of us to one extent or another.

For the Police to do their job there needs to be trust, but this trust is forever being broken, and not just the Lancashire force, but many others.

South Yorkshire for Hillsborough, Rotherham Sexual abuse scandal and others, then the MET, well where do you start, at least 6 under Cressida Dick, but even newer, including Carrick and Couzens scandals.  But there are many more and maybe many more to surface throughout the UK.

There are many Police officers who are doing a good job, but the actions of the few are being seen as to how all forces are operating.

It is said that years ago we all, mostly, trusted the Police and looked on them to help and not cause us harm, do we really want to become so afraid of the police as in America, where it appears to be shot first and ask questions later, if that is possible. But did we, I feel in the main we did, but that trust is no longer there in most respects and even more so in ethnic communities.

So how can we progress, well every police force needs an in-depth investigation, not by themselves and not really by other forces, but by a fully independent body, who is made up of a representative body of the UK population and all members of the body should have equal authority within that body. The respective reports would then need to be made public and any actions that need to be taken are taken. In any serious implications, some appropriate action could need to be taken before the report is published.

For all our own safety the trust in the police has to be recovered and then actions put in place to ensure the trust is maintained and errors of the past are not allowed to reoccur.

Safeguarding is extremely important and always needs to be a high priority.

Did some of this relate to the Tories cutting back on Police numbers so saving could be made, perhaps, but was it there well before, well cutting numbers certainly didn’t help as we have seen in many other areas, NHS for one, Social Care in another, but in many sections of the UK.

Pay freezes and austerity cuts are never the way and these all need to be reversed without any further delay. Otherwise there is no real way forward. Human Rights have to be respected and been seen to be respected




Source: The victim-shaming of Nicola Bulley has thrown an unflattering light on modern Britain

‘Treat rape victims like heroes’: the survivor changing voyeurism laws | Rape and sexual assault | The Guardian

Emily Hunt felt powerless after CPS failed to charge man who filmed her naked and asleep. Now she advises UK government on sexual assault


Emily Hunt was initially let down by the system, but to her courage and inner strength she decided that she had to do more and thankfully some of her endeavours have produced some good results.

But, as Emily will know, much more needs to be done to ensure every women in the UK is respected and receives everything the Law currently stipulates.

However, as we see with the recent case of the now former Met Police Officer David Carrick, even though he pleaded guilty to many charges and was sentenced to serve more than 30 years in prison before he can be considered for release, much more is required. Carrick was given 36 life sentences for his 17-year campaign of terror. However, while a large sentence should it have been even more severe, especially as his victims have a full life time to live with the actions he committed.

Now we find this appears to be one of many actions done by some Met Officers and not only Met Officers, but in other forces and in other areas other than police. This is not even taking into account all the other actions done to women throughout the UK.

So much more needs to be done to ensure everyone in the UK is protected, and no one should ever be demeaned for reporting any such actions, be they of any gender, race, ethnicity, disability, etc.

The Law needs to be strengthened so much more and then ensure the police, CPS and the Courts fully implement the Law.

Emily showed great courage to do what she did and is still doing, but don’t leave it to just Emily, for we should all do whatever we can.

Source: ‘Treat rape victims like heroes’: the survivor changing voyeurism laws | Rape and sexual assault | The Guardian

Rose Ayling Ellis Shocked By Stage Show Rant

I thank Rose Ayling Ellis for posting this on Instagram and yourself for sharing.

We all have a right to object, but the way or ways it is done is so important, for this man to do as he did, is also so discriminating to others and could have well spoiled the performance for the others attending.

Always be respectful and in doing so respect the Rights of others.

Same Difference

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‘I’m just trying to go home’: Tyre Nichols heard pleading in released video | Tyre Nichols | The Guardian

The grisly footage, released in four parts, indicates an ambulance did not arrive for more than 20mins after the vicious beating. This article contains description of physical violence


This is all so wrong and my heart goes out to the family of Tyre Nichols and all the other families of American Police brutality, whatever their racial origins, but especially so the so called, Minority Ethnic origins, which are not that so minor for they are a very sizeable part of the American population and being so should be entitled to all the Human Rights allowed in America.

But, even though many Americans don’t believe so, the Human Rights in America are not as extensive as they should be, in a So Call Democracy as Very Right wing politics and right wing religions are abusing their assumed power in all matters.

Americans need to extend their horizons and see for themselves the extent of Freedoms in other so called democratic countries.

Yes, there will always be some legislative restrictions, but not to the same degree as in America and these degrees change from State to State.

It would appear that some American Police forces have not progressed much, if at all and some are now even worse that in the days of the Wild West. For it is now the 21st century and not the 18th when America was formed, but others were there before with the  Indians, now referred to as Native Americans. Many of whom were assassinated by the incoming invaders, starting with the Pilgrim Fathers and many others afterwards.

Being Christians, or so we are told, but having far right views, hence their decision to leave England and find pastures new, but without any apparent thoughts about anyone already there.

Were they really bringing Christian principles to America and then in the southern areas of North America and the West Indies to allow slaves to be brought over from Africa. In doing so not extending these Christian principles to the slaves as they believed them to be not worth any vestiges of Christian thoughts. Some of which, in many ways, still exists today in how so termed minorities are treated in America, with many Americans Caucasians wishing that the return to the 18th century should be done today. perhaps, in some extent this is why the American police are how they are today, even those of non-Caucasian origins.

Every country still has a lot to learn, but some much more than others, for we are all humans and really we should all be able to live together and not let any differences get in the way, being it gender, race, religion, ethnicity, disability and many others.

Let’s all live in peace and show each other the respect there should always have been and do away with all forms of discrimination and acknowledge the Human Rights of others.

Source: ‘I’m just trying to go home’: Tyre Nichols heard pleading in released video | Tyre Nichols | The Guardian