Ukraine war: Putin points blame at Ukraine after Moscow drone strikes | Euronews

All the latest developments from the war in Ukraine.


Should we all feel sorry for Russia and Russian citizens for Putin is calling the drone attacks on Moscow as terrorist activities and is so offended at the outlandish behaviour from what he says is Ukraine. But is there proof it is coming from Ukraine, or could it be Russian dissidents in Ukraine or Russia or even ‘false flag’ attacks from Putin’s Russia. Who cares who it is for aren’t Russians just having a little bit of what Putin’s Russia is doing in Ukraine.

But according to Putin it is Russia’s right to do it Ukraine for it is his ‘Special Military Operation’ which he said would be over within a few weeks, but has been ongoing for well over a year.

So wanton destruction of civilian residencies, hospitals and schools, injuries to thousands of Ukrainian Civilians and so many Ukrainian Civilians killed is apparently OK, but a little of some from maybe Ukraine is not because that is terrorism.

Just what planet is Putin on, if he doesn’t want any destruction of any Russian property, injuries to Russian civilians and Russian civilians killed, except those that he himself wants killed, then all he has to do is remove all Russian forces from every part of Ukraine so leaving it as it was before his Special Military Operation. Yes, the destruction will still be there, but Russian money could be used to rebuild, but it does leave all the injuries to and killed Ukrainian civilians and for that he needs to surrender himself so he can be tried at The Hauge for War Crimes.

That will never be full recompense, but as best as can be.

Source: Ukraine war: Putin points blame at Ukraine after Moscow drone strikes | Euronews

Russia reports hits on oil refineries and town near Ukraine | Reuters

Moscow said Ukrainian artillery had hit a town inside Russia for a third time this week and reported drone strikes on two Russian oil refineries on Wednesday, while Ukrainian shelling in Russian-occupied eastern Ukraine killed five people.


There are always at least 2 sides to every occasion, so who is doing what to each other is in some instances speculation.

What is not speculation is the totally unjustified Russian invasion of Ukraine well over a year ago and the annexation of areas of Eastern Ukraine, not to mention the Annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Russia has committed many War Crimes within Ukraine by targeting many civilian residential areas, hospitals, schools and much more causing so much destruction, many thousands of civilian injuries and also many civilian deaths.

To then complain of so called Ukrainian attacks into Russia is beyond belief, as it appears it is OK for Russia to do, but not Ukraine.

These attacks into Russian territory could well be by Ukraine, or Russians in sympathy with Ukraine or self-inflicted by Russia to throw suspicions onto Ukraine. With Russia anything is possible.

If it is being done by Ukraine, well, they are more than justified with the few attacks after so many by Russia.

Russia or more likely Putin are so self-deluded and Putin and any others in Russia need to be brought to justice for the many War Crimes already been committed.


Source: Russia reports hits on oil refineries and town near Ukraine | Reuters

Support for Russia drops in post-Soviet countries after Ukraine invasion | Euronews

Approval of Russia has plunged in neighbouring countries, who are wary of a bullish Moscow which has lost its traditional role as a regional power broker.


How a supposed show of strength has really shown a great deal of weakness, just shows how a supposed mighty Russia can plumet into some mere insignificance.

Lets hope this continues and the population of Russia can see beyond the official propaganda issued by Putin’s Kremlin.

Many of the Russian youth has seen it, but many of them suffered arrest and imprisonment and perhaps even worse, but in the older population their eyes and ears appear to be closed, or is it just fear of what will happen to them if they show they know the truth, rather than The Kremlin and Putin lies.

They all need their freedom, lets all hope it will be soon.


Source: Support for Russia drops in post-Soviet countries after Ukraine invasion | Euronews

Kasparov Predicts Collapse of Russian ‘Empire’

The activist and former world chess champion told Newsweek about his vision of Russia’s future.


Garry Kasparov speaks out and he needs to be listened to for the world to exist.

Ukraine has to win and Putin be overthrown and for Russia never to be allowed to continue like this ever again.

The West and all others need to work together like never before.


Source: Kasparov Predicts Collapse of Russian ‘Empire’

Reality of war rains on Russia’s Victory Day parade – POLITICO

Unexplained incidents, including last week’s drone attack on the Kremlin, are undermining Putin’s plan to project strength on May 9.


Russia is still saying that the 2 drones shot down near The Kremlin in Moscow, were Ukrainian, well as Victor Meldrum, would say ‘I don’t believe it!’,  for supposedly The Kremlin is the most protected building in Russia, let alone Moscow and Moscow is so far from Ukraine. So, if Ukrainian drones did get that far it is not saying much for Russia’s defence systems, but then their armaments are not as good as they said or Putin believed.

But, really this is so farfetched, more than likely just another excuse to cause more mass destructions in Ukraine and many more innocent Ukrainian civilians and a distraction from the pathetic Russian Victory Parade. Was it really just one lone tank and an old one to that. We couldn’t see, but possible it was propelled by human feet, as maybe its motor didn’t work or there wasn’t one, but could be mistaken.


Source: Reality of war rains on Russia’s Victory Day parade – POLITICO

Russia ‘likely staged’ Kremlin drone attack, claims ISW | Euronews

The US-based think-tank suggested the attack was possibly intended to pave the way for drafting more conscripts.


Of course Russia staged this for the Kremlin is supposed to be the most heavily protected building in Russia, so how could a Ukrainian Drone get so close.

Putin is treating us all as idiots, when the only idiot is Putin for starting this war against Ukraine.

He wanted to before his Presidency ends to show how great and brave he is, but all he has done is show how little and cowardly he is.

He sends his Russian forces to be slaughtered, while he keeps safe, won’t even let his own Generals get close to him.

He is Russia’s biggest disaster ever and it is all the fault of Putin.

Also he is a War Criminal of sizeable proportions and needs to be incarcerated for the rest of his life.

He has no respect for peoples Human Rights and he causes terrorism everywhere.


Source: Russia ‘likely staged’ Kremlin drone attack, claims ISW | Euronews

Putin claims he’s cancelling public celebrations over safety fears. The truth is more humiliating | Samantha de Bendern | The Guardian

With even nationalist pro-war bloggers criticising Putin’s actions in Ukraine, his desperation and paranoia are growing, says Samantha de Bendern, an associate fellow in the Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House


Yes, Putin is very concerned about safety, his own safety, for with so much occurring, perhaps he has much to fear, his own life, which really is the only thing Putin cares for.

But if he was assasinated he will not see his own loss of power, when the Russian population eventually wakes up and see what fools Putin is making of them.


Source: Putin claims he’s cancelling public celebrations over safety fears. The truth is more humiliating | Samantha de Bendern | The Guardian

Russia lost 20,000 troops in five months, claims US | Euronews

Both sides of the Ukraine war are tight-lipped about how many casualties they have suffered since the fighting began.


Yes, no one publishes there total casuality numbers and Russia will not declare how many of their forces have deserted, not wishing to take part in Putin’s mindless ‘Special Operation’, which everyone knows is a war, but Putin can’t say that as it is not what he wants the Russian population to know.

For Putin is not only extremely dangerous to Ukraine and all countries around Russia and any others, but for Russia included.

He only wishes to boost his own ego and has no care for any others for he cares for no one other than himself.

He is a criminal, a War Criminal amongst many other traits.


Source: Russia lost 20,000 troops in five months, claims US | Euronews

Russia’s risible routine at the UN can’t hide the fact that Putin’s cronies have nowhere left to run

Russia’s risible routine at the UN can’t hide the fact that Putin’s cronies have nowhere left to run

Dominic Nicholls By Dominic Nicholls

Diplomats are normally considered to be persons of sober, unflappable and serious dispositions. They could, perhaps, be described by the less charitable as being a little boring.

They are not known for great displays of humour.

However, Russia’s assumption of the presidency of the UN Security Council on April 1 was described by a number of diplomats as “an April Fool’s joke”.

By comedy standards, it’s no barnstormer. But it does reveal the disquiet, bordering on anger and disbelief, running through much, but by no means all, of the international community at the bizarre sight of Russia holding one of the most powerful positions in the world after the disgusting spectacle we have witnessed in Ukraine.

Moscow continued the run of comedy on Tuesday when Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, chaired a meeting in the UN, titled ‘Maintenance of international peace and security’.

Ahead of the meeting, Mr Lavrov said the UN system was “enduring a profound crisis”, and accused Western countries, particularly the US, of being responsible.

“It’s not all about Ukraine,” he said, hoping to somehow blame the war in that country on the actions of the US and other Western nations.

Mr Lavrov continued: “It’s about how international relations will continue to be shaped through the establishment of a sound consensus on the basis of balance of interests or through aggressive and volatile advancement of Washington’s hegemony”.

His words were roundly dismissed in the UN Security Council chamber with diplomats, including Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a “violation” of international law and the UN charter. (It’s not the strongest condemnation from the man in charge, but at least it’s a start Mr Guterres; more please.)

None of Mr Lavrov’s words made much sense, of course, but then that’s not the point.

He was basking in the moment, enjoying the privilege of being able to speak at the world’s highest security body. After all, since violating international law and murdering thousands of people for the warped dream of an empire that only lasted seventy years when they last tried it, Russia has been excluded from many international fora.

So Lavrov was attempting to use the moment to mark a sense of normality, to say to the world: ‘Russia is not going anywhere, we have, and will continue to hold, a seat at the top table, you cannot exclude us’.

We can.

He wants us to think there is no point in objecting to Russia’s actions; that any protest on our part is meaningless. We would be better to accept the inevitable, he is saying, and start to come to terms with the idea we will have to live alongside Russia after Nato’s mad adventure in Ukraine is defeated. Indeed, it would be better to admit our error now, he wishes us to think, and beg for Putin’s munificence before we anger him more.

Not me. I will continue to point and laugh at this ridiculous man who can only say the things he does with a straight face because his soul has long ago been sold to Putin’s dark vision. He has neither the energy nor inclination to turn back now. He, like so many others in the system of foetid corruption Putin has created, has nowhere to run.

We should continue to remind him, and all the other cronies, of that fact.


This is really farcical and shows how the current UN is in many respects not ‘fit for purpose’, perhaps rather than allow Russia to have the presidency of the UN Security Council the council should be disbanded and then reconstructed without Russia, perhaps not even allowing Russia to be a member of the UN.

For Russia has shown their complete contempt for the UN and all that it does, whatever that is. For many just ignore the UN, well the UK has on a number of occasions as do many other countries.


Source: Russia’s risible routine at the UN can’t hide the fact that Putin’s cronies have nowhere left to run | The Telegraph

🔴 Live: Finland becomes NATO member as Russia warns of countermeasures

Finland officially became the 31st member of NATO on Tuesday, after completing ratification in well under a year – the fastest membership process in the alliance’s recent history. As Western allies strengthen…


So what terrifying action is Russia going to do, could be be to ‘Blow Rasberries‘, well here is one for them.

Welcome Finland and so soon to be Sweden so more Rasberries can be blown to Russia.


Source: 🔴 Live: Finland becomes NATO member as Russia warns of countermeasures