Russia-Ukraine war: Fate of Europe and global security being decided in Ukraine, Zelenskiy says– live | Ukraine | The Guardian

Russian foreign minister says western weapons are a ‘legitimate target’; about 15,000 Russian troops have been killed since start of invasion, UK defence secretary says


Russia needs to understand war, for they do not, they assume all they do is allowed, but what others do is not.

They believe only them are allowed to invade countries whenever they wish and cause destruction, but the countries they invade should not retaliate in similar measures .

They can obtain armaments from whom is prepared to provide armaments to them, but the country they invaded should not and countries should not provide armaments to the invaded country.

Russia also believes that everything and everybody in the invaded country can be destroyed and people killed and injured whereas civilians and their property should be safeguarded as much as possible.

But Russia is way misguided for they believe everyone is afraid of them, but by invading Ukraine they have shown their armed forces are not as strong or as fearful as they believed, but they are extremely undisciplined, as they feel they are allowed to rape, torture and then kill as many women  as they wish to.

Putin continues to threaten that he will use his nuclear weapons, but does he realise that if he does others will retaliate with their own nuclear weapons thereby causing wide spread nuclear contamination all over.

Is Putin so stupid, perhaps he is. and why are many in Russia so gullible, as families in Ukraine with relatives in Russia are finding the that their Russian relatives are believing Putin rather than their Ukrainian relatives. Perhaps Putin’s propaganda is so much more effective than its armed forces.

Many Ukrainian civilians, including children have been forcibly taken from Ukraine and took to Russia in the guise that they are being liberated, will they ever be found again.

Every country needs to work as one and supply Ukraine will all they wish for and stop purchasing any goods from Russia, for any payment, especially in Roubles is effectively working against Ukrainians. Buy paying Russia just one Rouble is one Rouble too many and any country doing so, is as guilty as Russia.

Putin and the Russian armed forces are already committing many War Crimes, with many more being committed every day. Both Putin and those Russian armed forces need to be held accountable and brought before the Court Of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Source: Russia-Ukraine war: Fate of Europe and global security being decided in Ukraine, Zelenskiy says– live | Ukraine | The Guardian

German employers and unions unite to oppose EU Russian gas boycott | Euronews

German bosses and unions have opposed a ban on Russian gas imports by the EU, claiming it will cause job losses and factory closures.


So, much for European unity or is that only EU, but not much over the years for Greece. So, is Germany a law until itself or is it just Germany and France, for it is reported that they continued, during the 2014 invasion of Crimea, to supply some armaments to Russia, even though there was an EU-wide arms embargo.

So, it is not just the importing of Russiam gas, but that Germany comes first, irrespective of War Crimes committed and continuing to be committed to be continuing by Russia against innocent Ukrainian civilians and destructions of Ukrainian hospitals, schools, etc and also executions of Ukrainians.

Source: German employers and unions unite to oppose EU Russian gas boycott | Euronews

Hundreds of millions in taxpayers’ money handed to companies still operating in Russia | The Independent

Exclusive: British government accused of indirectly helping to fund Putin’s war with £294m contracts


With regards to Russia and providing finance there should be no middle ground, if the decision is to not finance anything in Russia, which wholeheartedly agree with, then companies already in business in Russia should immediately suspend their operations and withdraw or alternatively all their contracts in the UK should be withdrawn.

To do otherwise is hypocrisy and they are as guilty as Russia and the Russian troops of causing ‘War Crimes’ in Ukraine.


Source: Hundreds of millions in taxpayers’ money handed to companies still operating in Russia | The Independent

Jeremy Hunt calls for massive boost in UK defence spending

Writing for The Telegraph, former foreign secretary says peace comes from strength, not luck, as Russian invaders close in on Kyiv


Defence spending will always be controversial as when does defense spending become offence spending. It is true that the UK does need to live within its means, but defense is one of many areas that need spending increases. With those others having a much bigger concept of saving lives rather than deaths.

No matter how you look at it defense spending will always involve the loss of lives, especially when armaments, be they for defense or offense will cause deaths. Yes, defense spending will, hopefully save lives, but eventually the armaments will be used causing deaths and if not deaths, very extensive injuries.

But, as I said other Government spending will save lives and if not spent or there is insufficient to spend, then deaths will occur.

One of these areas is Social Care and the other is Health and while there has been increased spending in health, but never enough, the extensive shortfall in Social Care spending is scandalous and has been for many years due to inactions of all previous Governments. Now there is supposed action, but again not anywhere near enough and what there is, is more than likely to go on health and very little on Social Care.

This major shortfall in Social Care spending, is and has , in fact has been for many years, more than likely since 1948 and well before. But in the last 12/13 years has been considerably more.

But it looks like spending will be increased in defense, possibly at the expense  of social care and social care should never have been kept short, no matter what other callings there have been on Government spending.

What should be done is not starting at what money is seen to be available, but what is really needed and then all has to be done to get that spending, not just today, but for every day. There  should never, not ever be a shortfall in social care spending.

Yes, defense is important, but so is social care and that should never be forgotten and never ignored, which it has been for as long as there has been social care.



Source: Jeremy Hunt calls for massive boost in UK defence spending

Israel focusing on closing loopholes, not imposing Russia sanctions, officials say | The Times of Israel

Lapid, ministries working to ensure country not used to bypass West; Jerusalem says it has no legal ability to declare sanctions — which it doesn’t want to do now in any case


Israel is offering tentative support for Ukraine, but not full support as they are not imposing sanctions on Russia. yes, currently there is no legislation in  Israel in which sanctions could be imposed, but this could be remedied by changing the legislation. Instead, they are claiming that they will act as negotiators between Russia and Ukraine and only time will tell if this is the right approach.

However, Israel was created after the end of World War 2 in which Jews went through Hell at the hands of Hitler and the German armed forces in Germany and all the countries which were invaded by Germany. So, if any nation understood the destruction and death in Ukraine at the hands of Russia, then Israel would be able to do so.

We all hope that there will be a Russian withdrawal from Ukraine, then so allowing Ukraine to do all they can to recover from the death and destruction already seen in Ukraine by Putin and the invading Russiam armed forces and be allowed to continue as an independent country under their own elected government and not one imposed by Putin.


Source: Israel focusing on closing loopholes, not imposing Russia sanctions, officials say | The Times of Israel

Nato could intervene in Russia-Ukraine war if Putin crosses ‘red line’ of chemical weapons, minister warns

It comes as Western officials fear Moscow could deploy chemical weapons in Ukraine


So, NATO could intervene should Putin deploy chemical weapons in Ukraine, but the word is ‘could’, not will, so will they are not. Well the destruction of a maternity hospital in Mariupol did not action any NATO intervention and neither did the deployment of chemical weapons in Syria.

If interventions had been taken against Russia in Syria, perhaps the Ukraine invasion may have not taken place, or Russia would have retaliated by nuclear strikes and no one would be left to intervene anywhere ever again.

Putin has been allowed to do as he pleases for far too long and feels he is untouchable. Sooner, rather than later actions need to be taken, other than sanctions so that the actions of Putin can be stopped for the benefit of human existence.

Then, hopefully this will be seen that nobody is beyond being held accountable.

We all thought that World War 2 would be the ‘war to end all wars’ how wrong could we all have been. For too many wars and conflicts have been created by both the West and East, therefore we should all take note that we are all entitled to exist and no one should be dictated on how we should be governed, be we be in America, Europe, Asia. No one country or leader of a country should have reasons to take actions against other countries, otherwise what is the point of any of us being here.

Human Rights have to be respected by everyone.

Source: Nato could intervene in Russia-Ukraine war if Putin crosses ‘red line’ of chemical weapons, minister warns

Nigerian student says he faced discrimination while fleeing Ukraine | Euronews

Alexander Somto Orah, a 25-year-old Nigerian student, says he faced discrimination when trying to flee the war in Ukraine.


As if trying to escape from death and destruction was not enough, here the ugly face of racism rears its ugly head. Now should those to whom racism was subjected to just ignore that they are not deemed equal to others trying to escape death and destruction, so much for helping and empathy, as in these instances the saviours to some are not to others, just because of a skin colour, how wrong is that.

They are all equal for they are all human beings, but then the Russian invaders and certainly Putin do not think so, unless they are supporters of the tyrant Putin.

Source: Nigerian student says he faced discrimination while fleeing Ukraine | Euronews

Child cancer patients forced to flee Kyiv hospital as Russian bombing intensifies | The Independent

Some children are too unwell to make the perilous journey, warns doctor


This is all down to Putin, who continue to says that only military establishments are being targeted and , even that would be wrong for Russian forces should not be in Ukraine, but to then target residential areas and even worse hospitals, ju8st shows how despicable Putin is.

He is a bully and an total liar  and should not to any degree be in any position of power. But power he has and much of it, so anyone in his way will suffer no matter who they are. For he is totally out of control, but unfortunately only Russia can get rid of him and then how many more like him will there be to take his place.

So many innocents are suffering and will continue to suffer while he is around. Human Rights have no space in his mind, only suffering and violence to others, while he believes in his own importance.

He is so guilty of War Crimes and needs to be made to suffer for his actions. He maybe mentally ill, but that is no excuse for his many actions against humanity.

Source: Child cancer patients forced to flee Kyiv hospital as Russian bombing intensifies | The Independent

Russian gymnast with ‘Z’ symbol on podium next to Ukrainian faces long ban | Gymnastics | The Guardian

Gymnastics’ governing body has condemned the ‘shocking behaviour’ of Russian gymnast Ivan Kuliak, who now faces a lengthy ban for wearing a symbol in support of the invasion of Ukraine at a World Cup event


Yes, all measures should be used, he needs a life-time ban and lose the ‘Bronze’ medal for the actions of Russia to Ukraine, as the population of Ukraine is being subjected to memories which will, at least, last a life-time.

Source: Russian gymnast with ‘Z’ symbol on podium next to Ukrainian faces long ban | Gymnastics | The Guardian

Winter Paralympics 2022: Russia And Belarus Athletes Unable To Compete At Games

The right decision eventually, but the worrying aspect is that the International Paralympic Committee, (IPC), did not make this initially. While politics should be kept out of sport, this horrendous action by Russia onto Ukraine is much more than politics. As this actions goes against the word of previous Russian Governments, as on December 5, 1994 the leaders of Ukraine, Russia, Britain and the United States signed a memorandum to provide Ukraine with security assurances in connection with its accession to the NPT as a non-nuclear weapon state. The four parties signed the memorandum, containing a preamble and six paragraphs.

With the actions of Putin he has shown the World that Russian promises and signed agreements are not everlasting.

Putin has shown that the word of Russia should never be trusted and that in his Presidency Russia, or should we say Putin will bully anyone and will, most likely be guilty of committing ‘War Crimes’. He does not really want to take over, Ukraine, but to destroy it.

Same Difference

Athletes from Russia and Belarus will not be allowed to compete at the 2022 Winter Paralympics in Beijing after the International Paralympic Committee reversed its original decision.

The IPC was heavily criticised when, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it initially said it would allow the athletes to compete as neutrals.

A statement said the “situation in the athlete villages” was “untenable”.

The Games’ opening ceremony takes place on Friday.

IPC president Andrew Parsons said an “overwhelming number of members” had spoken to the IPC and said they would not compete in the Winter Paralympics should athletes from Russia and Belarus be allowed to take part.

Parsons described the Russian and Belarusian athletes affected as “victims of your governments’ actions”.

“We are very firm believers that sport and politics should not mix,” Parsons added. made right decision in the end – Baroness Grey-Thompson

“However, by no fault of its own…

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