Ukraine war: Kyiv security service sanctions 10 pro-Russian Orthodox priests | Euronews

The Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine severed its ties to the pro-Kremlin Moscow Patriarchate earlier in the war.


Religion has led to many conflicts, many in the name of Christianity, which in every way goes against the teachings of Christianity.

In fact, Chrisianity has been the cause of many invasions and not all military over many years, too many years and has led to much cruelty. You only have to look at the Missionaries invasion of Africa to see this, all in the name of spreading the ‘Word’, but it led to the plunder of many riches, gold, diamonds and human trafficing to the Americas, thereby extending ‘slavery’ and the deaths of many Africian slaves in the transporting to the Americas and on the plantations of the West Indies and Southern States of America.

After all some in the Southern States of America would welcome slavery to return.

But really, we are all human beings and there should be no reason why we all can’t live in peace together, but there is major coruption and  too much power in certain areas and with individuals.

Much more equality is what is needed and the respect of human rights.

Source: Ukraine war: Kyiv security service sanctions 10 pro-Russian Orthodox priests | Euronews

Russia Persecutes the Jehovah’s Witnesses

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Religious persecution has returned to Russia again after the collapse of Communism. It was reported a few weeks ago in the I that a judge in a region about 600 miles away from Moscow had decided that the Jehovah’s Witnesses were an illegal sect, and sentenced a small group of mainly elderly believers to jail. The leader of this band of dangerous religious zealots was Koptev, a man in his 70s. Putin’s regime, at least in that part of the Russian Federation, has decided that the JWs are a dangerous and subversive organisation. They have put them on a list of such dangers to the post-Soviet state as ISIS, al-Qaeda, the mafia, and Neo-Nazi organisations.

Really! I never knew the Jehovah’s Witnesses were such a danger to life, liberty and property. There I was thinking the only thing wrong with them was that they turned up on your doorstep trying…

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