Female genital mutilation: ‘Women circumcise little girls for men’

Nearly 125,000 women have suffered mutilation in France, according to the 2019 weekly epidemiological bulletin. © Studio graphique FMM


I so welcome this article and we do need so many more for FGM needs to be banned Worldwide and to be enforced  Worldwide.

While in most instances the practice is conducted by women on other women and even worse by women within the same family, however, it is men who are dictating this practice, and therefore men, especially men in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia who need to start saying this practice has to stop.

But women, especially within the same family unit should be supporting each other and not continue allowing the practice to carry on, but are they really so ingrained in practices started by men and so continue with this very degrading culture on their female relations, or is it that men are so in control of families, culture and other aspects and that it is continued in a state of fear from men.

This is a pure violation of female Human Rights as well as the Law in many countries and every known instance of it being done should lead to prosecution to the full degree.

Source: Female genital mutilation: ‘Women circumcise little girls for men’

Elon Musk ‘orders Twitter to remove suicide prevention feature’ | Twitter | The Guardian

Sources say new owner sought removal of the #ThereIsHelp feature which appeared at the top of certain searches


This just goes to show that abuse of power is still extremely strong and needs to be countered at all times, if necessary, by legislation, but then that too could be open to abuse.

While I wish for ‘Freedom of Speech’ this freedom can be used to restrict the freedoms of others causing much harm and distress, so at times some forms of restriction are necessary to safeguard the Human Rights of those who could be harmed and distressed. This is why the views and opinions of Musk and others like him need to be tempered to safeguard those more vulnerable than others.

Musk uses his power of wealth to control others not as wealthy just to extend his own views and opinions when he should be respecting that there are many views and opinions, but, it appears he feels the views and opinions of persons wishing to hurt, bully, be disrespectful are more important than any others and in that he is championing the abuse of the vulnerable.


Source: Elon Musk ‘orders Twitter to remove suicide prevention feature’ | Twitter | The Guardian

DWP Refusing To Follow Recommendations During Cost Of Living Crisis – The poor side of life

Under the cover of Queen Elizabeths death the DWP (Department of work and Pensions) have been busy inflicting cruelty upon claimants. They never miss a chance to show their hatred of social securit…


The DWP should be there to assist claimants, but, in fact, there whole agenda is to do the opposite, more than likely under the orders of this Government. This requires action in every way on every occasion to force the DWP to comply, as they will only do so after a formal legal decision from the Courts and even then they will fight all the way and when eventually ordered to do so, will do it as slowly as possible.

It appears to be run by robots who have been programmed to work in the most unempathetic and demoralising way possible.

This is showing they have no respect for human rights, safeguarding, just to punish claimants for being there.


Source: DWP Refusing To Follow Recommendations During Cost Of Living Crisis – The poor side of life

Why have so many children’s homes opened in Blackpool? – BBC News

A good question and maybe answered by the article, in that, properties are so cheap in Blackpool. But surely that should not be the only consideration, as the children in question will be much more vulnerable than children are in general and therefore their safety and safeguarding should be as equally important, if not, more so. That is expressly so, when so many of the children will be so far from their original home and their families.

It appears the children’s safety is not taking the concern it should be, as it seems that a building, any old building will do and, in many instances they will not be registered with Ofsted, which should at least one of the requirements, irrespective of the age of the children. This is so much necessary for homes for vulnerable adults have to be registered with the CQC, Care Quality Commission, surely children 16-17 are not falling through a gap in the system, in not being registered as children with Ofsted and adults with CQC.

To wait until when the revised Dols safeguarding criteria be altered to the LPS, Liberty Protection Service, is enacted is not acceptable as currently, I believe no date is set. It should have been already on 1 October 2020, but was delayed due to COVID, and pressures on Health and Social Care with other dates mentioned but not enforced as there was considerable delay to this Government issuing the Consultation documents, which while now issued and closed, is now being studied further.

This state of affairs with Blackpool being so much the centre needs urgent action, otherwise the vulnerable children will be even more vulnerable as they were initially.

This is no where what a caring society should be and shows a distinct lack of caring, accountability and transparency on all areas concerned and not for the first time, so ‘lessons are not being learned’. Not sure if this is because no wishes to are other forces are involved, but, lessons do need to be learned, otherwise vulnerable children will not only continue to have causes for concern, but these will be considerably increased, eventually leading to major safeguarding issues occurring, which they may be doing so currently. But, when they do, not if they do, all will so ignorance when it will not be ignorance, but completely lack of accountability and transparency, which we have already seen in so many areas, with apparent no degree of concern from this Government.


Source: Why have so many children’s homes opened in Blackpool? – BBC News

Why live-in care staff are at high risk of modern slavery – Community Care

By Dr Caroline Emberson Over the past 18 months, I have been collaborating with other researchers to investigate the vulnerability of paid, migrant, live-in care workers in London to modern slavery. Most live-in care workers in the UK are migrants, and a high proportion travel to and from their home countries between client placements. Understanding […]



Many believe that slavery was abolished in the late 18th and early 19th century,  and in effect that concept was, but slavery is still around. Now it is known a modern slavery,  and is more common than people would expect.

Modern slavery includes but are not limited to:

sexual exploitation
domestic servitude
forced labour
criminal exploitation
other forms of exploitation: organ removal; forced begging; forced benefit fraud; forced marriage and illegal adoption.

In the UK there is the Modern Slavery Act 2015, but persons affected by Modern Slavery are trafficked, so it is essential that everybody associated with areas where Modern Slavery could be need to ensure all aspects are monitored to minimise modern slavery being there.

Even when the legitimate employments are known there are no or very little employment rights and this needs addressing, with a register of every known employment and employee being included. But, even then more needs to be done, more inspections with a sufficiently resourced team of investigators. Each employee needs to be reassured that their rights will be respected and this means if there are terminations for any reasons, then other suitable employments need to be found and their immigration status will not be affected.

Local Authorities need to be fully finance to undertake these responsibilities and the Government and Ministers need to be made accountable and transparent in the dealings with these employments and combatting Modern Slavery.


Source: Why live-in care staff are at high risk of modern slavery – Community Care

My baby was taken into care – then murdered – BBC News

Laura Corkill’s son Leiland-James was put in care from birth – and killed by the woman who wanted to adopt him.

============================================It is my belief this is not the full story, but not sure from whom.

Laura’s past has certainly been very troubled, but it appears due to an abusive partner and not Laura, but it appears all the blame is being heaped on Laura, with insufficient understanding and maybe a willingness not to from Cumbria County Council.

Yes, Cumbria County Council have a ‘Duty of Care’ for baby Leiland-James, but, also for Laura and from what is said in the article insufficient Duty of Care for Laura has been seen.

Councils are dammed if they do and if they don’t and hindsight could show things could have been done differently. Unfortunately, all councils ate overburdened with work a severe insufficiency of social workers and certainly funding, which is done to this Government and many previous Government.

But, from the initial social worker, it appears Laura was lead to believe that she would be allowed to care for her new baby, with the support of Aishea Drysder, from Women Out West. Also both Laura and Aishea were not informed of any changes or developments by Cumbria CC.

There is no mention of any multi Agency reviews and so it appears these changes were down to the second appointed social worker and there is no mention why the case was taken away from the initial social worker.

This complete lack of communication is extremely deplorable, and is a reason why social services are viewed in a ‘poor light’.

This case and the decisions made is even more debateable when this is taken into account ‘It was 2019, and over the following year, she would try to get him back. But just days after his first birthday, the woman – who social workers had placed him with – murdered him.’

So, it appears that baby Leiland-James was not fully safeguarded and with hindsight, it could well have been better to allow Laura to look after baby Leiland-James with the support in place.

Both baby Leiland-James and Laura have been severely let down by Cumbria CC and also Aishea from Women Out West to some extent.

Laura wasn’t involved in the subsequent murder trial and she wasn’t involved in Cumbria County Council’s review into his death, it is no wonder that she feels silenced. Having her first children taken from her, then her new baby Leiland-James and not being kept informed of subsequent events will be completely devastating to Laura and could well cause some major mental problems for some time, if not ever.

Her trust, if ever there will be no longer there re Cumbria CC, but do they care, we will never know.

There is the severe underfunding issue, severe deficiency of social workers leading to those there being so over worked and under great pressures themselves, but that should never be used as an excuse for measures taken and not taken as Duty of Care should supersede these and they have their duty to adhere to.

It is now too late to right the wrongs which occurred to Laura and baby Leiland-James, but not to ensure Laura is being well looked after, however how long belatedly.

Cumbria CC need to acknowledge their own accountability in this, but so does this Government as services can’t be conducted on ‘shoestring budgets’ which this Government is asking all Councils to do and not only Councils.

So Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss what have you to say. I would have said Boris also, but who cares about Boris, except for Boris and perhaps his wife Carrie.


Source: My baby was taken into care – then murdered – BBC News

Should patients own their health records? | The BMJ

It’s my body and my health so why can’t I be the legal owner of my medical record? This important question was debated during a series of webinars run by The BMJ on patient access to medical records.1 Most of those involved agreed that we should be able to access all data that’s held on us, including our full medical records, but the ownership question was more contentious.

Many webinar participants saw record ownership as key to rebalancing healthcare in a more person centred direction, empowering patients to take more control of their health and data. They argued that ownership would deliver benefits in terms of the ability to control access, to check and correct errors, to record health goals and concerns, and to monitor usage through an electronic audit trail.

Others asserted that most people don’t want the responsibility of holding, managing, and maintaining their records, as long as they can access them when they need to. Some felt that defining ownership of electronic data are impossible anyway and must not be used as a ploy to derail patient access to their records, which is more important.

Patients in the UK have had a right to view, but …


Yes, I want to see my health records not at a specific time, but as and when I wish to, so I have requested access with my GP practice, to be told access is not currently available due to safeguarding reasons. What the specific safeguarding reasons are I have not been told and no likely date when access will be granted, this I feel is an unreasonable situation, so ownership is a prime concern to me.

Is it my safeguarding or the practice.

Surely there is an infringement of my Human Rights and if it is not, it should be.


Source: Should patients own their health records? | The BMJ

Finally Black women are finding their voice against abuse in the music industry | Michelle Kambasha | The Guardian

These stories show how poorly Black women have been treated, says Michelle Kambasha, who works in the music industry


Abuse of any nature is wrong and all abusers need to be stopped as otherwise they will continue abusing. Then in some instances the abused go on to abuse others themselves. So it essential that all is done to stop abuse and certainly all  those abusing.

It takes great strength for those who have been abused to speak out and when they are not listened to this only makes them feel more abused.

In America the whole system is geared to coverup abuse, especially where this done to members of the Black community and it appears even more so to black women.

But, is the UK any better, well we do feel so, but abuse is abuse and one incident of abuse is one too many.

So, the abuse concerns raised by some Black women regarding alleged incidents  by DJ Tim  Westwood should have been dealt with at the time, but as there is no time limit on bringing abuse claims in the UK, they can still be brought.

Lets hope now these women will be fully listened to and any appropriate actions taken.


Source: Finally Black women are finding their voice against abuse in the music industry | Michelle Kambasha | The Guardian

Gracemere Le Smileys Early Learning Centre bus tragedy: Neveah Austin’s was ‘only child’ on van | Daily Mail Online

Little Nevaeh Austin, three, is fighting for life after being found unconscious on a bus outside Le Smileys Early Learning Centre at Gracemere, near Rockhampton, on Wednesday.


It goes without saying that this should never have happened and I do hope Nevaeh make a good recovery.

As to the 2 workers involved they have committed extremely serious situations in the actions or non-actions they did, for it is not only an extreme safeguarding alert, but also a criminal offense.

A total lack of ‘Duty of Care’.

Source: Gracemere Le Smileys Early Learning Centre bus tragedy: Neveah Austin’s was ‘only child’ on van | Daily Mail Online

Ukrainian workers flee ‘modern slavery’ conditions on UK farms | Immigration and asylum | The Guardian

Charity calls for people who arrived on seasonal work visas and are now undocumented to be offered protection



This is completely unacceptable for anyone coming to the UK should have the full protection of the law and employment regulations.

Each farm needs to be fully inspected urgently and any areas of non-compliance corrected, but to say they can contact the police just shows that these authorities have no understanding of the circumstances these workers are in.

The regulations need to be simplified and persons coming to the UK to be made fully aware of their rights.

Modern slavery is just as unacceptable as the slavery from years ago and it is not just within the agricultural areas, but in many others.

Coming to the UK should be a good experience and these workers should have the same employment rights as any worker in the UK.

In these days of computerisation, the systems should be robust enough to ensure people rights are respected and adhered to and any employers who over-ride these rights should be dealt with accordingly and be not allowed to employ and supervise workers again.

The UK needs to be a haven for workers and legislation should be brought in to ensure it is.

Areas in which modern slavery can take place need to be policed more, so that instances of modern slavery and any other forms of abuse can’t flourish.



Source: Ukrainian workers flee ‘modern slavery’ conditions on UK farms | Immigration and asylum | The Guardian