Should patients own their health records? | The BMJ

It’s my body and my health so why can’t I be the legal owner of my medical record? This important question was debated during a series of webinars run by The BMJ on patient access to medical records.1 Most of those involved agreed that we should be able to access all data that’s held on us, including our full medical records, but the ownership question was more contentious.

Many webinar participants saw record ownership as key to rebalancing healthcare in a more person centred direction, empowering patients to take more control of their health and data. They argued that ownership would deliver benefits in terms of the ability to control access, to check and correct errors, to record health goals and concerns, and to monitor usage through an electronic audit trail.

Others asserted that most people don’t want the responsibility of holding, managing, and maintaining their records, as long as they can access them when they need to. Some felt that defining ownership of electronic data are impossible anyway and must not be used as a ploy to derail patient access to their records, which is more important.

Patients in the UK have had a right to view, but …


Yes, I want to see my health records not at a specific time, but as and when I wish to, so I have requested access with my GP practice, to be told access is not currently available due to safeguarding reasons. What the specific safeguarding reasons are I have not been told and no likely date when access will be granted, this I feel is an unreasonable situation, so ownership is a prime concern to me.

Is it my safeguarding or the practice.

Surely there is an infringement of my Human Rights and if it is not, it should be.


Source: Should patients own their health records? | The BMJ

Finally Black women are finding their voice against abuse in the music industry | Michelle Kambasha | The Guardian

These stories show how poorly Black women have been treated, says Michelle Kambasha, who works in the music industry


Abuse of any nature is wrong and all abusers need to be stopped as otherwise they will continue abusing. Then in some instances the abused go on to abuse others themselves. So it essential that all is done to stop abuse and certainly all  those abusing.

It takes great strength for those who have been abused to speak out and when they are not listened to this only makes them feel more abused.

In America the whole system is geared to coverup abuse, especially where this done to members of the Black community and it appears even more so to black women.

But, is the UK any better, well we do feel so, but abuse is abuse and one incident of abuse is one too many.

So, the abuse concerns raised by some Black women regarding alleged incidents  by DJ Tim  Westwood should have been dealt with at the time, but as there is no time limit on bringing abuse claims in the UK, they can still be brought.

Lets hope now these women will be fully listened to and any appropriate actions taken.


Source: Finally Black women are finding their voice against abuse in the music industry | Michelle Kambasha | The Guardian

Gracemere Le Smileys Early Learning Centre bus tragedy: Neveah Austin’s was ‘only child’ on van | Daily Mail Online

Little Nevaeh Austin, three, is fighting for life after being found unconscious on a bus outside Le Smileys Early Learning Centre at Gracemere, near Rockhampton, on Wednesday.


It goes without saying that this should never have happened and I do hope Nevaeh make a good recovery.

As to the 2 workers involved they have committed extremely serious situations in the actions or non-actions they did, for it is not only an extreme safeguarding alert, but also a criminal offense.

A total lack of ‘Duty of Care’.

Source: Gracemere Le Smileys Early Learning Centre bus tragedy: Neveah Austin’s was ‘only child’ on van | Daily Mail Online

Ukrainian workers flee ‘modern slavery’ conditions on UK farms | Immigration and asylum | The Guardian

Charity calls for people who arrived on seasonal work visas and are now undocumented to be offered protection



This is completely unacceptable for anyone coming to the UK should have the full protection of the law and employment regulations.

Each farm needs to be fully inspected urgently and any areas of non-compliance corrected, but to say they can contact the police just shows that these authorities have no understanding of the circumstances these workers are in.

The regulations need to be simplified and persons coming to the UK to be made fully aware of their rights.

Modern slavery is just as unacceptable as the slavery from years ago and it is not just within the agricultural areas, but in many others.

Coming to the UK should be a good experience and these workers should have the same employment rights as any worker in the UK.

In these days of computerisation, the systems should be robust enough to ensure people rights are respected and adhered to and any employers who over-ride these rights should be dealt with accordingly and be not allowed to employ and supervise workers again.

The UK needs to be a haven for workers and legislation should be brought in to ensure it is.

Areas in which modern slavery can take place need to be policed more, so that instances of modern slavery and any other forms of abuse can’t flourish.



Source: Ukrainian workers flee ‘modern slavery’ conditions on UK farms | Immigration and asylum | The Guardian

CBD Gummies Online Scam Costs Disabled People Millions

Any scam is disgusting and much more needs to be done to safeguard the vulnerable people who are victims of these scams.

The platform on which these scam are on should also be made responsible and compensate the victims. Then these platforms would then be more careful on what they allow on their platforms, the old adage of ‘Buyer be aware’ is not sufficient these days. laws are in urgent need of uopdating.

For it is not just the financial loss which is a factor but also the mental situations which are created and have to be dealt with, so increasing health interrventions.

Same Difference

Online subscription scams, many using bogus celebrity endorsements, are costing victims tens of millions of pounds a year, a BBC Radio 4 File on 4 programme investigation has found.

Some 300,000 people a year are thought to have been tricked into the schemes, many seemingly backed by celebrities such as comedian Russell Brand.

But in reality, the celebrities have never even heard of the products.

Many of the scams lure victims in with fake adverts on Facebook.

File on 4 found more than 800 on the social-networking site.

Facebook says it has now taken down most of the pages – adding that using public figures to scam people out of money is against its policy.

Desperate to ease the fibromyalgia caused by a childhood accident – and feeling let down by doctors who dismissed her widespread pain as a symptom of depression rather than the other way round – Louisa…

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If further Covid restrictions are needed, the debate could get uglier this time | Gaby Hinsliff | The Guardian

From Austria to Latvia, the current wave of Covid is seeing a backlash against unvaccinated people, says Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsliff


This all rests with why people get vaccinated and to some extent why wearing face covering, previously this was down to people just safeguarding themselves, but with COVID there is now the question of safeguarding others.

As, by being vaccinated and with face coverings there is an element of not only reducing the catching of COVID, but, if you do, by being vaccinated and also wearing a face covering you will also be mitigating the risk of passing onto others.

Thereby, being looking to safeguard the community as well as oneself. We are not alone and the reason why excess vaccines should be sent to other nations to reduce the risk in those other countries and by doing so reducing the extent of mutations of COVID.

We all have Human Rights and by adhering to some others are affected, so consideration is of prime importance.

We all need to be considerate of others.
If further Covid restrictions are needed, the debate could get uglier this time | Gaby Hinsliff | The Guardian

Lost To The Virus- Doreen Chappell

Again and again this Tory Government have let down people with disabilities, be it Welfare Benefits, Social Care and now it is the NHS with Health Care.

Disabled people have rights and these were strengthened through the Care Act 2014 with increased rights for the family carers. But what did this Government do at the start of COVID-19, they created the Coronavirus Act 2020, in which they included areas which removed some of the fought for benefits within the Care Act 2014 and they did this with minimal consultation and Parliament debate.

But the DNRs were being created by the NHS, GPs to be exact and the NHS is not governed by the Care Act 2014, as they have other rules and regulations under which they are supposed to conform, The Hippocratic oath.

The Hippocratic oath covers several important ethical issues between doctors and patients. The oath first establishes that the practitioner of medicine give deference to the creators, teachers, and learners of medicine. … The oath serves as a contract for doctors to work towards the benefit of the health of the public.

Disabled people are members of the public so ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ (DNRs) notices should not be placed on any patient until they have been consulted.

This is a prime example of neglect, one of the safeguarding principles, however, the suspension of the Care Act 2014, in the Coronavirus Act 2020 means that neglect and safeguarding can not be used as a course of action.

One of the main reasons this Government suspended the Care Act 2014 through the Coronavirus Act 2020, but will the Human Rights legislation still be relevant, who knows.

Perhaps not, as at least one Judicial Review has be lost, so another win for this deplorable Government.

Same Difference

If Doreen Chappell’s first marriage was a disaster, her second one was a great success. She was born Doreen Brenda Ward in the East End of London, in 1936; her mother was a seamstress, her father, who had seen action at Gallipoli, later became a telecoms engineer.

It was a working-class household: Doreen left school at 15 to look for a job. Like many young women of the era, she became a typist and secretary, even having elocution classes to improve her chances of getting work.

Doreen married young, at 23. Her family didn’t approve – none of them attended the wedding – and when the marriage began to fall apart, they didn’t step in to help. “They thought that she’d made her bed, so now she should lie in it,” says her son, Simon. Doreen’s husband would disappear for weeks at a time, leaving her with the children…

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DfE to review children’s services’ approach to radicalisation : Community Care

The Department for Education (DfE) is to commission a review of the ways in which children’s services are responding to radicalisation and extremism among young people. Tender documents published this month seek applicants to conduct research within 10 English local authorities, updating on a 2016 safeguarding and radicalisation evaluation, which found divergent views around the extent […]

Source: DfE to review children’s services’ approach to radicalisation : Community Care


Are we all demanding too much from Social Workers, whose, workloads are already extremely excessive, with other safeguarding issues, not to mention issues relating to disabilities, families and many other areas, including funding.

Social work has always been a demanding area and the austerity cuts over the last 10 years of austerity cuts have not made this any easier, in fact, it as made it much harder.

Many social workers are crumbling under the various many pressures and many are leaving, expressing they will not work for local authorities again.

All this and other issues are causing major issues for the remaining social workers and will lead to mistakes being made, where the blame will mainly rest with the respective social workers, who in many instances are not being supported by their local authority management structures.

This, of course is happening within children services, but there are also many issues with transitions and then adult services where there are many failings and not only will the services suffer, but more importantly the persons and families who rely on these services.

This Government is currently throwing money in many directions and have done so to social services, but not in anywhere near sufficiently. Not even sufficiently to reverse the 10 years of austerity cuts, let alone the current pressures.

Social Care is indeed in crisis and is urgently in need of not only funding, but much more including an understanding of all the related problems.

I do fear that social care will cease to exist in any reliable form and this will create more pressures on those working in social care, families in need of social care, but also the health services, who may also have to deal with a second wave of COVID-19.

Not a very rosy picture and the time to deal with it are shortening hour by hour.

I created a petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,,which was with regards to social care delivery within the community.

More information,

I appreciate that this petition only covers a certain area of the problems and certainly not the issues raised in this article, but by supporting the petition it is a start and will bring pressure on the Government to do something, for currently they are doing nothing.

Social Care needs YOU

#care #socialcare #crisis

Priti Patel accused of ‘shameful’ bid to deport girl at risk of FGM | Global development | The Guardian

Barrister says Home Office’s unwillingness to protect 11-year-old makes a mockery of FGM protection orders

Source: Priti Patel accused of ‘shameful’ bid to deport girl at risk of FGM | Global development | The Guardian