Israel focusing on closing loopholes, not imposing Russia sanctions, officials say | The Times of Israel

Lapid, ministries working to ensure country not used to bypass West; Jerusalem says it has no legal ability to declare sanctions — which it doesn’t want to do now in any case


Israel is offering tentative support for Ukraine, but not full support as they are not imposing sanctions on Russia. yes, currently there is no legislation in  Israel in which sanctions could be imposed, but this could be remedied by changing the legislation. Instead, they are claiming that they will act as negotiators between Russia and Ukraine and only time will tell if this is the right approach.

However, Israel was created after the end of World War 2 in which Jews went through Hell at the hands of Hitler and the German armed forces in Germany and all the countries which were invaded by Germany. So, if any nation understood the destruction and death in Ukraine at the hands of Russia, then Israel would be able to do so.

We all hope that there will be a Russian withdrawal from Ukraine, then so allowing Ukraine to do all they can to recover from the death and destruction already seen in Ukraine by Putin and the invading Russiam armed forces and be allowed to continue as an independent country under their own elected government and not one imposed by Putin.


Source: Israel focusing on closing loopholes, not imposing Russia sanctions, officials say | The Times of Israel

Sanctions will cause ‘complete breakdown’ in US-Russia relations, Putin warns Biden | Euronews

The US president said economic measures would be taken if Russia were to invade Ukraine, but the Russian leader said that would trigger a complete rupture in their relations



What a sorry state this world has become or more to the point Russia. I thought that Putin was only the President of Russia and not all the independent states around Russia.


It is Putin amassing the troops on the Russian/Ukraine border as a threat, not only to Ukraine but the whole of Europe. Being independent Ukraine should be free to join what organisations they wish to, as long as they do not encroach into Russia. If Ukraine wishes for NATO troops then that is up to Ukraine not Russia. Nato, itself as no wish to invade Russia, unless the Russian troops invade Ukraine first.


If any Western country wishes to react to Russian aggressive actions with sanctions then that is up to the Western countries, and all Putin needs to do is stop all the aggressive actions and then he and Russia will be left alone.


So Putin desist in threatening anyone and then no actions will be taken against you.


Just because your ‘Puppet’ Trump is no longer in office in the US, is no reason to make aggressive gestures, as Putin should show respect for those countries around Russia.

Source: Sanctions will cause ‘complete breakdown’ in US-Russia relations, Putin warns Biden | Euronews

Diverting flight was ‘huge mistake’ by Belarus regime, Tsikhanouskaya tells Euronews

The Belarusian opposition leader told Euronews that Lukashenko made a ‘huge mistake’ by diverting a flight to arrest a journalist because it renewed international scrutiny into the regime.



What Lukashenko did was ‘air priracy’ and he should not be allowed to get away with it. He needs to be taught a lesson, but he is supported by Putin of Russia, who in his own way is guilty of many international Laws, just because he believes he is all powerful and to go against him could well cause a World War or something similar.

But we can’t be held to ransom, so Lukashenko and also Putin need to be punished, but by putting sanctions in force are not actually hurting them, but hurting the innocent populations they rule.



Source: Diverting flight was ‘huge mistake’ by Belarus regime, Tsikhanouskaya tells Euronews

How many more DWP deaths will there be?

The figures speak for themselves, so no one should be in any doubt about the intentions of this Tory and previous Tory Governments in their will to decimate the population of disabled people.

Yesterday 27 January 2021 was Holocaust Memorial Day and the Tories are as guilty as the Nazis, the Serbs and others in the massacre of sections of their community by numerous methods

insufficient funding of Social Care

insufficient funding of Community Care

Sanctions on benefit claimants

COVID-19 scandals in Care Homes

insufficient vaccine priority for persons with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism

and many others

Boris has stated he and his Government have done the best they can during COVID-19, well if that is their best I would not wish to see their worst

Then to ‘Cap It’ he stated the immortal phrase ‘Lessons would be Learnt’, well from my 71 years of experience of life I have never seen that lessons have been learnt, is this due to, not wishing to learn, no funding to learn, inability to learn or others I can’t really say, although I assume funding will play a big part, but in effect it could be a mixture of them all.

So, unfortunately I can’t see anyway learning can be improved, unless all of the above are reversed and them some.

PIP Claimants Wrongly Accused Of Failing To Return PIP Forms

Again and again the DWP say one thing and then do another, but take the attitude that they are never wrong.

The DWP and that means the Government need to realise that they are dealing with people and not inanimate objects.

They should be transparent and honest, but this is a Government department and unfortunately it is a miracle if they are.

It is not as though not owning up about being wrong will cause no lasting damage and harm, for it will.

The DWP are ruthless in instigating sanctions and once a persons loses a benefit, it can not be reinstated when the wrong has been admitted.

Yes, the claimant can make another claim, but the loss of benefit income will not be regained and even worse, if a Motability vehicle is involved. For once the vehicle has been returned it can take months to obtain another, thus causing much distress to the claimants.

The DWP and the Government need to come into the real world and not play with the feelings of claimants.

Same Difference

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

The DWP has mistakenly been sending out letters to PIP claimants telling them their PIP has been stopped because they failed to return a review form, the Disability News Service (DNS) is reporting.

Back in March, when the pandemic first began, many PIP claimants were told that they did not need to return their PIP review form and that their claims would be automatically extended.

However, it appears that last month an official at the DWP did a check for late return of forms and sent out letters to an unknown number of claimants telling them that their PIP had been stopped and, in some cases, that they had to return their Motability vehicles and might have to repay some of the money they had received.

One claimant who received a letter told DNS that she had originally been told by the DWP…

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DWP slammed for not evaluating wellbeing cost of sanctions

Again the Government is at fault for not fully understanding the consequences of their action and even worse do not appear tp care.

It is as though this Government wishes to put claimants into destitution to cause as much suffering and even death as they can.

This should be a national disgrace and those responsible should be held accountable, for it should be a criminal act.

It is certainly a safeguarding concern.

In rare move, rabbinical court sanctions woman for refusing divorce | The Times of Israel

An Israeli rabbinical court has sanctioned a Jewish woman in a divorce case, prompting the Education Ministry to suspend her from her job as a teacher in the northern city of Haifa.

The woman, who was not named, has declined to accept the religious bill of divorce, or get, for over eight years, according to a statement from the rabbinical courts on Wednesday.

In Israel, rabbinical tribunals function as family courts for Jewish citizens on personal status issues such as marriage and divorce, and are part of a general judiciary that also includes Islamic Sharia courts.


Source: In rare move, rabbinical court sanctions woman for refusing divorce | The Times of Israel

I was sanctioned after missing a Universal Credit appointment due to seizures

This is truly like it is for the DWP are following the common theme of ‘one size fits all’.

Yes, there are people who are work shy, people who will not work no matter what is put before them, but are these people caught by sanctions, I fear not. This is because they are Ace in manipulating the system and will continue in this vein for ever. It is these people the 1% or 2% who should be made to work, but they never will, for what employer is really going to take on someone who has no intention of working, it will not be worth their while.

The the DWP system is doing is penalising the people who want to work, but their disability, their health is causing them to fail to abide by the ‘one size fits all’ process.

How can anyone attend an interview when they are in a hospital bed trying to recover from an aspect of the manner of their health.

The DWP process needs to be flexible to take account of the mitigating circumstances, but this they will not do as this will take time and money which has not been included in the system process.

As I said before they are penalising people who want to work, but have problems due to their conditions, unlike those who do not have problems, except their total dedication of not wishing to work, these are the lazy, but again the system has no process to find these people as again it will take time and money.

The systems major flaw it that it does not understand what it is trying to change and is as much unwilling to do so as those who are unwilling to work.

The system needs to comply with equality, which does not mean treating everybody the same, but treating people as individuals, but again this take time and money.

The Government also needs to have the willingness to do this, but do they understand individualism or more to the point do they really want to understand. I feel the latter, so until the attitudes of the Government or more likely the Civil Servants, who really govern the UK then the system will stay the same.

Penalise those who are willing, while supporting those who are not willing to work, completely the opposite of what they say they are doing.

But if the Government is Blind, then no matter how much they say they are listening (opening their eyes) they will never see, that is giving them the benefit of the doubt as I feel they will never understand, because they are unwilling to do so.

So those that want to work, but their conditions restrict them will always be penalised, while those who are totally unwilling to work will not.

DWP silence over ‘thousands of ESA claims lost in IT black hole’  

If this was reversed and it was the claimant losing forms the DWP would come down hard on the claimant and they would be sanctioned for not abiding by the rules and therefore left to suffer without any money.

In this case it is the DWP not complying with the rules but they are not sanctioned or left without any money, it is the claimant who is still left without any money.

So in both extreme cases it is a win, win, win for the DWP and a lose, lose ,lose for the claimant. It that equality, is it fair, is it showing respect, is it taking responsibility for their actions, or they being held accountable.

No the system is favouring the DWP and never the claimants.

It this was private industry the claimant would have been due substantial compensation and those at the DWP disciplined accordingly. Whereas the claimant on received £70 compensation, and the DWP disciplined well who knows, but I can guess, can you?

In a wheelchair and want your benefits? You’ll need to take the stairs

This should be unbelievable, but with the DWP it is not. It is not as though they are not aware of the problems they are creating, their whole concept is to make it as difficult as possible for people to attend assessment and then they can sanction for a ‘no show’.