Universal Credit isn’t the reason 1,000 more people a day are in work – no matter what McVey says | Vox Political

You need to keep this article handy for the next time Esther McVey falsely claims Universal Credit has put 1,000 people a day into work since mid-2010.

On October 17, she said: “We know that [Universal Credit] is working and getting people into work because our employment figures that came out yesterday show over 3.3 million more people in work since 2010.”

Shame Universal Credit only started to be inflicted on claimants in 2013 – and still has not been fully implemented across the UK


Source: Universal Credit isn’t the reason 1,000 more people a day are in work – no matter what McVey says | Vox Political


Citizens Advice blame rent arrear rise on Universal Credit & welfare reform : Universal Credit Sufferer

A new report released by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has blamed the UK government’s welfare reforms for a rise in clients seeking help for rent arrears on. The report comes the day after the government whipped their MPs to block the release of papers showing how Universal Credit will impact families.
The report starts by saying that in Scotland, the agency has seen a 40% rise in clients seeking assistance for rent arrears. Before you can even get into the report their findings are listed, and it doesn’t make comfortable reading for the government in Westminster.
The first and possibly most damning finding for the Tories says;


Source: Citizens Advice blame rent arrear rise on Universal Credit & welfare reform : Universal Credit Sufferer

‘Disgraceful’ £2-an-hour job ad appears on Esther McVey’s favourite website for summer work

Govt Newspeak

Call me an old cynic: but I don’t believe that this job ad was an “error” – the Tories have allowed the abuse of the workforce, from workfare to zero hours. Being a supporter of Boycott Workfare I have seen many job ads for unpaid interns to jobs advertised well under the minimum wage. You only have to look at the recent court cases to see how Tories have tried to reduce the working class to unpaid/barely paid serfs. From having to pay for an employment tribunal to the workfare-poundland case all this proves the Tories had an agenda to erode our rights.

When my daughter left university, she signed on until she got a job and she was forced to work for Poundland and just like Cait Reilly she was going to volunteer at a place that would further her career, but the DWP had other ideas.

Find A…

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Universal credit row: DWP official has ‘full confidence’ in NAO

Not only in fighting over Brexit but also on Welfare benefits and the NAO report.

How is it that McVey got the outcomes of the report so wrong, as she would have been brief by the relevant Civil Servants before speaking, received a copy of the report and a summary.

Is it she

can not read

she can read but not understand what was written

she can not understand the spoken word

she was mis-briefed
and perhaps many more.

If she is anyone of the above, should she still be there.

Govt Newspeak

Permanent secretary says DWP has good relationship with National Audit Office despite watchdog’s critical reportuni-cred-protest

The top government official overseeing universal credit has told MPs he has full confidence in the National Audit Office (NAO), the public spending watchdog that recently published a savagely critical report into the welfare benefit.

Since it was published in June, current and former ministers have sought to undermine the report, which concluded that universal credit failed to deliver mooted savings and employment benefits, and left many claimants in hardship.

The permanent secretary at the Department for Work and Pensions, Peter Schofield, was asked by the public accounts committee chair, Meg Hillier, at an inquiry hearing into universal credit on Monday whether he had “full confidence” in the NAO report.

Schofield was initially evasive, saying it was a “strange question to ask me”. But pressed by Hillier, Schofield admitted: “Of course I have confidence in…

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DWP slammed for asking writer to help ’empower’ women into paid work… without paying her

I like Writer Amber Massie-Blomfield and wish her well in her chosen profession.

The DWP have no idea how to proceed and neither does Mcvey, it should be Mcvey who should work for nothing until she is competent to do her role in Government, that is, if she will ever be competent.

Govt Newspeak

Hey come on some people have got to work for nothing, so useless ministers’ like Mcvey can get their massive bonuses

Amber Massie-Blomfield hit out at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) in an open e-mail that she posted on Twitter

Writer Amber Massie-Blomfield [left] hit out at the Department for Work and Pensions & has blasted the government for asking her to promote a campaign all about helping people into paid work… without actually paying her. She hit out at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) in an open e-mail that she posted on Twitter.

She was asked to be part of the Her Way campaign, which aims to showcase “routes into employment” and “empower” women to “craft their own future” in work. The campaign declares: “Women are often caught up in conflicting messages about their work: they ‘can’t’ do certain jobs or reach certain job levels…

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Tory Esther McVey just sneaked out a spectacular climbdown on housing benefit cuts

This is just a start as Social care throughout the UK is in an extensive crisis and all, some more than others, are in a dire need of extra finance just to tread water, let alone cater for the increase in needs relating to social care from an ever increasing amount of people both children and adults and their respective carers.

If the Care Industry is allowed to collapse, which it is now and in some instances beyond crisis point, then we will be back in Victorian Times, a time when many Tories regal at in their wish to return to ‘Victorian values’. Are these values we wish to return to, extensive child labour, lack of sanitation, workhouse, penalizing the poor, disabled and the sick.

Just a moment, we may already be there.

Govt Newspeak

The Tories performed a huge u-turn on the last day before Parliament breaks up for Easter.

Welfare secretary Esther McVey has scrapped rules introduced by George Osborne blocking 18-21 year olds from claiming housing benefit. When it was introduced, officials said the plan would stop them “slipping straight into a life on benefits”.

A benefit cut the Tories forced through despite huge protests is only hitting 30 people a month

They said it would hit 1,000 people in its first year and save taxpayers £105million by 2020. But the first official figures since the policy launched, released in January, show it denied benefits to just 90 people in the whole country in its first three months.

The number was so low because ministers drew up a huge list of exceptions to the cut to head off criticism from charities, campaigners and Labour. Today, the government finally caved in and announced the policy…

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