Universal Credit: a mum wins permission to fight DWP in court

Yet another problem with Universal Credit, why are there so many problems, are the Civil Servants who provide guidance to Ministers not up to the job, or is it Ministers ignoring the advise, or both? Will we ever know as no one is ever held accountable.

Accountability needs to be a priority as does Legislation to be drafted correctly and when problems do occur for these to be dealt with expeditiously so not to cause hardship on the vulnerable.

Self Employed Denied ‘Equal Treatment And Recognition’, Says Review | Welfare Weekly

“Choosing to be self-employed should not mean that people are disadvantaged in the support that they receive from Government”, review says.

Source: Self Employed Denied ‘Equal Treatment And Recognition’, Says Review | Welfare Weekly

Cameron in tax clampdown on self-employed: while letting big business off the hook

Pride's Purge

David Cameron tax

The Tories are clamping down on struggling small businesses and the self-employed …

Scrap plans forcing self employed & small business to do 4 tax returns yearly

… while letting big corporations off the hook for billions …

Tax fraud costs staggering £16 BILLION a year – enough to halt welfare cuts

The Tories are not the party of business as they like to claim. They’re the party of big corporate business. Many of whom like to donate to Tory Party coffers.

Purely coincidental of course …

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