GOP Support For Impeachment Grows As Republicans Say They’ll Vote Against Trump | HuffPost UK

It would now appear that some Republicans in the Senate and Congress have now come to their senses and see Trump for what he is, no matter how belatedly this is.

For Trump has done and still is causing serious damage to the Republican Party, who now appear to see to it that Trump can never be elected to Governing Office again.

I feel it is forgone that the Impeachment resolution will have no problems coming through the Congress, but the hurdle will be the Senate.


Source: GOP Support For Impeachment Grows As Republicans Say They’ll Vote Against Trump | HuffPost UK

Capitol breach prompts urgent questions about security failures – The Washington Post

This was and is a disgraceful state of affairs, but it has been coming ever since Trump joined the Presidential election of 2016 and even more so since he became President.

The Republican Party has by degree or design allowed him enormous leeway and Trump is adept in using this to his advantage, in fact, believing that it amounts to acceptance of his actions.

In fact, in viewing some of the actions of the law enforcement at the US Capital building it may even be true that they are in agreement with Trump. This is especially so, when barriers were removed by some law officers, thereby offering even more encouragement to Trump’ mob.

This action by Trump and his supporters has been forecast for sometime and now it has come to fruition.

If the required actions are not taken against Trump and his supporters, then this can only get worse.


Source: Capitol breach prompts urgent questions about security failures – The Washington Post

Will Republicans ditch Trump to save the Senate as support nosedives? | US news | The Guardian

The human and economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic has transformed the political landscape and increased talk of a sinking ship

Source: Will Republicans ditch Trump to save the Senate as support nosedives? | US news | The Guardian

It wasn’t the US Senate that saved Trump – it was the founding fathers | Simon Jenkins | Opinion | The Guardian

His acquittal was never in doubt, because that’s how the US constitution was meant to work, says Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins

Source: It wasn’t the US Senate that saved Trump – it was the founding fathers | Simon Jenkins | Opinion | The Guardian

Individual members of Congress barred from suing President Trump over business dealings – The Washington Post

Emoluments case tried to stop Trump’s businesses from accepting payments from foreign governments

Source: Individual members of Congress barred from suing President Trump over business dealings – The Washington Post

Trump prepares to declare a unitary government, as Republicans cheer him on : Daily Kos

On Thursday, Donald Trump moved closer to declaring a national emergency and seizing the funds to build his wall, despite failure to secure the support of Congress. As he did, Republicans in the Senate made it clear that they would not object to Trump turning the executive into the sole branch of government and conducting a not-quite-bloodless coup.

At a photo op at the border, Trump stated several times that he “maybe definitely” was going to declare a national emergency. He repeated this threat in an overnight tweet. The Washington Post reports that the military has already been ordered to prepare to begin building the wall—by stealing the money from projects that had already been approved, including funds dedicated to disaster relief. Trump is looking to take money from disaster relief in already sorely abused and neglected Puerto Rico, from fire-ravaged California, and from other areas affected by natural disasters, including the Texas coastline.

Meanwhile, a reliable chorus of Republicans cheered on Trump’s move toward a unitary government. That list, not surprisingly, included Lindsey Graham, who tweeted that Nancy Pelosi’s “refusal to negotiate on Wall/Barrier funding” meant that the “congressional path to fund Wall/Barrier” was at an end. Then, incredibly, Graham went on to say that it was time for Trump “to use emergency powers to build Wall/Barrier.  I hope it works.”

When the executive wants something and can’t get it through Congress, the answer is … no. You don’t get it. When President Obama was negotiating for health care, it took repeated, drastic compromises and counter offers to secure the bare majority that saw the Affordable Care Act go through on a narrow majority. At no point did Obama say, “Screw this, the public option is so vital, I’m going to declare a national emergency and just implement it anyway.”

And he could have. Health care represented a much, much, much larger problem than anything that’s happening on the southern border. So does the nation’s crumbling infrastructure. So do any number of other issues. Republicans aren’t just opening the door to Trump bypassing Congress to get his wall; they’re making it clear that he always has an out. That Congress is not allowed to say no to Trump.


Source: Trump prepares to declare a unitary government, as Republicans cheer him on : Daily Kos

Rosen defeats Heller in Nevada Senate race | TheHill

Comment from 61chrissterry

This is a great victory as is the success re the House of Representatives, I feel the Senate will take some more time.

Currently Trump is still rolling on the final Obama wave and many of his Executive Orders and other ruling have yet to see any progression in many areas of the US.

Trump’s base are still believing his Rhetoric has they have, yet, not received any problems with Trump’s current actions, but they will and when it starts to hurt them they will hopefully see the light.

Currently they are clutching at straws for they have no one, other than Trump to believe in, but Trump will crash eventually.

What I hope is that the us will not have crashed too far in order to recover.

Bear with it and do not be too disheartened that the Senate did not also fall to yourselves. The Rep. Jacky Rosen (D) is only the start, but others will follow in time.



Rep. Jacky Rosen (D) has defeated Sen. Dean Heller (R) in Nevada’s toss-up Senate race, giving Democrats a win in one of their few pickup opportunities of the cycle.

Heller, who was running for a second term, conceded the race shortly before it was called by The Associated Press. A spokesman for Heller’s campaign didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Rosen’s victory in Nevada marks a major win for Senate Democrats in an otherwise rough election night, with Republicans poised to expand their Senate majority after unseating several red-state Democrats. The state was also a bright spot for the party in 2016 when Democrats swept the state.

“When it came time to elect a Senator who would stand up for Nevadans, the choice was clear. Jacky Rosen has always stood out because of her commitment to serve her community, and now her state – and do what is right even if it’s hard. We need more problem solvers like Jacky and I look forward to welcoming her to the U.S. Senate,” said Sen. Chris Van Hollen(D-Md.), the chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Rosen’s victory will make Nevada only one of seven states that has been represented by two female senators simultaneously.

“Women are winning up and down the ballot. This is a historic night for us,” Rosen said in a speech claiming victory early Wednesday morning.

Republicans argued that the deck was stacked against them after Democrats swept the state in 2016 and have dedicated years to building a strong turnout machine.

Steven Law—the president of the Senate Leadership Fund, which has ties to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.)—said that group spent more than $16 million in the state to try to “make it a fair fight.”


Source: Rosen defeats Heller in Nevada Senate race | TheHill

Senate votes against background checks AGAIN · Stop Gun Violence

A polarized Senate voted Thursday against expanding background checks for more gun purchases, rejecting the proposal a day after the latest U.S. mass shooting left 14 people dead in California.Thursday’s mostly party-line 50-48 vote, which followed the Senate’s defeat of other firearms curbs, underscored that political gridlock over the issue remains formidable in Washington, even amid a rash of highly publicized U.S. shootings and last month’s terror attack in Paris.The background check measure, co-authored by Sens. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Patrick Toomey, R-Pa., was the same proposal the Senate rejected in early 2013, just months after 20 children and six educators were shot to death at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.In that roll call two years ago in a Democratic-controlled Senate, the effort fell five votes short of the 60 needed to overcome opponents’ tactics aimed at derailing it. The plan was strongly opposed by the National Rifle Association, which on Thursday emailed its members urging them to contact senators and “tell them to vote against any gun control amendments.”Manchin said his amendment “makes all the sense in the world.”Read the rest of the article from ABCNews. Curious how your senators voted? Everytown For Gun Safety has put together a helpful chart that shows your Senator voted for or against background checks.

Source: Senate votes against background checks AGAIN · Stop Gun Violence