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Sensory overload is the over stimulation of one or more of the body’s senses. It often affects people with certain conditions, such as autism or ADHD. Learn more.

Source: Sensory overload: Symptoms, causes, and treatment : Medical News Today



I have always found all types of brushing sensations hard to tolerate ( in order of easy to worst) e.g:

  1. Brushing my hair
  2. Brushing my teeth
  3. People brushing up against me

Before I saw an OT when I was in primary school I was totally unable to care for myself. I couldn’t brush my own hair or teeth. I also found it particularly hard to clean and wash my own body due to the varying sensations it caused. Im determined to start a brushing routine and introduce it as part of my daily sensory diet. My mum always says I’m a much happier person generally when I keep up my brushing programme. I will upload my plan to this blog incase anyone else wants to try it or just follow my progress and I will also record my mood each day and monitor any changes. 😊

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