Health Provision before the NHS

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I’ve been having a debate here with a critic, who objected to my description of Nye Bevan as the architect of the NHS. His contention appears to be that there was no private healthcare in Britain even before the establishment of the NHS, and that no-one really suffered through the charges that were made for some essentially services, as the poor were already treated free of charge on the Poor Law. I’ve made it very plain to this critic that I believe he has a very rosy view of healthcare before the NHS.

My mother was told by one of her friends, a staunch Tory, that her father was a pharmacist, who also voted Tory. However, at the 1945 election, he called his family together to say that he was voting Labour, because the NHS was needed. He was tired of having to supply drugs on credit, because the working…

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Sheffield Access Guide now available

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access guide Sheffield

A new access guide, designed to empower disabled residents to get out and do what they want to do in Sheffield, has been launched.

Sheffield City Council has worked with DisabledGo to produce the guide which features detailed access information to 1000 venues across Sheffield.

DisabledGo covers a wide range of venues that are accessible to the public including tourist attractions, leisure centres, shops, pubs, cafes, restaurants and many more.

The aim of the guide is to provide much needed information about the accessibility of public venues so that anybody with an access requirement can decide whether a venue is suitable before visiting.

The guide will provide detailed access information so that people can judge for themselves whether a shop, restaurant or theatre is accessible for their own requirements, for example, whether a shop is wheelchair accessible or a cinema offers a hearing loop.

All 1,000 venues have been assessed by a DisabledGo surveyor who looked at a whole range of accessibility features from parking to toilet facilities.

The guide is available at  

Disability Sheffield                    

Disability Sheffield worked together with DisabledGo, providing advice and guidance on the project and additional support and training to businesses who would like to make their service more accessible for disabled people. For more information about Disability Sheffield please visit –

The Access Card

The Access Card is scheme rolling out nationwide and Sheffield Council are funding 1,000 FREE! Come and apply –

We would like to introduce you to these services and tell you more about the partnership between DisabledGo, Sheffield City Council, Disability Sheffield and nimbus.

Sheffield City Council

Sheffield City Council has set up the Disability Hub, part of the Equality Hub Network, for individuals and organisations to work with the Council and partners to take action on equality and fairness issues.

Sheffield Town Hall

access guide Sheffield

access meeting

access meeting 2

access meeting 3

Roisin Norris

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Sheffield Muslim women suffer ‘curry’ taunts

Original post from The Star

‘………………By Estel Farell Roig

Yusra Ahmed, 20, and her three also Muslim friends.
Yusra Ahmed, 20, and her three also Muslim friends.

A Sheffield Muslim woman was left humiliated after a bus driver told her: “You’d better not be taking curry onto the coach.”

Yusra Ahmed, aged 20, said the National Express driver’s hostility was obvious from the moment she and three friends started queueing for a service from Manchester to Leeds.

In a Facebook post which went viral, the student said: “She analysed our tickets very closely, which is something we noticed she didn’t do to any other passengers.

“After checking our tickets, she scanned us up and down and aggressively asked if we had any hot food in our bags.”

 Yusra replied they were only carrying cold lasagne and rice and reassured her there would be no smell.

“The driver then shouted quite loudly that ‘we had better not be taking curry on to the coach,’” Yusra wrote.

“I told her we were not intending on eating on the coach but she continued shouting to us about stinking up her coach with curry.

“She was obviously targeting us of her preconceived ideas about brown people. We were visibly Muslim so this made it easier for her.”

When they accused the driver of racism, Yusra said the driver lost her temper and said the women were not allowed on the coach.

The women then had to wait to catch the next coach an hour and a half later on the evening of June 14 .

Yusra said she heard nothing from National Express until her posts went viral on Twitter and Facebook four days later.

She said: “Ten days after the incident, we were told the driver admitted she had made the remarks about curry.

“National Express informed us they would issue a written apology for leaving us behind – but not for the remarks that were made about us by the driver.

“We feel they have not taken our complaint seriously and have done their best to brush the issue off. The incident made us feel humiliated, frustrated and angry.”

A National Express spokesman said: “We take allegations of employee misconduct extremely seriously and a thorough investigation into the issues raised by this highly unusual complaint has been undertaken by our senior management team.

“We’re sorry this issue was not followed up to the customer’s satisfaction, and for the distress of those involved and are committed to taking on board any lessons which could be learned.”…………………’

EXCLUSIVE: South Yorkshire Police warned of Sheffield’s ‘very entrenched sexual exploitation problem’ in 2006 – but failed to act

Original post from The Star-Sheffield

‘…………By Chris Burn, 

South Yorkshire Police Headquarters on Carbrook Hall Road, Sheffield
South Yorkshire Police Headquarters on Carbrook Hall Road, Sheffield
  • Secret reports into child abuse in South Yorkshire made public today
  • Senior officers given names of suspects in Sheffield and Rotherham in 2003
  • Report author says abuse ‘could have been stopped’ – but police priority was burglary and car crime

Police bosses were warned almost a decade ago about Sheffield’s ‘very entrenched sexual exploitation problem’, The Star can reveal today.

But the expert analyst who made the warning – having previously provided senior officers with names of suspected offenders in Sheffield and Rotherham in 2003 – said today nothing was done with the information.

RELATED ARTICLE: New inquiry into South Yorkshire Police will consider findings of 2003 and 2006 reports

Dr Angie Heal said she was told by one senior officer such crimes were ‘awful’ – but the force’s priority was burglary and car crime.

 Reports written by Dr Heal in 2003 and 2006 have now been made public for the first time following a Freedom of Information request by The Star.

RELATED ARTICLE: South Yorkshire Police given list of key Sheffield and Rotherham abuse suspects in 2003

The second report warned that abusers were able to carry on with ‘impunity’ across South Yorkshire, with particular problems in Sheffield and Rotherham.

But despite the warning, South Yorkshire Police are said to have failed to act on information about hundreds of abusers and victims in Sheffield between 2007 and 2010.

Dr Heal’s 2006 report said: “Sheffield has both an established on-street prostitution scene and a very entrenched sexual exploitation problem.

“There have been reports of sexual and physical violence perpetrated against teenage schoolgirls and adult women in Sheffield.”

Her report noted that there was a ‘reluctance’ for young victims to give information to the police and said a more ‘empathetic’ attitude was needed towards the girls.

It said: “Currently the focus is on the behaviour of those who are sexually abused and to a large extent the perpetrators of the abuse are able to carry on with impunity.”

Dr Heal told The Star she had written update reports on the situation every six months after an initial report in 2002 – but said no action ever appeared to be taken at a senior level.

She said there were differences between what was going on in Sheffield and Rotherham, such as the ethnic background of offenders.

But she said the lack of police response was similar in both places.

“It definitely wasn’t a priority,” she said.

“There was a whole mix of issues. It was around blaming the victims and not understanding the issue.

“I can’t understand why anyone told about the multiple rape of children wouldn’t respond effectively to that. There was a lack of common sense in applying basic policing practices and following the law in these cases.

“It was in the ‘too hard to deal with’ tray.

“A senior officer said to me at one point, it was awful but burglary and car crime were policing priorities set by the government.”

Dr Heal said she is frustrated nothing was done with the information she provided.

“I just feel so upset and very, very angry – the abuse could have been stopped. I feel for the victims and families and frontline staff that tried their best in such horrendous circumstances.

“There are just so many people affected by this.”

Dr Heal said she believes some improvements were made after her departure from the police by new Rotherham district commander Matt Jukes, who was in the post between 2006 and 2009.

South Yorkshire Police said today the force has ‘admitted to past failings in the way it handled child sexual exploitation’ and accepts the need for a planned inquiry ordered by crime commissioner Alan Billings in March.  ……’


What has become of South Yorkshire Police?

This action or non-action regarding Child Abuse, is but another apparent failure in their duty to protect the persons of Sheffield and to fully act within the Laws of the UK. Is this another debacle of the setting of targets by Governments? When certain targets are set these targets become the priority and other areas may not be fully dealt with either by accident or design.

But this is but one area where South Yorkshire Police appear to have conducted themselves in a far but exemplary manner, others will include:



Tell us the truth about the battle of Orgreave

Will the truth ever be published into any or all of the above?……..’

Special Olympics Great Britain

BREAKING NEWS: Special Olympics Great Britain, the charity which helps children and adults with intellectual (learning) disabilities take part in year-round sports coaching and competition activities, has today received a huge funding boost from the government.

Special Olympics GB currently has 150 local clubs that serve 8,000 intellectually disabled athletes with the help of its dedicated army of 4,000 volunteers across England, Scotland and Wales.

This new and historic £2 million backing will go towards supporting and improving the following important areas of Special Olympics GB’s work:

• Sending 115 Special Olympics GB athletes to Los Angeles to represent the country at the World Summer Games this summer which will commence with an opening ceremony held on 25th July 2015 in the historic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum – the site of the 1932 and 1984 Olympic Games. The opening ceremony is expected to attract 80,000 spectators with the Honorary Chair of the Games being President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. The event, which will run from July 25th until 2nd August 2015, will be the largest sports and humanitarian event anywhere in the world in 2015. It will also be the single biggest event in Los Angeles since the 1984 Olympic Games.

• To support Special Olympics GB’s National Summer Games in Sheffield in 2017. The Deputy Prime Minister will announced the investment in Sheffield today (Friday 27 March 2015). Special Olympics GB expects the Sheffield games to be the largest ever – with over 2,000 athletes expected to take part in front of 10,000 family, friends and supporters. The event is free to all members of the public.

• In addition, the funding will enable the charity to significantly strengthen its current infrastructure and help create new inclusive clubs, develop competition pathways and launch an innovative new Unified Schools project which will target 25,000 new young participants over the next 3 years and provide a clear pathway for young people with ID to pursue sporting opportunities after they leave school, ensuring they remain physically active in the future.

Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, said: “I’m immensely proud to be supporting Special Olympics GB to actively recruit, inspire and empower people with intellectual disabilities to reach for the finishing line in their favourite sport. Over a million people in the UK have an intellectual disability, and sport is a key component in helping to tackle stigma, improve health and broaden their horizons with new opportunities. I saw first-hand the benefits of the games when I met Nicholas, a Special Olympics athlete from Sheffield who went on to compete for the GB Team as an athlete in the 2014 Special Olympics European Games last year. This funding is yet another example of this government’s work to build a fairer society and provide opportunity for everyone. After successfully staging the Tour De France, Sheffield will build on that legacy by hosting the Special Olympics National Summer Games, and will cement our city’s proud reputation as a centre of sporting excellence, boosting tourism and bringing thousands of visitors to the area.”

Culture Secretary, Sajid Javid, said: “Britain has a great tradition of supporting disability sport, delivering the most successful Paralympics ever at London 2012. I’m committed to ensuring that more people than ever enjoy the benefits of sport. This funding will ensure the Special Olympics continues to go from strength to strength both in Los Angeles and Sheffield.”

CEO of Special Olympics GB, Karen Wallin said: “I want to sincerely thank the Deputy Prime Minister and Culture Secretary for their recognition of and investment in, our life changing sports programme. Special Olympics GB has a vision to ensure that it becomes the recognised leader in the provision of sport to all people with intellectual disabilities and allowing them to achieve their full potential in life through meaningful inclusion. We are committed to driving positive actions for young disabled people in sport within both education and community settings and we have set ourselves an ambitious goal to ensure that our infrastructure and programmes have the ability to reach every child and young person with intellectual disabilities in Great Britain by 2018. The investment received today from government will ensure that we achieve this goal and more.”

Should Sheffield City Council close their elderly care homes A view yes or no

Again we see that Sheffield is closing homes on the pretext that it is better for the residents.
Why is the real reason not being published?
To have care homes the following needs to considered:
Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration with the resulting costs in maintaining building and staffing care standards
General maintenance of the building both out and inside structures
Servicing and maintenance of all required equipment
Costs of food, drink, furniture, linen and other items
Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks are required
Management and supervising staffing costs
Care and cleaning staff costs.
Whereas for care in the community only the following needs to be considered:
Management and supervision of Direct Payments staff and auditing procedures
Costs relating to Direct Payments staff, salaries etc.
Moneys to be paid out via Direct Payments
Many costs will be saved by giving people access to Direct Payments.
While many people may wish to be cared for in their own homes, you have to assess the degree of care required.
In a care home the care is for 24 hours, 365 days a year and is costed on this basis. The management and supervision of staff is provided in each home.
How will this be achieved through Direct Payments where 24 hour care is assessed to be required?
The funding is not there for 24 hour care and in most cases not even for 12 hour care.
Depending on the assessment and provision of Direct Payments, how will the care be provided?
The care can be provided by using the Direct Payments to:
Employ a Care Agency, who will provide the staff to care for the person in their own home
Employ care staff recruited by the person requiring care or their appointed representative, if the person requiring care is not capable to recruit and manage staff themselves.
With a Care Agency the management and general supervision of the care staff is the responsibility of the care agency and their compliance with CQC standards.  The care agency will also obtain the CRBs. Although day to day supervision and guidance and adherence to Health and Safety standards in the persons own home  is required by the person requiring care or their appointed representative.  Liability Insurance will also be required, which is the responsibility of the person being cared for.  Maintenance of any mobility aids and other equipment will be down to the person being cared for.
With care staff recruited  by the person requiring care, they or their appointed representative will be responsible for the recruitment, including obtaining references and CRBs.  Also supervision, adherence to Health and Safety standards, maintenance of mobility aids and other equipment and any materials required to administer care is the cared for persons responsibility.  Also not only will liability insurance be required, but it is advisable to have a full insurance package, which will include 24 hour help on employer and employee matters and legal costs should anything need to go before tribunals or courts.
In many cases the person will have already experienced care at home, but when this proves unsuitable, due to health and safety problems relating to the cared for person, it would be then that they are transferred to a care home, but if the council is going to close them all, where is the alternative?
I do not think this action to close homes as been thought through, however if costs are the reason, then will any of the other matters have been considered at all.