She Never Saw The Cake by Joseph Walker

Such a good message for all to consider.

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Cindy glanced nervously at the clock on the kitchen wall. Five minutes before midnight.


“They should be home any time now,” she thought as she put the finishing touches on the chocolate cake she was frosting. It was the first time in her 12 years she had tried to make a cake from scratch, and to be honest, it wasn’t exactly an aesthetic triumph. The cake was . . . well, lumpy. And the frosting was bitter, as if she had run out of sugar or something.

Which, of course, she had.

And then there was the way the kitchen looked. Imagine a huge blender filled with all the ingredients for chocolate cake  including the requisite bowls, pans and utensils. Now imagine that the blender is turned on. High speed. With the lid off.

Do you get the idea?

But Cindy wasn’t thinking about the mess. She had created something…

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