More On Trumps Cynicism and Exploitation of Veterans and Christians from The Young Turks

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Okay, I realise that I’ve already posted three blogs in a row about Trump, and this is a further piece to the one I’ve already written about his cynical and exploitative attitude to veterans. But this stuff just keeps coming, and Trump’s still out there.

Trump organised a special event on the 28th January, a few days ago, for US veterans, and has been very loudly proclaiming that he’s raising funds for them. But when it comes to paying out, the reality seems to be somewhat different. A year or so ago, a charity for homeless ex-soldiers, Veterans in Command, wrote to The Donald asking for a donation. They finally got their reply last week. It was a bumper sticker, come through the post, with a handwritten note saying that he wasn’t going to make a donation.

The piece’s anchors, Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, point out that this isn’t…

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Maternity Ward Angel In Disguise6

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Following childbirth at a military hospital I shared a room with another lady who had given birth within a couple hours of me.

This lady had a husband who was soldier. We were both in for a 3 day stay. The soldier husband was by his wife’s bedside any chance he could get.

original-flower-16555The first evening he walked over to my bedside and asked me “where is the father?”

I told him that he wasn’t coming because he’s not interested.At that point he touched my daughter and disappeared.

He came back with a flower, one for his wife and one for me. Next visit he brought food for both of us ladies. Next visit, he interacted with both our babies. He was caring, warm and sharing.

That was 24 years ago. I will never forget it.

I wish I knew his name because it touched me so much.

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