After the Secret Flights to Deport Windrush Migrants, No-One Is Safe in Tory Britain

We all need to look at ourselves and judge who of us is racist as we all have a right of live. Just because someone, for whatever reason may be different is no reason to be abusive to each other.

There should be zero tolerance on racist attitudes so that we can all live in peace with each other.

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Mike in his articles attacking May and her truly foul decision to destroy the evidence needed for the Windrush migrants to show their right to live in our wonderful country also mentioned that poem by Martin Niemoller. Niemoller was one of the scandalously few Christians in Nazi Germany to oppose the regime. You know the poem. It’s become something of a cliché – It opens with the various groups the Nazis came for, with the refrain ‘I did not speak out, because I was not’ whichever group was being attacked. It ends with the line that when they finally came for him, there was no-one to stand up for him. This was the reality in Nazi Germany. The Nazis attacked group after group, not just Jews, but also Gypsies, Socialists, Communists, trade unionists, the disabled, and other political and religious dissidents. And it had an effect. The Catholic Centre Party…

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I have always found all types of brushing sensations hard to tolerate ( in order of easy to worst) e.g:

  1. Brushing my hair
  2. Brushing my teeth
  3. People brushing up against me

Before I saw an OT when I was in primary school I was totally unable to care for myself. I couldn’t brush my own hair or teeth. I also found it particularly hard to clean and wash my own body due to the varying sensations it caused. Im determined to start a brushing routine and introduce it as part of my daily sensory diet. My mum always says I’m a much happier person generally when I keep up my brushing programme. I will upload my plan to this blog incase anyone else wants to try it or just follow my progress and I will also record my mood each day and monitor any changes. 😊

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