System For Children With Special Needs In England ‘Riddled With Inequalities’

Again the Government is not doing enough for persons with disabilities, this time, it is for children with disabilities. These children have special educational needs due to their disabilities, but the SEND system is short of funding, nothing new there.

As stated the Ministers responded with additional investment and the promise of a review of services, which is yet to be published’

But then came coronavirus and the Coronavirus Act, which suspended the need of Local Authorities to be responsible for some of their actions, or non-actions, this, at a time when Coronavirus was making matters worse.

But this is how the Conservatives Governments have been for the last 11 years or so.

Social Care has always been short of funding, well for at least the last 40 years or more, where I have been involved on a family basis.

The Governments started with austerity cuts, which have left Local Authorities short of funding for all the services they are responsible for, including Social Care.

So, there as been some form of crisis in Social care for many years, but this Government and others over the last 11 years or so have made the crisis much worse. In many instances the services in Social Care are verging on collapse.

I had seen this coming for some time and, which is why I created my petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care.

Recently, in March 2020 the Government announced ‘£2.9 billion funding to strengthen care for the vulnerable’

Of the £1.6 billion given to Local Authorities(LAs), it appears it was not ‘ring-fenced’ for Social Care, so not all LAs have used the total amount they received for Social Care, when £1.6 billion is well short of what is needed to bring the funding back to 2010 levels, which was then, also far short of what was required.

This Government and others since 2010 have done little, if anything for vulnerable within Social Care.

It is there essential that support for Social Care is forthcoming, so, please consider the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care, by signing and then sharing

Here, below, is further information regarding the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care

Same Difference

Children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) are being failed by a system “riddled with unexplained inequalities”, according to a damning parliamentary report.

The report says many of the 1.3 million pupils in England with SEND are not getting the support they need and end up being excluded from school, damaging their education, wellbeing and future life chances.

Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, the funding crisis in SEND and shortcomings in provision were high on the political agenda. Ministers responded with additional investment and the promise of a review of services, which is yet to be published.

The new report by MPs on the public accounts committee depicts a system in which “desperate” parents fight to secure an education, health and care plan (EHCP) – a legally enforceable package of support for those most in need – which has become seen as a “golden ticket” to get adequate support.

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Police rescue teenage girl, 19, who was ‘held prisoner in house for 10 years’ | Daily Mail Online

  • Girl, 19, was allegedly kept prisoner at home by her parents in Tenterden, Kent
  • The teenager was said to be in a ‘distressed state’ when police rescued her
  • Her parents were arrested for neglect and a multi-agency inquiry was launched 

A 19-year-old girl was allegedly kept prisoner at home by her parents for ten years before being rescued by police following a tip-off from a neighbour.

The teenager, said to be in a ‘distressed state’ was found in the family home in Tenterden, Kent, having been trapped in the property since she was nine.

Her parents were arrested for neglect as a multi-agency inquiry was launched over claims the authorities failed to check on her.

It is reported that her mother and father took her out of school when she was nine to home tutor her.


Source: Police rescue teenage girl, 19, who was ‘held prisoner in house for 10 years’ | Daily Mail Online

Day In the Life of a Special Needs Homeschooling Family!

*This post was originally published on 1/26/15

Ever wonder what a typical day is like for us, a not so typical special needs homeschooling family?

If so please read on and watch our video!

If the thought has never crossed your mind, well then I invite you to continue reading anyway!


Source: Day In the Life of a Special Needs Homeschooling Family!

It’s just not good enough!!

The system should be there to help, but in most instances it only hinders.

When things go wrong they blame the system and on the few occasions things go right the system is not mentioned as the success was not system based, but more likely it would be down to some good human intervention outside the ‘box’.

Unfortunately the processes do not get better as within in time, around age 14 years, transition will commence and that is another whole new venture which creates even more stress and tensions.

Then eventually you access adult social care, but again there is a system which in many aspects is not ‘fit for purpose’.

Unfortunately this is social care, education and health within the UK, hopefully it will improve, but I have been engaging with it for at least the last 40 years and I am still waiting. But then public bodies ate extremely slow to act.

I would suggest you try to find a good support group for at least you will then be with others who are experiencing the same.

I find you need to fight for everything and then occasionally you may see some light.

Teddie may well not be aware that he is different, but then we all are, it is just that some persons could be more different then others. But you need to come through for Teddie.

There are labels and I would suggest use them for your own and Teddies advantage, but be careful who you trust.

You will encounter many disappointments with the authorities, but you are not alone in this as this happens to all of us.

Life with a Bear

image1As the whole house was fast asleep last night (dogs included) I was wide awake annoyed about this letter we received!

Just short of a year ago Teddie was referred to CADU (child assessment & development unit) 11 months later we are still no further forward with no appointment in sight as the commissioning of the child Assessment & Development unit has temporarily been put on hold. 

How the hell can that be possible, how can children be made to wait that long only to be told the service has been put on hold because they want to make cuts, for a child to wait that long surely that shows a need for the unit??

I understand there is a process children have to go through in order to receive a diagnosis but why can’t the child’s paediatrician just be able to give a diagnosis, after all the referral has to come from them…

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Special Needs and Legal Entitlement: Light Reading Material

Craig Roberts


My first book review since English literature lessons at school is hereby presented before you.  Fortunately, from my perspective at least, any red pen marks will remain purely implied rather than indelibly scrolled across my scribblings.  Feedback may praise or cast folly over my work but at least this time my words may ultimately help families in their quests rather than just place me on a comparative ladder against my peers.  Freedom from the reigns of education, and guidance of a rather wonderful teacher who went by the name of Mrs Mallett, I am spared from the anguish of repetitively sifting back and forth through the pages to source the perfect quote that highlights my observations.  Hence a review these days is a little faster to write, and not merely because I now have the luxury of penning thoughts via the keyboard instead of biro.

Autism, without warning or invitation…

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Wanting It Both Ways

Mom, am I disabled?

On the afternoon of July 14, 2015, Paul Gordo knocked a woman to the ground outside of the Marina, CA public library. The woman, age 58, suffers from Huntington’s disease and walks with a cane. She sustained a concussion that left her unresponsive for several minutes. Worse, the fall permanently exacerbated the symptoms of her disease. Paul Gordo was charged with felony assault.

The case made news because Paul Gordo, age 18 at the time, is autistic and significantly impaired. Many months earlier his school district had determined that he needed to be educated in a “home” placement, wherein a teacher from the district meets with the student in a location other than a district facility, because he could not function in the school setting. A new teacher contacted Paul’s parents and asked to schedule a two-hour class session at the public library. According to Mr. Gordo, the teacher insisted on…

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#GE2016 part three: Why we have to Disable Inequality

Musings and chatterings...

The Disability Federation of Ireland has been running a campaign called Disable Inequality prior to and during the general election campaign, asking voters to vote to end discrimination for people living with disability. You might wonder in what ways are people living with disabilities facing discrimination. Take a quick look at the stories that the Disable Inequality campaign are sharing and you’ll see.

I do not have a disability but am the very proud mother of a feisty and fabulous daughter who has physical and intellectual disabilities. If you have children, ask yourself will your child/ren be helped and enabled to achieve their full potential? Children with disabilities are frequently told no they can’t take a certain subject for Junior or Leaving cert because the extra supports they need are not in place. Does that sound fair to you? Children with disabilities (who are still growing) are all too often…

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