Shocking Transphobia From Evangelical Group Linked To Stephen Crabb

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crabb-brentIt is not just gay and lesbian people that are sinners in need of a cure according to the Evangelical Alliance – the extremist Christian group who boast Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb as one of the council members of their voluntary sector offshoot in Wales.  Those who are transsexual are also targetted by the organisation.

In a report published in 2000 the group say they oppose the use of surgery as treatment for gender dysphoria and insist that an ‘authentic’ sex change is both impossible and incompatible with God’s will.  Mirroring their attitude towards lesbian and gay people, the Alliance say transsexuals should be welcomed into the church, but that they ‘hope and anticipate’ that transsexual Christians will accept the need to ‘re-orientate their lifestyle with God’s teachings’.  In return the church should offer ongoing care following ‘gender re-orientation’.

The report also endorses discrimination against transgender people in…

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Crabb’s mixed signals on fresh disability benefit cuts | DisabledGo News and Blog

The new work and pensions secretary has sent out mixed signals on whether he wants to make further cuts to spending on disability benefits. Stephen Crabb, who was appointed after the resignation of Iain Duncan Smith in March, was giving evidence for the first time to the Commons work and pensions select committee yesterday (11 April). He referred at least six times during the evidence session to the number of disabled people who had been “parked” on sickness and disability benefits, and said that addressing this issue was one of his three current priorities. He said there were more than a million working-age people who were claiming both employment and support allowance (ESA) and either personal independence payment (PIP) or disability living allowance, as well as another million people claiming just ESA. He said: “I want to really think about this problem not from a position of setting ourselves a monetary figure of what we are trying to cut off the budget but actually understand what

Source: Crabb’s mixed signals on fresh disability benefit cuts | DisabledGo News and Blog

Further disability benefit cuts on the way, new DWP secretary Stephen Crabb signals | DisabledGo News and Blog

Further cuts to disability and sickness benefits are in the pipeline, the Work and Pensions Secretary has signalled. Stephen Crabb said he wanted to go further than the £12 billion welfare cuts set out in the Conservative manifesto and “re-frame discussion” around disability welfare reform. The surprise announcement comes just under two months since Mr Crabb said the Government had “no further plans” for welfare cuts. Mr Crabb, who replaced Iain Duncan Smith in the role in March, said he would set out a green paper on further proposed changes to disability benefits later this year. “The measures that have either already been legislated for or announced get us to the £12 billion ,” he said. “Does that mean welfare reform comes to an end? I would say no. I’ve already pointed to what I see as one of the big challenges of welfare reform – and that’s around work and health.” Mr Crabb told MPs on Work and Pensions Select Committee that he would deploy “smart strategies” for cutting

Source: Further disability benefit cuts on the way, new DWP secretary Stephen Crabb signals | DisabledGo News and Blog

Disability benefit cuts ‘changing things for the better’ DWP’s Stephen Crabb says | DisabledGo News and Blog

Disability benefit cuts are among policies “changing things for the better”, the new Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb has said. Mr Crabb made the claim at his first Work and Pensions Questions session in the House of Commons, during which he was asked how he differed from his recently departed predecessor Iain Duncan Smith. Owen Smith, Labour’s shadow work and pensions secretary, has urged a U-turn on ESA cuts, telling Mr Crabb that disabled people would be “be disappointed he won’t reverse” them. He also cited changes to pensions for women born in the 1950s and cuts to in-work benefits incorporated into Universal Credit. But Mr Crabb defended the Government’s approach, saying there was “no reason” to change it. “We are a government that has helped deliver the changes that has seen a huge fall in workless household, we’re seeing nearly half a million more children growing up in a home, seeing a mum or dad going up to work,” he said. “There is no reason to change policies that

Source: Disability benefit cuts ‘changing things for the better’ DWP’s Stephen Crabb says | DisabledGo News and Blog

Who Will Be Hit By Benefit Cap? People Like Stephen Crabbs’ Own Mother

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crabb-cap2 An estimate of Stephen Crabb’s mother’s benefit claim were she raising children today.

New Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb would have faced possible homelessness and desperate poverty as a child if the benefit reforms he is introducing had been in place.

Savage new rules due to come into force in Autumn will slash social security to £20,000 a year for parents unable to work due to unemployment, sickness,  disability* or caring responsibilities.   This will leave many struggling families with just a few pounds a week to feed their children after eye-watering rents have been paid.  According to Crabb the caps on benefits are necessary to avoid ‘sky high’ payments and will incentivise single parents – even those with newly born babies – to get a job.  Yet the people who will suffer most from this cut will be lone parents just like his own mother.

Crabb has been…

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Benefit sanctions: ‘Britain’s secret penal system’.

Ipswich Unemployed Action.


Britain’s Secret Penal System.

This is absolutely excellent – thanks Jim.

The Sanctions system is something hanging over all us.

A worry to us, a temptation for abuse for those in a position of power.

And mainly: a massive source of destitution and misery.

We already live on the absolute minimum.

People who count what a container of milk costs, who hang around for the cheap bread at the end of the day, who have to show evidence of our ‘job search’ at every turn, who have to put up with being lectured and patronised, who read the crap in the press about us loafers. Who  worry, and worry, about being penalised and losing benefits.

Who see the sisters and brothers living in the streets, sanctioned without resources, begging – every single bloody day!

Who are unable even to leave the country to go ‘abroad’  – like under some kind…

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Stephen Crabb: You don’t improve ‘life chances’ by taking a rape victim and a disabled child to court! | Vox Political

In the UK, we live in a country where you can read that the Work and Pensions secretary has  pledged a ‘relentless focus’ on improving life chances and that the DWP is spending £100,000…

Source: Stephen Crabb: You don’t improve ‘life chances’ by taking a rape victim and a disabled child to court! | Vox Political

Stephen Crabb Wants To Sack Private Sector Disability Assessment Firms

Disability campaigners have welcomed reports that the new Work and Pensions Secretary is considering sacking under-performing disability assessment contractors.

Source: Stephen Crabb Wants To Sack Private Sector Disability Assessment Firms

First Demonstration Called Against New DWP Boss Demanding #CrabbMustGo

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crabb-resign-stickerIf new Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb had any decency at all he would resign from his position as patron of the local branch of Mencap.

Ever since Crabb voted to slash benefits for many disabled people to little over £70 a week the Haverfordwest based charity, who run a once popular community garden, have faced outrage from the public over their relationship with Crabb – and with good reason.  It is beyond belief that a member of a government that has so ruthlessly attacked disabled people has he gall to hide his sins beneath a charitable facade.  And it is beneath contempt that he would rather see this charity destroyed then do the hornourable thing and step away.

This is sadly unsurprising however.  Crabb happily referred to his own mother as welfare dependent when he gave an interview about saving her from a violent attack by his father…

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