Nick Clegg calls the ”EU Transition Deal” ”Humiliating”

As spoken by the Humiliated.


“Most grown ups across the EU know the the EU would be stronger with Britain in it” – Yep, i think you’re absolutely right, however, that’s their business, we are leaving, they had their chance to reform but chose not to, in a very childish and petulant way.

“I think it is the most undignified act of humiliation that I can remember in my lifetime.” – Really Cleggy, you don’t remember jumping into bed with the devil to get into a coalition government, you don’t remember being humiliated out of your position as leader of the LibDum’s due to losing seats at the GE, you don’t remember lying to students for your place at the table and most humiliating of all, you don’t remember losing your seat at Sheffield Hallam.…To be honest, i don’t see how you can write any memoirs as you really don’t have…

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Jimmy Dore: Stop and Search Policing Now Shown to Be Rubbish

Persecute the innocent and eventually the innocent will want their revenge. By profiling you are demonising an entire race, religion or culture.

In every race, religion or culture there will be a minority who will not conform to what society expects for a variety of reasons, ignorance of the said rules or laws, a persecution complex, contempt for others, bullying, etc. Many of these persons could need educating or counseling to ascertain reasons for their behaviour and some a form of punishment. For we are in an assumed civilised society and should care for our fellow beings and show them respect and understanding in order that they may reflect on what they are doing.

But first we require an equalised society in that the controlling powerful forces, such as Government, police, media, etc. do not castigate, vilify or victimise sections of the community to further increase resentment and exclusion.

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This is another fascinating piece from the American comedian Jimmy Dore, who turns up regularly on The Young Turks internet show. In this video he discusses an article in one of the New York Papers, reporting a study that has shown ‘broken windows’ policing to be complete rubbish. ‘Broken windows’ policing is the name given to the police strategy of prosecuting people for minor offences – what are called ‘quality of life’ offences, like graffiti, riding your bike on the pavement and so on, in the expectation that cracking down on minor crimes will lead to a drop in major felonies. It includes ‘stop and frisk’ – what over here is called ‘stop and search’ – in which people are stopped and searched at random by the rozzers.

The ‘broken windows’ strategy takes its name from an official experiment, in which a car was left in the road with its…

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