Dr Michael Mosley reveals the truth about processed meat and cancer | Daily Mail Online

The news last week was enough to make anyone wonder what to believe about healthy eating.

For more than a decade, Government agencies have warned us to cut down on the red and processed meat we eat. But last week, as one reporter put it: ‘Health chiefs have revealed bacon is safe to eat after all!’

We had previously been told that more than a few rashers of bacon a week could increase our risk of bowel cancer by as much as 20 per cent. The safe daily limit for red meat was 70g – equivalent to half a beefburger, one-and-a-half sausages, or just a third of an 8oz steak.

Like most people, I was confused as to how seriously to take these claims, but cut back anyway.

One in 14 men and one in 19 women will be diagnosed with bowel cancer during their lifetime. And no one wants any additional risk. But then, last week, came what appeared to be a major scientific flip-flop.


Source: Dr Michael Mosley reveals the truth about processed meat and cancer | Daily Mail Online

So, do we need a ‘Sugar Tax’?

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I do love Sunday – ‘Politics Day’ on the TV. Programme after programme designed to have me shouting at the screen and promoting discussion and blogs for the following week. Lovely.

So, what is today’s main topic? Sugar or rather, Sugar Tax. Everyone seems to be talking about the amount of sugar we are all eating, tooth decay, the rise in incidences of diabetes, obesity and what we, and the Government, need to do about it.

Now, I am not a dietician or a medical expert or a celebrity chef or a dentist. I am not a politician whose ministerial brief is to propose policies relating to legislation on health. I am not a specialist who can talk knowledgeably about the science relating to the connection between eating too much sugar and being seriously overweight. I am just an ordinary middle-aged mother with no specialist knowledge whatsoever. What I do…

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Obesity; Ban Fast Food

Obesity appoint Tsars

An obesitytsar’ should be appointed at every NHS trust to tackle a crisis affecting  millions, leading doctors say. Is this feasible, can the NHS afford for each trust to appoint an Obesity Tsar, when apparently there is already a NHS funding crisis.  Wards closing, fewer nurses and complaints rising, perhaps an additional member of staff for each Trust is pushing it.

But what can be done, lets have a look.  Over the years some other activities have been cause for concern and they were or are being dealt with.

Cigarettes are bad for your health, so they are heavily taxed, advertising is virtually banned, plain wrapped cartons with explicit health warnings. Alcohol is bad for health, still heavily taxed and threat of minimum prices and buying offers to be banned to try to restrict binge drinking.

Now it is obesity, lets look at some causes, lack of exercise, bad diets and drinking. What more can be done about drinking, with the exception of banning it completely. Oh, just a minute, tried in the USA 1920-1933. Exercise, favourable taxes could be applied for Gym membership, but this would favour some of the rich (Labour and Lib Dems object) and no money available due to current financial circumstances of the country.

I know, what about banning or heavily taxing fast food, precedent set , see cigarettes and to some extent drinking. This is unlikely to affect the rich, therefore Tories may be in favour. But just a minute, what about the not so rich, Oh go ahead, does anyone care.

But obesity is a problem, but is mainly of ones own making, the only way for obesity to be tackled is for everyone who has an obesity problem, to want to over come it. But in the first instance, it may be convincing some people that they have an obesity problem.  Possibly a second is the thought that they have a right to be obese, if they so wish. Obesity will be a major problem for some time, possibly for ever, do you have the answer?

Now it is too much sugar

So The Royal College of Physicians needs to alter their thinking, an ‘Obesity Tzar’ is not required, just reduce sugar content.

But if sugar content is reduced, how will the food taste, we have all grown accustomed to the sweetish taste in our foods.

Lets face it, ingest too much of anything and it is in some way not good for you.

There are now so many answers to so few questions, so how do we know what to do?