Russia paid the Taliban BOUNTIES for killing American troops in Afghanistan | Daily Mail Online

U.S. intelligence has concluded that a Russian unit paid bounties to Taliban elements for killings of U.S. troops, according to a bombshell news report released Friday.

Source: Russia paid the Taliban BOUNTIES for killing American troops in Afghanistan | Daily Mail Online

RT: Trump Puts Israel’s Interests Above America’s in Withdrawal from UNESCO

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In this short video from RT America, they interview Max Blumenthal on the withdrawal this week from the United Nations’ cultural organisation, UNESCO, by America and Israel. The two countries have claimed that the organisation is profoundly anti-Semitic. He says that the Israelis would far rather have been in the organisation, haranguing it from inside. Blumenthal states that Israel was more or less forced to leave the organisation against its own wishes by Trump’s decision to quit. He makes the point that Washington would never have left it, if they thought it was biased against France or Spain. He also says that America owes UNESCO $500 million, which it now no longer has to pay back. The bigger question, he also suggests, is why Israel was ever allowed into the UN in the first place, considering its Talibanesque destruction of Palestinian archaeology and historic monuments. He also states that the…

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Counterpunch on NATO’s Preparations for War with Russia

Well, if Trump gets in war is inevitable, but possibly also if it is Clinton, so we are all doomed.

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Okay, I’ve already blogged about one Counterpunch article today, by Garikai Chengu tracing the history of British imperial domination in Iraq. This is another article from the same magazine that needs to be read. It’s about the NATO conference yesterday and today, and the continuing build up of NATO forces along the borders with Russia. NATO troops, including British squaddies, are being sent to reinforce Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, against possible Russian aggression.

The 1980s Cold War

This was on the BBC news yesterday, which reported that there were fears about a possible Russian threat following Russian attempts to fly military aircraft over Estonian airspace. This is all extremely frightening, as it is all too much like the Cold War those of us, who are now middle aged, grew up under in the 1980s. It was a time when Thatcher and Reagan were ranting about the Soviet Union being…

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Amnesty International slams Afghanistan’s ‘failure’ to protect women

Original post from Aljazeera America



Rights group raises alarm over rising violence against female leaders and activists as US troops continue to withdraw

Afghanistan is turning its back on women leaders and activists and leaving them vulnerable to violence, Amnesty International said Tuesday, urging the international community to stand up for women’s rights.

Women politicians and rights campaigners have endured an escalating number of targeted car bombings, grenade attacks and killings of family members, the London-based rights group said in a report.

“Laws meant to support them are poorly implemented, if at all, while the international community is doing far too little to ease their plight,” the report said.

Most of the threats come from the Taliban and other armed opposition groups, but government officials and local warlords also commit abuses against women leaders and activists, the report added.

The report is based on interviews with more than 50 female leaders and activists and their relatives around the country.

“It’s outrageous that Afghan authorities are leaving them to fend for themselves, with their situation more dangerous than ever,” Amnesty chief Salil Shetty told reporters in Kabul.

In December 2014, an audit of U.S.-funded women’s empowerment programs in Afghanistan concluded that the initiatives could not be assessed because agencies involved did not properly track spending or results. However, proponents of the programs pointed to some Afghan women holding government positions and girls’ increased enrollment in schools as signs of the programs’ success.

But with the steady withdrawal of U.S. troops and fragile state institutions left behind, there are increasing concerns that violence against women is on the rise.

“Afghanistan is facing an uncertain future, and is at arguably the most critical moment in its recent history. Now is not the time for international governments to walk away,” Shetty said.

Reacting to the scathing report, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said his government was “committed to protecting women’s rights.”

Last month a mob in downtown Kabul lynched a 27-year-old woman for allegedly burning a Quran — a charge that has since been disputed.

In February, popular female politician Angiza Shinwari died following a bomb attack on her vehicle in the volatile eastern province of Nangarhar.

And last year Shukria Barakzai, a prominent female MP and women’s rights campaigner, narrowly survived a suicide attack in Kabul.

Al Jazeera and Agence France-Presse…………..’

Malala is prepared to stand for what she believes in, at great cost to her

Muslims stand with Malala, will you do so to

Malala is prepared to stand for what she believes in, she deserves our support.

One lone child is prepared to stand for what she believes in and is then shot in the head by the Taliban.

While there is at least one person prepared, against the odds, to have conviction and speak out, there is hope for peace to reign some day.

Please follow the link above and show your support