Ed Davey Says We Need To Give Carers A Pay Rise

I so thank Ed Davey MP for raising this, one of the few in Parliament to do so, but will this government listen, I believe not for do they listen to anyone.

Yes, Social Care workers do need a much more increased National Living Wage and while the extra £2 per hour would be so welcome, would it be enough, when they could still earn slightly more in other areas with much less responsibilities. The current National Living Wage is £9.50, increasing to £10.42 in April 2023, but should be on at least £13/14 per hour to ensure retention.

If this is not done more care workers will leave the profession and this will further affect the crisis in the NHS, which is already extensive due to the lack of care workers, let alone NHS workers and not just Nurses and Junior Doctors, but on all levels.

Ed also mentioned Family Carers many of whom are entitled to Carers Allowance which is £69.70 per week, but to receive it a family carer needs to be caring for at least 35 hours per week, which works out to be around £1.99 per hour, and it is a taxable benefit.

What would be of a great help to all low paid workers would be to raise the tax-free Personal Allowance to the National Living Wage and then it would become much nearer a Living Wage, which it currently is not. For then on a 35 hour week on the current National Living Wage of £9.50 the Tax-Free Personal Allowance would be £17290 increasing to £18964 in April 2023.

So thanks Ed for what you are saying, but in reality so much more is required.

Same Difference

This being one of Same Difference’s favourite campaigns, we couldn’t agree more.

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