The Daily 202: White House efforts to conceal Pence team’s coronavirus outbreak show Trump’s penchant for secrecy – The Washington Post

Within the White House there appears to be a great degree of penchant for secrecy, especially with Trump and his tax returns and many other issues, but Trump deals with this as FAKE News, while the only fake is Trump himself.


Source: The Daily 202: White House efforts to conceal Pence team’s coronavirus outbreak show Trump’s penchant for secrecy – The Washington Post

Trump wages coast-to-coast legal battle to keep tax returns hidden : NBC News

The effort to obtain President Donald Trump’s tax returns is heating up as the president and his administration battle coast to coast to prevent them from falling into hostile hands and potentially being made public.

In New York, the president seeks to prevent Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance from obtaining his tax information as part of an investigation into the pre-election payoffs to women who alleged affairs with Trump. In Washington, D.C., the president is trying to prevent the House Oversight Committee from obtaining his financial records while also seeking to block the House Ways and Means Committee from utilizing a new New York law designed to give the panel access to Trump’s state tax returns should the Treasury Department refuse to turn them over (another battle that is playing out in court.)

And in California, he’s battling a new state law aimed at having him make public the returns in order to appear on a primary ballot. Those cases don’t include the various Emoluments Clause-related suits currently going through the federal system, which could lead to the president’s returns being disclosed through discovery.

Trump’s employing a wide range of legal arguments to prevent his returns from being disclosed. Among them is the argument that authorities can’t investigate a sitting president for anything — even if he shoots someone in the middle of 5th Avenue in New York City, and that immunity provides blanket cover for his business, his family members and his business associates. Then, there is the argument that Congress can’t investigate a sitting president unless it has a legitimate legislative purpose — even then, if that probe is not part of an impeachment, it is not legitimate.

And should a state force Trump to release his taxes in order to appear on a primary ballot, or provide Congress with his state returns, they would be violating his First Amendment rights. Additionally, providing the returns would be an undue burden on the president, significantly hampering his ability to do his job, he’s argued.

“Underlying the president’s defense in most of the information-seeking cases is an argument that a president is immune from being investigated while in office,” Walter Dellinger, a Duke University law professor who served as acting solicitor general under former President Bill Clinton, told NBC News. “That argument permeates most of the cases as a linchpin. I expect that argument to be thoroughly rejected by the courts, including by justices appointed by President Trump.”


Source: Trump wages coast-to-coast legal battle to keep tax returns hidden : NBC News

The More I Think on it, the More I Think Trump Is Broke : PolitiZoom

There is a damn good reason that presidents in the past have both released tax returns and put assets in a blind trust. We are all human, we all have to guard against even the most subtle biases coming into play. Any president has the power to move billions in equities, make or break companies with policy changes, it is near impossible to make a decision that doesn’t have a massive impact on some fraction of the economy.

Now imagine the danger presented by a man for whom wealth is the only measure of a person, one who always presented himself as a “billionaire,” branded himself on wealth alone, one who didn’t divest himself, is not blind to his assets, and – this is key – is barely keeping his head above water financially, one who may actually be insolvent were everything to be added up. Imagine the danger that man represents as president.

There are troubling signs all around us, and they are not new.


Source: The More I Think on it, the More I Think Trump Is Broke : PolitiZoom

How on earth have we let Trump get away with hiding his tax returns? – The Washington Post

The Treasury Department has issued a set of proposed regulationsclarifying who can and can’t take advantage of the “pass-through” loophole that Republicans included in the tax cut they passed last year, which, in ordinary circumstances, would be a story of interest only to a relatively small number of tax nerds.

But in this case, it is of special interest to President Trump, which is why it is yet another reminder that the American public absolutely, positively needs to see his tax returns.

These new regulations make it clear once again that the Republican tax bill is going to shower millions of dollars on the president. The problem is that we don’t know exactly how much.

In a way, you have to give some credit to Trump for outside-the-box thinking. Every presidential nominee for half a century made their tax returns public, because to avoid having a corrupt president, at a minimum we’d need to know how much income they had and where it was coming from. But Trump simply refused, offering up transparently phony excuses about how he was being audited by the Internal Revenue Service. No one else would have had the unmitigated gall, but Trump correctly surmised that whatever criticism he’d get for stonewalling, it wouldn’t be as bad for him as what would happen if the public actually got to see his returns.

Eventually, everyone stopped asking, despite the fact that there has never in U.S. history been a president for whom it was more important that we know the details of his finances. That’s not only because Trump was a spectacularly corrupt businessman. And it’s not only because, unlike presidents before him, he refused to divest himself of his holdings, offering a plethora of opportunities for people to shove money into his pockets while he serves in the Oval Office. It’s also because, unlike previous presidents, Trump’s income comes from an incredibly complex web of companies that are impossible for outside observers to completely understand.


Source: How on earth have we let Trump get away with hiding his tax returns? – The Washington Post

A New Reason for Trump to Release His Tax Returns: Helsinki – Bloomberg

In case you’ve forgotten about them, President Donald Trump’s personal income tax returns still matter. So do the Trump Organization’s business relationships and finances. If you ever doubted either of those things, consider the president’s meeting in Helsinki on Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

During their press conference, the subject of “compromising” information arose at the very end of their briefing.

“Sir, do you — does the Russian government have any compromising material on President Trump or his family?” Jonathan Lemire, an Associated Press reporter, asked Putin.

Trump shook his head and smirked, gazing down at his lectern. Putin chuckled.

“Yeah, I did hear these rumors that we allegedly collected compromising material on Mr. Trump when he was visiting Moscow,” Putin replied, before noting that it was impossible to gather intelligence on the multitude of Western businesspeople who visit Russia. Trump was never important enough in his pre-presidency days to warrant the Kremlin’s attention, he added.


Source: A New Reason for Trump to Release His Tax Returns: Helsinki – Bloomberg

SIGN & SHARE: Tell these 23 Republican representatives that the American people want to see Donald Trump’s tax returns

Seventy-four percent of Americans, Democrat and Republican, want to see Donald Trump’s often promised tax returns.

Hundreds of thousands have signed petitions on and not been answered asking for the release of our unpopular president’s returns. With no response from this Republican administration, Rep. Bill Pascrell (NJ-09) said he intended to use a 1924 tax law that allowed members of the House Ways and Means Committee to privately examine tax returns to determine if there are conflicts of interest or constitutional violations.

Rep. Pascrell introduced the amendment, but 23 Republicans voted to keep those taxes hidden, thwarting the attempt at transparency.

The American people want to know. We demand an answer from these Republicans.

To see the list of Republicans and their phone numbers please go here.

Just revealed tax returns show that Donald Trump is a rich brat who has failed for decades

All of the tax information that has been publicly revealed—The Washington Post published figures for 1978 and 1979 in May, Politico reported in June he had paid no taxes in 1991 and 1993, The New York Times published 1995 information last week and now Newsweek has further information from the 1970s—show the same thing: Trump paying little or no taxes because of poor financial performance and huge mistakes he made in his business.Trump has steadfastly refused to release any tax returns on his own, but the headline numbers for the eight years of financial returns that have now been disclosed demonstrate that Trump’s self-celebrated business genius is a pose.


Source: Just revealed tax returns show that Donald Trump is a rich brat who has failed for decades

You “don’t consider” yourself “wealthy” #Corbyn4All? #WeAreHisMedia #CorbynFacts #LabourLeadership

The ramblings of a former DWP Civil Servant ...

Labour-Leadership-Contest-Comes-To-ScotlandMr Corbyn earns five times the UK average salary

Jeremy Corbyn says he doesn’t consider himself ‘wealthy’, despite earning £137,000 a year.

He earns £74,000 a year as an MP, and is entitled to an uplift of £63,098 as leader of the opposition.

The combined total is five times the average UK salary, which was £27,500 last year.

(Editor’s comment:

Despite the Labour Party membership being around 75% middle class, nearly every Corbyn supporter I come across is working class and just getting by.

Is this because, like Jeremy Corbyn, they measure their income against that of a  Sir Richard Branson or a Sir Philip Green rather than that of someone on the National Living Wage?

Someone on the current National Living Wage rate of £7.20 per hour, working 40 hours per week for 52 weeks would earn a gross salary of £14,976.

As an aside, John McDonnell received…

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