Teachers are quitting – here’s what could be done to get them to stay

Reducing working hours might encourage teachers to stay.


This article is just related to teachers and could relate to many more professions, health and social care to name but 2, but there are many others.

Due to many instances of pay restraints remunerations have reduced in real terms as increases have in no way kept up with the increases in the costs of living, let alone were the salary levels sufficient at any time. This is evident in virtually all employments in the UK, no matter what work is being done.

How UK remunerations compare with other countries.

But it is not just remunerations but welfare benefits also and in welfare benefits the comparisons appear worse than for remunerations.

However, with teachers, many are looking to leave and receive better in other employments, but how could they be encouraged to stay?

Well, a remuneration increase of at least 10% would help but this is highly unlikely to occur, especially with this government and maybe the next.

So, a reduction in working hours could be considered, but with the shortages of teachers wouldn’t that increase the workload, which teachers already say is excessive.

One that is not mentioned is extending the working hours by reducing holidays, which compared to other professions appears to be very generous and would so help working parents but that would be drastic alterations to teachers working terms and conditions.

What would help in the future is governments not imposing pay freezers and automatically allowing remunerations to rise with inflation for everyone.

The other would be to include compulsory independent pay arbitration for all pay settlements where agreements are not being reached, for effectively taking strike actions helps no one and increases resentment in many areas.


Source: Teachers are quitting – here’s what could be done to get them to stay

England’s teachers among the best paid for fewest hours in Europe

I am not qualified to talk about Pay for Teachers, but pay is but one aspect of the strike action, for there are others. Be their pay be good or not there is a shortage of teachers and other forms of support in schools. Schools are also extremely short of many other resources vital to the actions of teaching and much of this is down to the continued spending cuts imposed by Governments.

No matter how much one is paid they need all the resouces available to do the job completely and this is not occurring currently.

Source: England’s teachers among the best paid for fewest hours in Europe

Teachers Should Put Their Political Flags Away At School

Why should teachers be permitted to display overtly political messages in what should be an apolitical learning environment?



Well, the simple answer is taht a teachers politics should have no bearing in the teaching of pupils, for there is a great power inbalance in the teacher to pupil relationship.

In general, pupils are not that experienced in many ways and so are very open to influence and teachers are there to teach and not express their views and opinions on vulnerable pupils. A balanced view needs to be given in all situations, so that pupils are allowed to gain their own views and opinions without any due influence, for pupils are gaining information from many sources and some that are very difficult to control, such as social media and some other news medias. But, teachers are just one part, even though in pupils pre 18 years are there for a large part of their pupils lives only exceeded by the time spent with parents and maybe siblings and other close pupil to pupil relationships.

Teachers are there to provide facts and theories, but not personal opinions, as because of the power inbalance of teachers to pupils undue influence can easily be given, innocently, lets alone deliberately.

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Clear masks for caregivers mean young children can keep learning from adults’ faces : The Conversation

With caregivers’ faces covered, infants and young children will miss out on all the visual cues they’d normally get during stages of rapid developmental growth.

Source: Clear masks for caregivers mean young children can keep learning from adults’ faces : The Conversation

How to Help a Child Focus in the Classroom: Tips & Tricks

Children with ADHD experience a lower level of brain arousal, which means they are easily distracted by internal and external stimuli. Use these school and home strategies to improve focus and comp…

Source: How to Help a Child Focus in the Classroom: Tips & Tricks

Stop Banning Autistic Stimming Because of Fidget Spinners

Henny Kupferstein

Are the new fidget spinners driving you crazy? Autistic stimming and fidget toys differ in purpose. It is necessary to adjust your attitude from a different perspective.

Fidgets are marketing as a toy to keep the fingers busy, specifically for a kid who has focusing issues. Focusing issues are consistent with a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or ADHD. Focus-seeking fidgeting is a very different purpose than the need to stim in order to prevent sensory overwhelm. The two should not be confused. During sensory overload, an autistic person’s body will uncontrollably move in ways that will try to reboot their brain back to its original functional state. When you react to their reactions to their sensory world, you are irresponsibly causing more harm with your judgement.

Imagine you have a tuning wrench because you are piano technician. The wrench serves a very specific function, and you need your…

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BRITAIN: There is a saying teach our children well ‘ This should begin with parents ‘ be carried on by Teachers and End with believing everyone is equal Black and White or even Multicoloured instead people like sheeple follow those with their own grudges or political agendas and causing Racial Abuse to rise starting with our primary school children – @AceNewsServices

While schools are regarded as the main educators of children, they are not the only educators. For before children go to school they are usually at home and are being educated by their parents, whether this is intentional or not, as children observe what is around them and what is occurring.

So all parents have a duty to their children in the way they conduct themselves when in front of their children, for what children hear and see they will copy. However, there may be other factors, for they may go to a nursery and pre-school and also the community environment in which they live.

All of these are factors in how children behave, however, in many instances their behaviour could be tempered by how they are disciplined by family members.

So all in all, while teachers have their part to play, so do parents and all factors need to be taken into consideration.

Vox Political on Nick Gibb Address to Teacher’s Conference

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

Mike over at Vox Political ran this story from the Groan, which reported the kind and courteous welcome Nick Gibb got when he spoke to the Association of Teachers and Lecturers at their conference in Liverpool. Of course, I’m being ironic when I say that it was ‘kind and courteous’. In fact that they jeered him. And I don’t blame them. What Gibb said was pure rubbish.

The Tories are, of course, determined to turn 17,000 primary schools in England into academies. Gibb made the usual attempt to try to justify this massive privatisation to the Tory party’s corporate backers by saying that it would lead to an improvement in quality. He told his audience of educational professionals that if they spoke to the headmasters, who had become heads of the academy chains, they would hear that academy schools were flourishing. Because they’re professionally led.

This is, of course…

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Nicky Morgan mocked in song as she’s laughed at by teachers at NASUWT conference | Vox Political

This is brilliant. Not only are people picking up on the fact that, if Thicky Nicky’s eyes are mirrors of her soul, then it must be vacant – but the people who’ve realised it are …

Source: Nicky Morgan mocked in song as she’s laughed at by teachers at NASUWT conference | Vox Political