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Former prime minister Tony Blair is deluding himself if he believes he has support for a comeback in British politics, according to a new poll. Mr Blair, who led the Labour Party in government from 1997 to 2008, is said to be critical of both Prime

Source: Tony Blair – not wanted nor needed – AOL News UK

Tony Blair’s unfinished business


From Blairs historic past can we really trust him, is he for Blair or others.

He states he  did devolution of power, however was this to other areas of the UK, thus reducing the power from London or is he referring to the devolution of power to the EU. The latter being one of the reasons for Brexit. He created more distrust in the system of politics than anyone before him and was the resultant outcome for his own gain and was this by design or not.

I stated out the outset of him winning the election in 1997, who could really vote for someone who smiles like he does, for his smile then made me physically feel sick. Now to some extent the smile has diminished, but he should never again be trusted and I can say, for one, never did trust him.


The former prime minister on Trump, Brexit, Corbyn and his return to public life in an attempt to revive “the progressive centre”. Will anyone listen?

Source: Tony Blair’s unfinished business

BREXIT COMEBACK Tony Blair plotting return to Westminster to help shape Britain’s EU exit : Sun.

One of the main problems with Tony Blair is that he is incapable of learning anything.

He took us into the war on IRaq on lies.
He accepted any proposal from the EU irrespective of whether it would be beneficial to the UK and without a mandate to do so.
He was Middle East Peace Envoy,, did he create peace or make it work.

What he did do was create work for his wife regarding Equality issues.

The man is a complete waste of space and is deluded of his own importance. Some of remarks about others could easily be quoted about himself, “nutter”. he also screwed up our being in the EU.

Tony Blair reveals he is winding down his ‘substantial’ business empire – Mirror Online

What is in this for the BLair, for he never does anything which will not benefit him.

If he feels this will change peoples opinion of him, then he is mistaken for he is still the lying, self centred War Criminal he always was. But at least he appears to have lost his stupid grin.

Appears he stated

“My view is we should keep an open mind, we should see how these guys get on,”.”There are 16 million people who voted to Remain. They are entitled to have a voice.”

Mr BLair they had a voice, it was called the Referendum.


The ex-Prime Minister claims to be closing the book on the opaque web of firms which has loomed over his reputation since he left office

Source: Tony Blair reveals he is winding down his ‘substantial’ business empire – Mirror Online

Secular Talk on Poor Americans Now Using Pet Antibiotics

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This is a story from another side of the Pond, but it’s relevant because it shows the kind of horrific medical system that the Blairites and the Tories are introducing over here through the destruction of the NHS. In this piece from the atheist/ secularist news channel, Secular Talk, Kyle Kulinski comments on a story in Raw Story from a report from a respected medical journal, The Journal of Antibiotics. A survey was done of 400 people in Houston, Texas, asking them how they obtained their antibiotics. These were people, who needed the drug, not those who did not. Kulinski is very clear to dispel this possible misunderstanding, as the overprescription of antibiotics is a separate issue. It’s responsible for the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria, which is a serious threat to health around the world.

This is about people, who genuinely need the drug. It investigated how people…

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Five things you may have missed about the Chilcot inquiry | Louise Kettle | Opinion | The Guardian

Much of the furore surrounding the Iraq war report focused on the failings of Tony Blair. But there were other, crucial findings that shouldn’t be ignored

Source: Five things you may have missed about the Chilcot inquiry | Louise Kettle | Opinion | The Guardian

Have serving MPs from the Cabinet of 2003 the moral right to represent their constituents following such poor judgement and its consequences?

Political Concern

An article on a Jamaican blog ends: “As we digest the contents and impact of Chilcot’s report, I am reminded of the late Brian Haw (1949-2011) who lived in front of the Houses of Parliament for almost 10 years protesting against the Iraq War”.

brian haw

The late Brian Haw

African Herbsman writes: “One of the sad aspects of the Chilcot report is that most of its contents was known at the time leading up to the Iraq War in 2003, through Whitehall & various media sources – e.g. Govt leaks, Private Eye magazine and documentaries made by Panorama and Dispatches”. He continues:

“That is why –  with the exception of the late Robin Cook – Tony Blair’s cabinet of 2002-3 must also shoulder blame for their support for the war. Former cabinet ministers such as Jack Straw, Jack Cunningham, David Blunkett, Margaret Beckett, Stephen Byers, Geoff Hoon and Deputy PM John Prescott…

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Tony Blair could face prosecution yet – focus on oil and follow the money | Greg Muttitt and David Whyte | Opinion | The Guardian

Pillage – or fundamentally transforming the economy of an occupied country – is prohibited by Hague and Geneva rules. The US-UK coalition in Iraq has a case to answer

Source: Tony Blair could face prosecution yet – focus on oil and follow the money | Greg Muttitt and David Whyte | Opinion | The Guardian