Tories say £60k payment to bereaved families of health workers will NOT apply to care workers or cleaners – and families of immigrants may be deported – SKWAWKBOX

The UK government has said that the £60,000 bereavement payment to the families of health workers killed by the coronavirus will not apply to care workers or hospital cleaners.

The Tories have also said that families of the deceased have no automatic right to remain in the UK. Families of people who died trying to keeping us safe and well could face deportation if their right to remain is withdrawn.

Johnson and his fellow Tories will no doubt still make sure they are filmed ‘clapping for carers’ tomorrow.

Source: Tories say £60k payment to bereaved families of health workers will NOT apply to care workers or cleaners – and families of immigrants may be deported – SKWAWKBOX

‘Obscene’ 18-month delay for DWP complaints

This is disgraceful and should not be allowed to occur.

For a start the DWP, has should all Government departments, be more transparent and also honest and open. Unfortunately all this is someting outside the ‘norm’ for the Government and this also includes all Local Authorities and maybe those of Health.

For anyone to go to a complaints body takes some strength, as you are going against a large public body, which you are and will be again relying upon, will they hold the complaints against them and treat you are your relative worse than before.

Of course they will say they will not, but it has not been unknown in some authorities.

In some instances the complaints procedures themselves are ‘not fit for purpose.

That been said I do like that you can not refer until the complaint response letter has been issued, unlike going to the Ombudsman where their time period starts from when the complaint was initiated and there is a limit of 1 year. If that was so re this complaint then it would have been too late to go to the Independent Complaints body.

If certainly feel that the Ombudsman needs to change, could I say to Independent Case Examiner (ICE).

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Parents fighting

People with the most serious complaints about the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have to wait 18 months before their cases are investigated. BBC Radio 4’s Money Box has also learnt that nearly two-thirds of investigations miss their target of being cleared within 20 weeks.

One man in dispute with one of its agencies called the delay “obscene”.

The DWP said it understands “the impact that waiting for an investigation can have on people and their families.” The most common complaints to the DWP include things like a failure to follow proper procedures, excessive delays and poor customer service.

Alan, who did not want his real name used, said he faces nearly a four-year wait in total before his case is resolved. He first complained to the government-run Child Maintenance Service (CMS) in November 2017. He says it took thousands of pounds of a redundancy payment directly from his bank account.

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Swinson sells out Remainers as Farage set to announce non aggression pact with BoJo to fight Labour in Leave seats – Nye Bevan News

Breaking: “Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is due to make an announcement tomorrow at 11am. They are expected to announce an informal non aggression pact with the Tories under Boris Johnson to fight for Brexit in Leave voting seats.

This marks a change from threatening to stand a candidate in all 650 UK constituencies. 

The deposits alone eat up £300,000 and given local spending rules to compete in each seat the average permissible spend is £10,000 per seat so that is £6 million. On top of that parties can spend up to 3 times that nationally.


Source: Swinson sells out Remainers as Farage set to announce non aggression pact with BoJo to fight Labour in Leave seats – Nye Bevan News

Only one disability charity fully supports Jodey Whiting petition

Is this a surprise, for it should not be.

For some of the national charities do receive some form of Government funding and it has been suggested that theyreceive this funding to undertaken some specific work and in doing so they are required to sign a clause stipulating that they will not criticise the Government. For if they do, they may not receive the funding.

This is a dilemma for these charities as they would like the funding as this will enhance the charity funds and enable them to do more inaccordance with their aims.

But, if the Government is appearing to not fully support persons with disabilities these charities voices will be mooted.

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DWP: Only one disability charity fully supports petition for inquiry into Jodey Whiting death

Joy Dove has worked tirelessly for justice for her daughter, and blames DWP pressure for Jodey taking her own life.

More than 50,000 have supported a petition calling for justice for tragic Jodey Whiting – but many disability charities do not. 

For more than two years, Joy Dove has battled for justice for her late daughter.

In February 2017, the 42-year-old mum-of-nine was seriously ill in hospital when she received an appointment letter for a work capability assessment, from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). She didn’t see it, and missed the appointment. Jodey, who also suffered from mental health issues, had her benefits stopped and later, took her own life.

Her mum Joy and her family blamed pressure from the DWP for her death at Jodey’s inquest in May 2017. Since then Joy, from her flat…

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Breaking: Leadsom resigns from Cabinet | The SKWAWKBOX

Tory chaos goes up a gear with what may be first of series of resignations to pressure PM May

Andrea Leadsom has resigned from her Cabinet position as Leader of the House of Commons.

In a letter to Theresa May, Leadsom blamed failure to deliver Brexit and a breakdown in government processes for her decision and urged May to step down:


Source: Breaking: Leadsom resigns from Cabinet | The SKWAWKBOX

Petition for Independent Inquiry into DWP deaths

I have great pleasure in signing this petition and then sharing it.

Perhaps you can reciproicate with the peition shown below

Petition link

Please see more information below

You may be aware that there is a crisis within Social Care, an even greater crisis than that within health. This is because a crisis in Social Care will have a great impact on health making the health crisis even greater.

Please could you consider supporting the Petition – Pay all employed carers the Living Wage; Petition link

I am involved in a Petition project based on the Care Workers within the Care Industry.

This industry is in crisis, as is the Health Service, but within Social Care this crisis is even greater. This in turn will create even more pressure on all aspects of the Health Service. Therefore, action is needed to minimise the Social Care crisis and pay paid carers a reasonable wage is one of these actions, so with this in mind there is now a petition.

Please, therefore, could you support the Petition – Pay all employed carers the Living Wage Flash, (Families Lobbying & Advising Sheffield), a group of family carers of relatives with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism in Sheffield are concerned at the state of Social Care, not only in Sheffield, but throughout the UK.

We all know that there is a major crisis in Social Care not just in Sheffield, but all over the UK. This is in a large part due to the lack of persons willing to come into the Care Industry, of which the low pay is a prime factor.

Parliament are aware and have formed a Cross Party Committee to look at funding, recruitment and pay for Care Workers in the Care Industry.

The Government currently have a recruitment campaign for the Care Industry ‘Every Day is Different’ .

However, there is no mention of pay.

Please therefore, could you consider the following #pay #employed #wage#funding #government#serviceproviders #living

Could you look at promoting the Petition – ‘Pay all employed carers the Living Wage, created by FLASh (Families Lobbying & Advising Sheffield).

Petition link

Please sign this Petition, however, until you then click the signature verification link in the resulting email your signature will not be valid and will therefore not count re supporting the Petition cause.

More information!Aq2MsYduiazglWxA60JAY_2cpvN8

We need this Tory Government to end Austerity Cuts to Local Authorities and then increase the Grants to these Authorities so they can fund Care Service Providers to be able to pay their care workers at least the Living Wage.

Please also see the HFT report ‘Sector Pulse Check’,!Aq2MsYduiazglXuM7Duz6HOYXvsv

If the Petition attains 10,000 signatures, the Government will respond and if 100,000 signatures, it will be considered for debate in Parliament.

Please support and share with your work colleagues, family & friends, Social Media, MP and Local Councillors.

For any further information Chris can be contacted on

Thank of you

Chris Sterry
Vice-chair of FLASh

Stop UK lies & corruption

As we all know numerous people have become terminal victims of the DWP.  Sometimes it is down to Tory policy and others it’s sheer incompetence of DWP staff.

Now a petition has been launched calling for an Independent Inquiry into DWP deaths and we urge you to sign it.  This won’t bring the victims back but it may help stop further preventable deaths.

The DWP continued with its regime even when coroners came out stating they were responsible for the deaths of their clients.

In one example the DWP were simply ordered to apologise for a death they caused and ‘compensate’ the grieving family with £10,000.  The DWP complied but used taxpayers money instead of fining those responsible.

There have been so many DWP related deaths and we feel the criminals responsible should be treated as such.

Signing this petition will hopefully pave the way to justice.

Independent Inquiry into DWP deaths.png The…

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Woman denied PIP despite being paralysed

Still these PIP atrocities are occurring, but the question is why? For surely it is obvious that the persons concerned are entitled to PIP, but the DWP keep churning the phrase ‘We’re committed to ensuring that disabled people get the full support that they need. “Decisions are made following consideration of all the information provided by the claimant, including supporting evidence from their GP or medical specialist.’, so where does the problem or problems arise.

Do the DWP and its assessors not understand the evidence before them? Or more to the question ‘Do the DWP and its assessors want to understand the evidence before them?’ Which do you think? Is it obvious?

I know what I believe and it is not very favourably for the DWP and its assessors.

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Carlisle woman denied PIP despite being paralysed. A partially paralysed Carlisle woman on daily doses of morphine has been denied disability benefits.

Anna Yellop, 48 was devastated to learn she had failed to qualify for Personal Independence Payment (PIP), leaving her in a state of financial crisis.nWhite matter lesions – scarring – on her brain tissue sustained after contracting swine flu in 2011 has left her almost completely unable to stand, walk or fully concentrate.

Often in great pain, Anna, who lives in Raffles, takes up to 200mg of morphine each day. Anna is cared for full-time by her husband Andy, 47. As a result of Anna’s rejected PIP application, he has been told he is set to have his Carer’s Allowance stopped, pushing the couple further into financial emergency.

Previously in receipt of the highest rate of Disability Living Allowance (DLA), Anna’s application for PIP was triggered automatically as part of…

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Gordon Brown warns ending free TV licences could criminalise poor over-75s

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a British public service broadcaster or so it says, however, if the free TV Licence for the over – 75s is abolished then it ceases to be a British public service broadcaster. This is so because a large proportion of the British public will not be legally allowed to, not only, the BBC but any TV, as many over-75s will not be able to afford the TV licence and will therefore have no TV legally, only the radio.

This will be a retrograde step for which the BBC may never recover.

Yes, the Government have brought this onto the BBC, but it will be the BBC which will shoulder the blame.

Govt Newspeak

EXCLUSIVE: Mr Brown criticised both the BBC and the Tories and called the issue a matter “of national importance”

With more and more pensioners living in ­poverty, scrapping free TV ­licences for the over-75s would rob many of their only companion, say campaigners. And Gordon Brown todays pleads with the BBC not to axe the vital concession, which he introduced as Chancellor – outlining five main reasons why it should be kept.

The former Labour PM warned taking away the free licence for the elderly risks ­criminalising pensioners who cannot pay the £150.50, gives unreasonable powers to the Beeb and will cost the ­corporation millions in admin fees.

He also accused the Tories of betraying the voting public by breaking a manifesto promise that the free licence would be safe, when then-Chancellor George Osborne decided to ­withdraw government funding for the it and hand responsibility to the BBC.

Calling it an…

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‘Dickensian diseases’ are on the rise

The Government are playing a very dangerous game and are not qualified to understand what they are producing as they themselves are miles away from it and so are many MPs no matter their party or politics.

They have to listen intently for all that is being said and to a large extent to what is not being said to any large degree.

For what is surfacing is just the tip of the iceberg and by the time our supposed leaders, if they ever do, realise it, it will be too late for the majority of the population.

Or is it that they are extremely clever and do understand and this is a ploy to decimate the poor, vulnerable, disabled and sick of the UK by reducing their numbers to a minimum of survivors.

Govt Newspeak

Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God. — Proverbs 14:31, NIV

“Poverty is the worst form of violence.” Mahatma Gandhi

“Poverty is like punishment for a crime you didn’t commit.” Eli Khamarov

‘Dickensian diseases’ making comeback in UK. Scarlet fever, malnutrition, whooping cough numbers are all up.

New research shows that cases of diseases more commonly associated with the Victorian era are increasing in the UK. Since 2010, hospital visits for scarlet fever, malnutrition, whooping cough and gout are up 3,000 per year, representing a 52% increase.

There has been a sharp rise in hospital visits for diseases that were common during the Victorian era, such as scarlet fever, whooping cough and gout, research reveals.

UK cities have been clobbered by austerity. They need a champion

Despite certain illnesses virtually being eradicated in the 1950s, hospital attendances for some “Victorian diseases”…

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The decimation of the welfare state

A truly worrying situation and one that could be happening within the UK. The DWP situation with Benefit claims and while the appeal process is reversing many of the wrongful dismissed cases, will this always be so. Not if we implement the American system as we appear to be doing.

It is very worrying and this should be noticed by the DWP, but will it be, I fear not.

Govt Newspeak

It’s sickening that the British welfare state is being gradually demolished by successive governments, to be eventually replaced with private healthcare insurance [1] and what’s even more galling is: they [some members of the UK govt] went to the USA to find out how to decimate our welfare state and NHS, encouraged by American corporate funders. Mo Stewart has written extensively about this in her book Cash not Care.

Amber Rudd has the absolute nerve to say Universal Credit has not always been compassionate whilst her dept have overseen the demolition of the welfare state causing misery not seen seen Victorian times [2] and I have added hundreds of  DWP atrocities like the one of Alan Chrisman [below] which have contributed to many suicides [3] 

Since 2010

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