Tories accused over Boxing Day rail standstill

This is just political jockeying one side against the other no matter who is in power.

This is down to Network Rail, but major maintenance need to be undertaken. Years ago in time of British Rail or even British Railways maintenance even then needed to be undertaken, so did they close various sections of the railway or allow railway workers to work while trains were still running.

If it was the latter then now this would, most likely, not be allowed due to Health and Safety, as workers could be killed or seriously injured in that process.

Maintenance needs to be done to ensure the continuity of the system and maintain a degree of quality while respecting safety of the workforce.

There may be other ways, but when privatisation was brought in most of the British Rail system was extremely antiquated due to lack of serious investment during the history of the UK Railway.

Now we see many improvements in mainline stations and rolling stock, while the staffing has been cut back, sometimes due to improvements in technology, signaling for one.

But our railways still have a long way to go before we can see the remotest substantial and sustainable improvements. This requires major investment and extensive maintenance work and some delays and reductions in service will be required, unless there is automated.

Then that will lead to more reductions in staff, creating more strikes and more chaos for the persons relying on the rail system for work and also pleasure.

It is impossible for all to have everything, but it should always be to the minimum of disruption over the shortest period, but that requires even more investment.

The ‘merry-go-round’ is never-ending.

Amber Rudd suggests people should take a zero-hour contract to avoid benefit sanctions

Rudd is totally wrong when people are struggling they need to have reassurance to continue and zero hours contracts nowhere near provide reassurance. Instead of encouraging people to take on Zero Hours contracts the Tories  should be actively working to outlaw Zero Hours contracts.

They provide the choice between life and death and they favour death for the Tories want all benefit claimants to die, a sure way to reduce the benefits bill.

Children in Need is wonderful, but we shouldn’t need Pudsey to feed our children

This is all correct, but this is why charities exist, for no matter what the state provides, there will always be a need to provide more. The State is central based, while many of these charities are locally based. Or in some respects they are more to the ground than Central Government and in many instances local public bodies.

The major difference now, due to austerity, is that the need for charities is even more so as austerity is greatly increasing poverty and destitution to an even greater number of families and to families further up the scale of wealth. This means that families who previously would not need this help are now requiring it.

Not only should austerity cease immediately, but there is urgent need for funding taken away to be brought back also immediately.

Without any delay the massive cuts to local authority budgets and in some respects health need to be guided to social care in all areas and in deprived

Otherwise in the near future, if not the immediate, social care will cease to exist and health will only be available to those who can afford it.

Company behind People’s Vote used controversial Blue Telecoms in referendum campaign | The SKWAWKBOX

  • Open Britain, the company behind the People’s Vote campaign, was originally The In Campaign/Stronger In
  • Blue Telecoms was the company exposed in a Channel 4 undercover operation that led to a warning to the Tories from the Information Commissioner and a lengthy police investigation
  • TIC/Stronger In also contracted Blue Telecoms for apparently identical services, according to Blue Telecoms’ CEO

For full disclosure, the author of this article voted ‘remain’ in the EU referendum.

Saturday’s march in London by the “People’s Vote” campaign that is run by the organisation Open Britain has highlighted the strength of feeling among a significant number of people eager to reverse the UK’s impending departure from the European Union.

Stronger In

Open Britain claims to be a ‘grassroots’ campaign, but is run by or associated with an array of centrists and Tories – and critics of the campaign have accused it of being a vehicle for attacks on the Labour leadership.


Source: Company behind People’s Vote used controversial Blue Telecoms in referendum campaign | The SKWAWKBOX

Is UK Government breaking international law over welfare policies?

I am not surprised that the UK Prime Minister’s office did not offer comment as this Government is not recognising the findings already published by the UN regarding UK welfare reforms. As is stated in 2016 the UN findings showed that the UK welfare reforms had led to “grave and systemic violations” of disabled people’s rights, which the UK Government disputed.

How can it be that the UK, which is greatly involved in the UN, being they are one of the prime countries in the UN Security council is failing to take on board findings from the UN regarding the results of the already created UK welfare reforms are having on the lives of people with disabilities within the UK.

What is the point in having the UN if one of their major members is ignoring comments made by the UN.

Should, in fact, the UK be allowed to remain on the UN Security council.

Virgin handed £2bn worth of NHS England contracts : Welfare Weekly

This week’s news that £2 billion worth of NHS England contracts are being handed over to Virgin Care Services, which follows on from the damning report by the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee last month into the outsourcing of primary care services in England to Capita, has highlighted how the Tories’ shambolic Brexit poses a major threat to the future of the NHS in Scotland, the SNP has said.

SNP Health spokesperson at Westminster Dr Philippa Whitford MP has warned that the power grab over public procurement allows the Tories at Westminster to put Scotland’s NHS under the same threats as the health service south of the border, with the Tories able to open up Scotland’s public services to profiteering firms.

In addition – the increasing threat of a disastrous No Deal Brexit will leave the Tories more desperate than ever to secure a trade deal with Donald Trump’s administration, no matter the cost to our public services. Prime Minsiter Theresa May has continually failed to rule out opening up the NHS to private US firms post-Brexit.


Source: Virgin handed £2bn worth of NHS England contracts : Welfare Weekly

#BBCswitchoff Thousands protest BBC bias

Stop UK lies & corruption

A viral campaign calling out the BBC for alleged media bias and a lack of impartiality whipped up a huge Twitterstorm as citizens recounted examples of the state broadcaster’s prejudice under the hashtag #BBCswitchoff.

The Tories previously made no secret of letting you know the BBC donate to them.

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Supported Housing in crisis.Vulnerable severely let down by perverse £ system | Speye Joe

Yesterday the Tories caved in and abandoned their plans to use Universal Credit to pay for the costs in supported housing. They backed down some 7 years after first proposing this (ideological and totally impractical) change in a consultation paper in July 2011 and have now agreed that the legacy Housing Benefit system will cover housing costs in supported housing.

The two main housing lobbies of the National Housing Federation and Chartered Institute of Housing as well as housing trade journals and the usual suspects of housing CEOs et al proclaimed this to be wonderful news to be roundly welcomed and also stated – in huge delusion and error – that this now ensures supported housing services such as refuges are now safe.

Below are actual funding levels from two supported housing services and you can see the significantly different proportion of funding they have and which typifies the very real funding distinction between low level support services such as category 1 sheltered housing and a high support need service whose client group I withhold only for anonymity reasons.

Both service


Source: Supported Housing in crisis.Vulnerable severely let down by perverse £ system | Speye Joe