Tories blasted for having ‘no credible plan’ to solve care crisis as homes face being left ‘on their knees’

This is so true, but again the emphasis is on the elderly and care homes. While this is, indeed a vital area within the care industry, it is not the only one.

The home care market, with supported living, will be, most likely larger than the care home market, but is hardly ever mentioned.

Home care, in many instances id for a lifetime much longer than the years in respect of the elderly.

All these persons, whether they be elderly in care homes or other persons requiring care within their own homes are vulnerable and without good quality and quantity of care staff they will not receive anywhere near a reasonable life.

One of the main problems is the complete lack of respect and care the current Government have with the care industry and the complete lack of funding they provide for care to just stand still, let alone increase with more disabled people needing care, people living longer and more complex needs.

The whole care industry is regressing due to the lack of funding, which then has a bearing on the quality and quantity of staff within the profession.

It appears that people believe that anyone can be a paid carer and to a large extent that may be true, but to be a good quality paid carer it is not. Any carer needs to be very understanding, have respect for the persons they are caring for and treat them with dignity. Some paid carers believe that they are incharge when it should be the persons they are caring for whose choices should be respected.

If the Government does not provide the sufficient funding and local authorities then apply this funding correctly, the care industry to a large extent may not last the year through.

This will then increase the safeguarding aspects and no one gain anything.

As to Brexit, the ability of persons coming from outwith the UK needs to be maintained as threr is already a shortage of people in the paid carer industry to accommodate the current needs of care let alone the increases that are and will be coming through.

Minister suggests the government will not halt attack on human rights

Unfortunately this Governments attitude and policy is taking the Thatcher directive to bring back ‘Victorian values‘, but are they values to be applauded, for were there not child labour, poor and workhouses, debtors prisons and many others.

Are the progressions of the 20th Century and the start of the 21st to be abandoned. Will we bring back poor and workhouses, debtors prisons and may be even child labour, will there still be free education for all children and the disabled and poor left to their own devices, while the rich elite gain all the benefits of life.

We have the Equality Act 2010, the Care Act 2014 and others but are these just bits of legal jargon, which when they come to be tested are not worth the papers they have produced.

Are they just bits of paper with no real significance, but giving all the non-elite a belief of a caring Government.

Are we now seeing the real true colour ‘Blue’, when previously there could have been a tinge of ‘Red’ now what does that produce, could it be purple, now what party does that create and do they still exist. Something with UK in their terminology, perhaps.

Is this what our recent forebears fought for in the wars of the 20th Century.

If so, is life really worth living for, are we not just producing for the wealthy elite, while fighting and working for a pittance.

Hunt refusing interviews as NHS cancels all non-urgent ops and outpatients

In spite of public anger over the absence of Transport Secretary Chris Grayling today as a major increase in rail fares was announced, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has refused requests for interviews as news broke that NHS England is telling hospitals to cancel all non-urgent operations and outpatient appointments for the whole month of January.

This is far from the first time that Hunt has gone ‘AWOL’ – or hidden – during an NHS crisis.

Last winter, as the NHS struggled through the 2016/17 winter crisis, Hunt disappeared for weeks before finally emerging to give a weak interview to the BBC in which he stated there were ‘no excuses’ for the NHS disaster – before making a list of excuses and blaming all kinds of things for it.

Except himself, of course.

Now, as hospitals all over England are told to cancel thousands of operations for a whole calendar month – on top of cancellations already made in December – the Department of Health (DH) has,


Source: Hunt refusing interviews as NHS cancels all non-urgent ops and outpatients

Video: McDonald on the scandal of the £2bn East Coast Rail bail-oThe ut

If we can believe this about re-nationalising, but I remember the railway, British Railways and British Rail between 1948 and 1997, this was far from successful as there were outdated and dirty trains, food not fit to eat (Railway sandwich) was the butt of jokes, trains not running on time and a total failure to invest in rail Stations, railway rolling stock, network (track, signals, etc). The UK was originally at the fore of the railways, with the pioneers of George and Robert Stephenson, Richard Trevithick, etc., but this advantage was not continued through the 1900’s has investment was managed politically.

Other countries progressed ahead and we are still playing catchup.

The infrastructure was originally also privatised, but in 2002 was effectively re-nationalised and the infrastructure is still responsible for a number of the delays experienced by the private train operators.

Will re-nationalising bring great improvements or will politics be in the way again.

But it may be better than it is at the moment, but will it be more of the same eventually.


Labour’s excellent Shadow Transport Secretary, Middlesbrough MP Andy McDonald, has issued a strong video statement on the government’s £2 billion bail-out of the failed East Coast rail franchise – and on the wider context of the disaster of rail privatisation and Labour’s plans to renationalise rail.

McDonald points out that the only time in its history that the East Coast line has been profitable is when Labour took it back into public ownership – and that yet again the British public is expected to pay for the failure of supposedly efficient private contractors:

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