CETA: Why Is Britain Pushing for an EU Trade Deal Before Parliament Can Vote On It?

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Oscar Rickett reports for VICE News:

In an EU referendum campaign that has rarely been anything other than banal or absurd, the issue of British sovereignty has been the overriding theme. The Brexit campaign is founded on the idea that the European Union is a shady, labyrinthine organisation that would see every free-born Englishman bound by the chains of Brussels bureaucracy. David Cameron reckons this is bullshit, saying the idea of Britain having any more real power outside of the EU is an illusion. We wouldn’t have the power to stop British businesses being discriminated against, or to make EU countries share border information with us, for instance. Sometimes power can be a bit more complicated than making your own laws in a world where there are other countries also making laws that might affect you.

But how much does Cameron actually care about sovereignty? Leaked documents shown to VICE by

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EU and US Trade Sharp Words on TTIP

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Ryan Heath reports for Politico:

Tensions between the EU and U.S. over the lack of progress in talks on a transatlantic trade deal boiled over last week as both sides aired frustrations in sharply worded emails obtained by POLITICO.

The European Commission warned in an email sent Friday to the 28 EU ambassadors in Brussels that unless the U.S. changes its approach to negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), there’ll be no deal before President Barack Obama leaves office in January 2017.

In its email to EU permanent representatives, the Commission strongly criticized U.S. Ambassador to the EU Anthony Gardner for sending what it called a “somewhat unusual” message to his European counterparts earlier last week.

Gardner wrote to the 28 EU ambassadors on May 25, criticizing European Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan for making a “a series of misleading statements in the press,” while providing a detailed list of the statements.

The behind-the-scenes war…

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