Mar-a-Lago: Where Donald Trump learned to be king |

Some things don’t change. The promise of a new year. The excitement of new love. Donald Trump being a petty, self-promoting liar with ties to sketchy Russians.

That would be the best way to sum up the new book,“Mar-a-Lago: Inside the Gates of Power at Donald Trump’s Presidential Palace” by New York Times best-selling author Laurence Leamer.  As Leamer made it clear when I interviewed him on “Salon Talks,” Trump has not changed much since the day he bought his 17-acre Mar-a-Lago estate in 1985.


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Trump and Russia: What to expect from Mueller in 2019  : NBC News

WASHINGTON — In the weeks after Donald Trump became the Republican nominee in late July 2016, the FBI warned him that foreign adversaries, including Russia, would attempt to spy on and infiltrate his campaign.

It was a standard briefing, the kind routinely given to presidential candidates, capped with an admonition that Trump should call the FBI if he learned of any unusual approaches from foreigners.

But there was something the FBI didn’t tell him.

The bureau just recently had opened counterintelligence investigations into four Trump advisers suspected of improper interactions with Russians — a fact, then-secret, that emerged much later in Congressional testimony.


Source: Trump and Russia: What to expect from Mueller in 2019 : NBC News

The hottest story about Trump and Russia you never heard – San Francisco Chronicle

This season of “Homeland,” the TV espionage thriller that continues to grip me, is particularly dark and twisted. But it has nothing on real life, as President Trump’s regime and the deep state continue to wrap their oily tentacles around each other’s throats. In season six of the Showtime series, brilliant bipolar spook Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) thinks she has safely escaped the CIA vortex, only to be dragged into the whirlpool of a violent Washington power struggle that pits a female president-elect (yes, the show’s writers were just as fooled by Hillary Clinton’s “inevitability” as the rest of us) against a ruthless CIA faction aligned with a vast Breitbart News-type fake news operation. Nuclear peace in the Middle East hangs in the balance. Ho-hum. Like I said, art pales before reality in today’s Washington.

There’s so much political drama and intrigue unfolding by the hour in the nation’s capital that not even news junkies can keep up with it. In the latest reality episode of Trump’s Washington, FBI Director James Comey emerged as the liberal media’s hero. The towering, 6-foot-8 lawman is now portrayed as the only one with the power to bring down the clownish, orange-haired villain — by laying bare the truth about his corrupt pact with Russian archenemy Vladimir Putin. Now that’s entertainment!

But sorry, I’m not buying this story line. James Comey? The same wily Washington operator who tipped the election to Trump in the final days of the presidential race by reviving Clinton’s email issues? He’s no hero of mine.

Comey’s belated focus on the Russia-Trump connection strikes some Washington observers as a blatant effort to deflect the spotlight from his own role in throwing the election to Trump. Recently I spoke with Denni

Source: The hottest story about Trump and Russia you never heard – San Francisco Chronicle