GOP Support For Impeachment Grows As Republicans Say They’ll Vote Against Trump | HuffPost UK

It would now appear that some Republicans in the Senate and Congress have now come to their senses and see Trump for what he is, no matter how belatedly this is.

For Trump has done and still is causing serious damage to the Republican Party, who now appear to see to it that Trump can never be elected to Governing Office again.

I feel it is forgone that the Impeachment resolution will have no problems coming through the Congress, but the hurdle will be the Senate.


Source: GOP Support For Impeachment Grows As Republicans Say They’ll Vote Against Trump | HuffPost UK

‘Vintage white rage’: Why the riots were about the perceived loss of white power

The actions of supposed Trump supporters in Washington DC and their invasion of the US Capitol building and wanton destruction of areas within the building are a blight on Society.

These rioters or more correctly terrorists, feel they have lost or losing the right of white supremacy, but, in reality this assumed right should never have been there. In fact, supremacy of any racial element should never be allowed, for we all have a right to life and be respected in any country in which we reside. Colour, gender, religion, ethnicity and any other areas should not have a right to have power over others.

People have to learn to live together and that no one should have any supremacy over others.

The white settlers who populated what is now known as America, used their superior power to overcome the Native Americans and this again was not right, for the white settlers invaded any other country and did not respect the original inhabitants.

But this was at a time of Colonial power, when the Western Colonial powers used the superior fire power to invade and suppress the native in habitants of many countries, which they believed were inferior. But they were not inferior, but different and that should never be an excuse to discriminate against others.

With the forthcoming President Elect Joe Biden this is an opportunity for all Americans to show they can respect each other and be able to live together for the good of each other and America. In doing this they will set a good example to others in other counties of this World and by doing so, will show that America is Great, but not Great Again, for they were never Great only assumed Great due to the abuse of power they exerted on others.

The isolationism shown by Trump is and never was Great for America, but by showing respect for each other Great can be said.

Lets all embrace togetherness and do not look on the bad examples of the past on the way to live now. The past can never be changed, now and the future can be.



Source: ‘Vintage white rage’: Why the riots were about the perceived loss of white power

Capitol breach prompts urgent questions about security failures – The Washington Post

This was and is a disgraceful state of affairs, but it has been coming ever since Trump joined the Presidential election of 2016 and even more so since he became President.

The Republican Party has by degree or design allowed him enormous leeway and Trump is adept in using this to his advantage, in fact, believing that it amounts to acceptance of his actions.

In fact, in viewing some of the actions of the law enforcement at the US Capital building it may even be true that they are in agreement with Trump. This is especially so, when barriers were removed by some law officers, thereby offering even more encouragement to Trump’ mob.

This action by Trump and his supporters has been forecast for sometime and now it has come to fruition.

If the required actions are not taken against Trump and his supporters, then this can only get worse.


Source: Capitol breach prompts urgent questions about security failures – The Washington Post

Donald Trump and Masculinity as Motivator | History Matters

Thank you, a great insight to the image, ego, etc. of Trump. How anyone can support him is beyond my comprehension, but support him they do.

In addition to your insight, is it not true, that his supporters have no one other than Trump to cling to and to cast him out would mean they are on their own, which they feel they have been for far too long.

He is their last hope, in some ways their ‘Messiah’.

I do feel sorry for his supporters, that they have felt so alone and have to cling to Trump, the worst of ‘Mankind’.

Source: Donald Trump and Masculinity as Motivator | History Matters

This is what it’s really like being in the crowd at a 17,000-person Trump rally – Mirror Online

Standing among the crowd wearing Make America Great Again caps and T-shirts while some of them screamed “Shove gun control up your a**” and “Trump Rambo”, I was nervous.

Typically I’d cover Donald Trump’s rallies from either behind the penned barricades or from the safety of a live feed off a TV news channel.

But this time it was different.

For, after braving five hours waiting to board the Trump Train at the President’s latest 2020 re-election rally, I joined thousands of his supporters in Cincinnati’s 33C heat to become just another face in the crowd.

Like the President, I was more interested in how his base responded, and to what, opting this time to just listen to what they were saying to each other, and to Trump, instead of fact-checking his every word.


Source: This is what it’s really like being in the crowd at a 17,000-person Trump rally – Mirror Online

Donald Trump deporting Somali American congresswoman?

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from the USA says about itself:

Lawsuit Filed After Failed Deportation Flight To Somalia

Detainees allege they were subjected to inhumane and deplorable conditions on a stalled airplane, Mary McGuire reports (2:08). WCCO 4 News At Noon – Dec. 20, 2017.

By Eric London in the USA:

Campaign rally in North Carolina

Trump praises Democratic Party, denounces congresswomen as a crowd howls, “Send her back!”

18 July 2019

Donald Trump unleashed a fascistic diatribe against socialism last night as his supporters howled threats aimed at four Democratic congresswomen during a campaign rally in Greenville, North Carolina.

Supporters chanted “send her back!”

This tweet shows the reaction by the American Jewish Committee.

as Trump attacked Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

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Trump’s fans think he’s a macho he-man — he’s really a moral weakling who preys on women and kids |

Donald Trump’s fans are obsessed with the idea that their hero is the pinnacle of manliness, here to restore the supposed greatness of American masculinity after its alleged assault at the hands of feminism and “political correctness.” His fans paint semi-erotic art portraying Trump as handsome and virile, either with a couple of dozen pounds shaved off his waistline or as an over-muscular he-man. They are so sure that Trump radiates a vibrant masculinity that Trump fanboy and convicted criminal Dinesh D’Souza recently posted a picture of Trump sitting next to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with the caption, “Masculinity in the twenty first century: which one is YOU?” The implicit assumption was that the orange-tinted primate, hunched over in a poorly-fitted suit was obviously more of a studly macho man than the suave young Canadian.

To outsiders, the idea that Trump is a model of desirable masculinity is just plain bizarre, as he lacks not just the positive markers of traditional manhood — stoicism, strength and virility — but any positive human qualities at all. But this past month has offered a strong reminder of what, exactly, Trump fans believe makes Trump such a harbinger of restored masculine greatness: His viciousness and cruelty.

Forget the handsome knight in shining armor protecting the weak of chivalric myth. Trump’s “manhood” is strictly about punching down and targeting those who are most vulnerable, with a particular sadism reserved for women and children.

Two of the biggest stories competing for headline space right now are a new allegation from journalist E. Jean Carroll that Trump raped her in the 1990s and reports from border towns in Texas that refugee children separated from their families have been crammed into cages in horrific conditions. But really, both stories are of a piece, illustrating Trump’s baseline impulses, which thrill his fans. He tries to make himself feel tough and powerful by inflicting pain on those who are smaller and unable to protect themselves.

Picking on someone your own size is, in Trump’s terms, for losers. “Winners,” in TrumpWorld, are the men who torture children and overpower women.


Trump’s already unconvincing denials in the face of Carroll’s rape allegation got worse on Monday evening, when he told a reporter for the Hill, “She’s not my type,” a response that suggests he would have no problem raping someone he found attractive.

This response is one of Trump’s go-to responses to the many, many accusations of sexual harassment and sexual violence that have been made against him. He once told a rally crowd, in response to reporter Natasha Stoynoff’s allegations that he assaulted her, “Look at her … I don’t think so.”

This is nonsense, of course. E. Jean Carroll was a beauty queen and looked, at the time Trump allegedly assaulted her, very much like Trump’s first two wives. He resorts to this same line for exactly the same reason men commit rape in the first place: To dominate and humiliate women.

Trump’s “denial,” then, only serves to confirm that he has the capacity for cruelty and misogyny that fuels the crime of rape. It is yet another reminder that the issue isn’t so much that his followers don’t believe the accusations against him — after all, he’s on tape bragging about how he enjoys sexual assault — as that they thrill to his unconcealed malice. They mistake his willingness to hurt vulnerable as strength and feel that by siding with a sadist, they will somehow be more powerful and manly for it.

Grown women have some power to fight back, however, as evidenced by Carroll’s own telling of her escape mid-rape. Children, on the other hand, make even better targets for Trump and his supporters, as they can do almost nothing to resist the abuses of those who need to overpower the vulnerable to feel good about themselves.

This, I think, goes a long way to explaining the horrific situation on the border, where reports are streaming out of migrant children being forced to sleep on cold concrete and not allowed to shower or brush their teeth. Lawyers and reporters say that children are being left in soiled clothes and babies are handed off to older children to be cared for. CNN, for instance, spoke to a 14-year-old who was crammed in a cell with a 4-year-old stranger and an 11-year-old boy, caring for a toddler who was sick and covered in filth.

The administration is attempting to play off this horror show as the result of overcrowding due to a rapid influx of migrants. But all the evidence suggests instead that the government is deliberately abusing small children to satisfy the sadism of Trump and his supporters. As CNN has reported, “officials at the border seem to be making no effort to release children to caregivers — many have parents in the US — rather than holding them for weeks in overcrowded cells at the border.”

Within minutes, reporters were themselves able to locate the desperate parents of a second-grader who was languishing in a cell, abandoned by officials who were unwilling to pick up the phone and call a number the little girl was carrying with her.

The sense that this is being done deliberately was only compounded when it was reported that concerned citizens in the El Paso area keep showing at a Border Patrol holding facility with diapers, toothbrushes and other items to help the children and are being turned away. The Trump administration could help these children. It is deliberately choosing to neglect and abuse them.

There are political reasons for this, as Trump and his allies at Fox News are clearly hoping to exploit concerns about the children’s welfare, while arguing that the solution is to repeal people’s legal right to apply for political asylum. In that sense, this is straightforward hostage-taking by the Trump administration. Except that as some people who have been held hostage by Somali pirates or the Taliban are pointing out, at least they got toothbrushes and soap.

But I’d argue this is about more than Trump’s use of brinksmanship and hostage-taking as his primary political strategy. It’s also about he and his supporters making themselves feel big and powerful by picking on those who are weak and helpless. The word “bully” feels too small to capture what’s going on, but it does capture the pettiness at the heart of Trumpism. When Trump’s fans speak of making America “great,” this is what they mean: Finding someone smaller and more vulnerable and inflicting abuse on them, just because you can.


Amanda Marcotte is a politics writer for Salon. Her new book, “Troll Nation: How The Right Became Trump-Worshipping Monsters Set On Rat-F*cking Liberals, America, and Truth Itself,” is out now. She’s on Twitter @AmandaMarcotte



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How dare those pesky Catholics attempt to uphold and affirm central tenants of their faith. Islam and his prophet Mohammed is much more flexible, forgiving and accepting of LGBT people.

drifting cloud
Apart from the offensive manipulation of this ploy, the strategy begs the ontological question of which motion picture would actually become the top moneymaker should the ploy succeed. It could be argued that it wouldn’t actually be the original version of ‘Avengers: Endgame’, upon whose profits the new release would build, but another motion picture with variant content. I realize that the moguls craving the top spot wouldn’t care about such distinctions, but honest and conscientious record keepers should.

How about we modify tax laws so that we can choose what we want to pay for. I’d like to reduce my taxes 2/3 and help illiterate third world women and children by NOT killing them. Better yet, let’s do what Costa Rica did and disband the military, then we could cut taxes 50% and still provide free health care and college for everyone.

Is Trump in here somewhere? Didn’t latch on to his name when scanning it. But probably – at least subliminally.

Fremon from CA
Interesting point which is can trumpie delay a recession? It has been tired. Bush 2 was advised that the economy was on the brink of a recession due to the housing derivatives which were looking to explode. An economic professor at NYU had written about this at the time. Bush wanted to delay the inevitable hoping that it would fall after Obama was in office.The events were fast were happening fast and it happened. Good TV doc called Hank, for Hank Paulsen, about when Lehman Bros. went under as a first casualty. In 2009 Obama came in and took a years worth of beatings from the right but the economy started to recover. The economy came back all the way and trump inherited an upward economy unlike Obama and Clinton. Dems always have to save a GOP economy. Bush 1 took over from Reagan who started our debt crisis creating more debt that all previous presidents combined. Bush 1 who called Reagan’s plans during Reagan’s first campaign voodoo economics. He was right, but as the debt worked for Reagan with massive tax cuts stimulating the economy Bush 1 followed suit with more debt and it exploded in his face. Remember it’s the economy stupid? Now we are kind of faced with the same situation with massive trumpian debt created and again let the good times roll. The next president, probably be a Dem, and will face the same challenges like Clinton and Obama.Like the parade horse clean up crew the Dems will need shovel and pail. Don’t ever again believe fiscal responsibility.

Why aren’t these Trump people making a mockery of justice not sitting in jail right now?They and their supporters are beyond contempt….

Well for one just handing out hundreds of thousands to anyone usually doesn’t achieve anything as most people, regardless of color, have very poor financial acumen. You might as well light it on fire.Then there’s the issue of genealogy. Not all black people in the U.S. are descended from slaves and good luck figuring that out. Not impossible but there’d have to be some government office funded and staffed with researchers to document the lineage of every single person applying.Then there’s the issue of successful black people. Would Samuel L. Jackson get anything? Who decides that?Then there’s the issue of Indians. Personally I don’t think you can honestly have a conversation about slave reparations without a similar one about Indians.Oh no doubt since the end of the Civil War black people have been economically excluded but isn’t that due more to racism than being the descendant of a slave? Perhaps this effort would get more traction if the focus was more on racial equality in employment and banking than just lumping it all under the slave reparations umbrella.

I’ll always wonder if Donald actually believes his own delusional blather, or he simply thinks his fans are dumb enough to swallow whatever he spews.

It’s hard to recruit Black police officers when they’d need to work among so many Indiana racists….

Miss Muffet
And Murdoch’s wife Jerry Hall says he is a feminist. Ha Ha.

Completely baseless accusation intended just to inspire fear and distress in people. This isn’t much different than what the Russian troll factory was accused of.

He’s not going to be impeached. He will lose in 2020 and fade away.

The point is that social media’s animals stars have made more people think of animals as individuals — to start to see them as living souls. So… did these people not have pets growing up?

Not a bad idea but I get the feeling that they’re only suggesting it because they don’t expect it to pass. We’ll see.



 • • •

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Source: Trump’s fans think he’s a macho he-man — he’s really a moral weakling who preys on women and kids |

(10) What will the US economy be like when Trump completes his first term? – QuoraA True Reflection of the America

A2A. So, I’ve read all of the answers here, as of today, from others first. The people who support Trump have all predicted the economy will be great. The people who do not support Trump are talking recession. As is typical, there were also a couple of bizarre answers. So, I’m going to talk about this from a different perspective. The question itself is not possible to answer because the possible outcomes are multi-variant. The economy in general, is not working for the common man. Trump, with no idea how to do his job, will not make it better.

I think that our economy has been broken for quite some time now and that no Republican who still believes in Trickle Down Economics is going to fix it. This is not to say Trump “believes” in this or doesn’t “believe” in it. He doesn’t have long term, objective, strategic thinking, doesn’t care about anyone but himself, and lies way too much for me to know what he’ll do next other than to continue to lie and cheat in effort to keep the power he’s recently attained.

Back to the economy. Through personal experience, and by actually listening to Trump supporters in rural America who feel they’ve lost their way of life, I am of the opinion that the late-stage capitalism we’re in isn’t going to change without something really drastic happening.

I grew up in a large city and had the advantage of always being around much cultural diversity. I won a scholarship to an exclusive prepatory school. I had friends and lived in a middle-class suburban home. Being a person who loves to learn, I sought to understand immigrants, Judaism, Mexican tomato pickers (migrant workers they were called), learned a second language (Spanish), learned about the Cuban culture, and lots of other things. Though, I had little understanding of rural America. So, as a young adult I traveled the country and wound up marrying a guy from middle Tennessee. I spent over a decade in Tennessee. Like every other culture out there, this group had its’ good points (strong work ethic, farmers are natural recyclers, able to tough it out for long non-prosperous times, & strong sense of community), and its’ bad points (lack of higher education, fear of strangers [like me], antagonism against what they consider to be the “elites”, and severe poverty pockets). I was utterly surprised to realize they considered me an “elite”. So after much verbal battery and some social exclusion, I taught myself to speak English with their accent, to dumb down my vocabulary, and hide my avid reading. I began to fit in.

While in Tennessee I worked a great deal of manual labor jobs including plant nursery field laborer (for years), roadside vegetable market cashier, cut down trees and chopped firewood to sell, worked as a construction painter, and newspaper jogger in a large press room. I learned a great deal about farming too.


Source: (10) What will the US economy be like when Trump completes his first term? – Quora

As Trump Spreads A Fog Of Falsehoods, His Fans Believe Them And Make Excuses For Him | HuffPost UK

ESTERO, Fla. – Last Wednesday afternoon was typical for Donald Trump over these past weeks: The president was en route to a rally where he would let loose a torrent of falsehoods and outright lies about everything from trade to immigration to even the name of the opposing party.

Just don’t bother telling that to the lady who wore the New England Patriots socks at the very front of the line to get into Hertz Arena on the outskirts of Fort Myers. Presented with a short list of Trump’s most frequent falsehoods, she countered with a homemade placard with a photo showing Louis Farrakhan with former Democratic President Barack Obama and demanded to know why the media wasn’t covering that.

She added that she was not interested in whether or how many times Trump might lie that evening. “I don’t care if he sprouts a third dick up there,” she said.

(She declined to give her name or to elaborate on her views of the president’s anatomy.)

Her response, though, was typical of fans so committed to Trump that they take time off from work and spend hours in the rain or under a blazing sun to listen to his speeches. And it highlights the other half of the president’s destruction of the truth: As Trump has passed through the looking glass into a make-pretend world of invented facts, legions of his fans have happily followed him.

Jennifer Petito, who drove across the state from Melbourne to see Trump, was similarly dismissive of proof that Trump’s claims are false.

“I don’t believe that,” she said, joining in with the verbal assault on HuffPost for daring to challenge Trump’s version of reality. “I don’t believe he would lie like that.”

Tom Nichols, a professor at the Naval War College and the author of the recent book, “The Death of Expertise,” said the Trump supporters’ response does not surprise him in the least.

“There are a lot of scientific explanations for it, but most of them boil down to ‘shooting the messenger.’ Deep down, they know that these things are false. They don’t care,” Nichols said. “What they object to is the sense of inferiority created when someone tells them that the things they know to be false are actually false.”

As those monitoring Trump’s speeches even casually have noted, Trump began ramping up dishonesties in service of GOP candidates about two months ago. The Washington Post found that Trump’s more frequent speeches combined with more prevarications per speech have raised his average number of false statements per day to 30 – making these past seven weeks a veritable festival of falsehoods.


Source: As Trump Spreads A Fog Of Falsehoods, His Fans Believe Them And Make Excuses For Him | HuffPost UK

Trump voters overwhelmingly agree: Their man is a “stable genius : Salon

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is correct about at least one thing: Donald Trump is a “dotard.” He is proudly ignorant, does not read, is crude and boorish, and lacks any sense of grace or humility.

In many ways, Trump is a living embodiment of the Dunning-Krueger effect — a social-psychological phenomenon where those with the least expertise and knowledge overestimate their own competence and systematically undervalue true expertise — on a grand stage.

Trump is also a brazen liar who has created his own reality organized around narcissism, egotism and self-aggrandizement. He is an overt racist who traffics in violent language and imagery, and who brags about sexually assaulting women. His willful embrace of ignorance amplify those other profound character defects.


Source: Trump voters overwhelmingly agree: Their man is a “stable genius : Salon

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