Germany wants to conclude Brexit talks by year’s end – minister – Reuters

BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany wants to do all it can to conclude negotiations with Britain on its future relationship with the European Union by the end of this year, Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said on Friday.


Source: Germany wants to conclude Brexit talks by year’s end – minister – Reuters

My love letter to Britain: family ties can never really be severed | Frans Timmermans | Opinion | The Guardian

Since I went to a British school, you have always been part of me. Now you are leaving, and it breaks my heart

Source: My love letter to Britain: family ties can never really be severed | Frans Timmermans | Opinion | The Guardian

Brexit is a necessary crisis – it reveals Britain’s true place in the world | David Edgerton | Opinion | The Guardian

Who backs Brexit? Agriculture is against it; industry is against it; services are against it. None of them, needless to say, support a no-deal Brexit. Yet the Conservative party, which favoured European union for economic reasons over many decades, has become not only Eurosceptic – it is set on a course regarded by every reputable capitalist state and the great majority of capitalist enterprises as deeply foolish.

If any prime minister in the past had shown such a determined ignorance of the dynamics of global capitalism, the massed ranks of British capital would have stepped in to force a change of direction. Yet today, while the CBI and the Financial Times call for the softest possible Brexit, the Tory party is no longer listening.


Source: Brexit is a necessary crisis – it reveals Britain’s true place in the world | David Edgerton | Opinion | The Guardian

David Starkey issues brutal analysis of ‘bizarre’ Supreme Court ruling against

Remainers have been pushing to not leave the EU since David Cameron came up with the Referendum and maybe for many years before.

When the Referendum result was announced, not leaving the EU should have been off the table, with only leaving with a deal or no deal the options.

To then, for remainers to campaign for no deal to b e off the table, was and still is illogical, except to ensure a deal is put forward which while saying it is a deal to leave when in reality it is not, in fact a deal in name only, such as the May deal. But then the remainers would not vote for that because it was adeal to leave.

Say I was the EU and looked at thr turmoil in Westminster where remainers are blocking leavers every move, would I offer a good deal to leave, yes, the answer would be NO.

For the EU can see that, if the remainers win, there will be no deal option, in effect the best card to play for leavers. In fact, they would see that the worst option for the EU would be a deal and the best to remain, which as I stated before should not be an option after the 2016 Referendum.
Leavers are arguing about democracy, but by their own actions they are showing democracy does not work, well only within their own terms.

Remainers should in fact withdraw and leave all decisions to leavers.

If the referendum in 2016 had gone the other way then the above would have been in reverse.


David Starkey insisted the speech Lady Hale gave before the ruling appeared closer to one given at a ”hustings” rather than a judicial debate.  The language was verging on the political – it was political.

GW: The Cabal on both sides of the pond are becoming increasingly desperate.  They are now pulling any sort of trick & pressing any button they can find.  A good example of this is Jesse Philips’ irrational explosion in HofC.  She needs anger management classes & perhaps she should not even be there if she can’t control her emotions.  These people are thinkings with their feelings rather than with cold hard intellect.  Any way you look at it (((they))) are thwarting the democratic process & I guess deep down it is getting to them.  Their shadowy masters are jaagging their strings pretty tightly now & (((they))) are choking.

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Amber Rudd resigns from Cabinet and quits Tory party as she hits out at Boris Johnson’s purge | Daily Mail Online

  • Rudd said there was ‘no evidence’ to suggest Johnson was seeking an EU deal 
  • She said she ‘could not stand’ for the dismissal of 21 Tory rebels last week
  • Ms Rudd called the exiles ‘good, strong conservatives with progressive values’
  • In addition to quitting Cabinet she stood by them by surrendering the whip

Cabinet Minister Amber Rudd resigned from the Tory Party last night in protest at Boris Johnson’s sacking of the rebel Tory MPs who voted last week to block a No Deal Brexit.

In a devastating parting salvo, the Pensions Secretary — one of only a handful of Remain supporting Ministers in Mr Johnson’s Cabinet — said she thought there was ‘no evidence’ that Mr Johnson was trying to strike a deal with Brussels.

Announcing that she would be standing as an independent Conservative in her Hastings and Rye constituency, Ms Rudd attacked the Prime Minister’s decision to deselect 21 Tory rebels as an ‘assault on decency and democracy’.

Ms Rudd was criticised by her former Remain allies after pivoting to sign up to Mr Johnson’s Cabinet and backing his pledge to leave the EU ‘do or die’ and had been under huge pressure over her ‘pivot.’


Source: Amber Rudd resigns from Cabinet and quits Tory party as she hits out at Boris Johnson’s purge | Daily Mail Online

France and UK to take ‘urgent action’ on English Channel migrants | Euronews

British Home Secretary Priti Patel has promised more joint action between the UK and France to prevent migrants crossing the English Channel.

Patel met her French counterpart Christophe Castaner in Paris on Thursday, soon after dozens of migrants were intercepted on five boats off the British coast, and one boat made a landing on a beach in Sussex.

Over 900 migrants have successfully made the crossing between the UK and France in 2019, with the Home Office returning at least 65 people.

Meanwhile, legal proceedings brought against a number of smugglers. In July and June, two men were jailed for assisting unlawful immigration to the UK, one in Britain and the other in France. In May, a French national was jailed for selling 39 boats to migrants.

Read More: A flipper and a plastic bottle float: the story of one Iraqi man’s deadly asylum bid

In January, the UK and France agreed a joint action plan which included £6 million in new security equipment including CCTV coverage of beaches and ports. The two countries also agreed to return migrants that make the crossing.

“We’ve been working extremely closely with our French colleagues to tackle the use of small boats but we both agreed more needs to be done,” Patel said.

“It’s vital we ensure our collective expertise is used to stop the boats from leaving French shores and dismantle the criminal networks driving this activity.”

But Catherine Woollard, secretary general of the European Council on Refugees and Exiles, told Euronews that the numbers of migrants crossing the Channel remained “very small”.

“An alarmist approach on the part of UK politicians and media is likely to contribute to the growing xenophobia in the country, as well as generating the risk of disproportionate action,” she said.

At its narrowest, the stretch of water between the UK and France is just 33 kilometres. But poor weather conditions and a huge amount of commercial shipping makes the English Channel a dangerous crossing even for experienced navigators.

Many of the boats being used by migrants and smuggling gangs are small inflatable dinghies, which are often overcrowded to maximise profits for smugglers.

On August 23, the body of an Iraqi national – Niknam Masoud – was found off the Belgian coast after it is believed he attempted to swim to the UK from France.


Source: France and UK to take ‘urgent action’ on English Channel migrants | Euronews

Sheffield Adult Safeguarding Partnership Annual Report for 2018/2019

Annual Reports do you find them boring, complicated and very uninteresting, what if you found an Annual Reort in a video format.

You say you have never seen a report in this format, for they are never produced, except in the written form.

Well now, this is not so, for the Sheffield Adult Safeguarding Partnership have produced their Annual Report for 2018/2019 in a video format.

The full video is approximately is 60 minutes in length.

However, a short introduction has also been produced which is approximately 4 and a half minutes in length, which can be viewed below

Like what you see and wishing to hear and see more, then the full video can be viewed below

Unfortunately, we have currently, not been able to include the promised BSL format in the full length video, but this may be available by contacting

Practice Development DoLS & Safeguarding Team

Little West Wing

Floor 10

Moorfoot Building


S1 4PL

Tel No. : 0114 2957183

email :

We do hope that you enjoyed viewing the videos and that you may now have more interest in Annual Reports

Top chef who served Royals and worked at 2012 Olympics ‘doesn’t qualify for Settled Status’ despite living in UK for 15 years : iNews

An award-winning chef who cooked at the 2012 Olympics and has served the Royal family has been refused the right to remain indefinitely in the UK after Brexit despite having lived in the country for 15 years.

Damian Wawrzyniak, 39, a Polish national, was expecting to have his Settled Status application approved without any problems when he made his application as he has lived in the UK well past the five-year threshold required for permanent residence.

But he was surprised when the Home Office said he had only been awarded pre-Settled Status, which is generally for EU nationals who do not have five years of continuous residence in the UK.

Mr Wawrzyniak, who lives just outside Peterborough, said he submitted his application last week, alongside his partner and her two parents.

“Straight away I was told to give more proof – things like bank statements – which I sent back to them,” he told i. “Then I received this letter today saying that I had not been approved.

A copy of the letter sent to Damian from the Home Office

“It made me feel not good enough for this country which I have given my life to for 15 years. I have cooked for the royals twice, I worked at the London 2012 Olympics, but apparently that is not good enough.”


Source: Top chef who served Royals and worked at 2012 Olympics ‘doesn’t qualify for Settled Status’ despite living in UK for 15 years : iNews

French MEP stuns BBC host during tense Brexit interview – ‘You create problem, you fix it’ | UK | News |

Ms Loiseau insisted the  will not change their position on reopening the withdrawal agreement despite the British Government’s demands. The French MEP, who previously worked as ‘s Europe Minister, told a stunned Emma Barnett the UK had caused the “problem” with Brexit and should therefore work to rectify it. Ms Loiseau told the BBC Radio 5 Live presenter: “Let us be frank – you created a problem, you fix it.


Source: Brexit news: French MEP stuns BBC host during tense interview – ‘You create problem’ | UK | News |

Britain tells China to honour Hong Kong freedoms – Reuters

Officers moved in after crowds stormed and trashed Hong Kong’s legislature on Monday, the anniversary of its return to Chinese rule, protesting against proposed legislation allowing extraditions to mainland China.

British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt condemned violence on both sides and warned of consequences if China neglects commitments made when it took back Hong Kong to allow freedoms not enjoyed in mainland China, including the right to protest.

“We can make it clear we stand behind the people of Hong Kong in defence of the freedoms that we negotiated for them when we agreed to the handover in 1997 and we can remind everyone that we expect all countries to honour their international obligations,” Hunt told Reuters when asked what Britain could do.

He added that he hoped to avoid sanctions for China, saying: “I hope it won’t come up anything like that at all.”

“There is a way through this which is for the government of Hong Kong to listen to the legitimate concerns of the people of Hong Kong about their freedoms,” he added.

China said on Monday Britain no longer has any responsibility for Hong Kong and needed to stop “gesticulating” about the city.


China has denied interfering in Hong Kong affairs, though protesters have said the extradition bill is part of a relentless move towards mainland control.

Hunt, a candidate to succeed Theresa May as Prime Minister, said at a campaign event in Belfast that many supporters of the Hong Kong demonstrators would have been dismayed by footage of Monday’s protests but that they should not be used as a pretext for repression.

The protests have created a fresh crisis for Chinese President Xi Jinping, already grappling with a trade war with Washington, a faltering economy and tension in the South China Sea.


Source: Britain tells China to honour Hong Kong freedoms – Reuters