Ukraine crisis: Russia criticises US military moves as ‘destructive step’ | Ukraine | The Guardian

Moscow says US deployments in eastern Europe increase tensions, as Nato says Russia has moved 30,000 troops to Belarus


Any actions have to be accountable, and no one should have a right to enter another country without authorisation, at least when this relates to 2 of the supposed superpowers.

As yet neither Russia or America has recently placed troops in another country, especially Ukraine, but Russia has in the past with the Crimea and some other parts of the Ukraine and are still there. So, with Russian movements of assumed over 125,000 troops alarms have been alerted, especially when Russia has made distinct demands for certain assurances when they are unwilling to offer any such reassurances.

America have moved around 30,000 troops in its response, which could be viewed as a measured response and in reality, is no comparison to those troop numbers of Russia.

Ukraine is an independent country and as such as a right to do as it pleases within its, own boarders and so as Russia. But it is not just troop movements with Russia, for they are wishing to dictate to Ukraine what they can and can’t do, but, if Ukraine wishes to join NATO, then it has a right to do so. If, Russia has no intentions of invading Ukraine, then it has nothing to be afraid of, but Ukraine as a right to defend and plan to defend itself as the history of Russia and certainly Putin shows that neither can be trusted.

NATO is not an aggressor as Russia would lead us to believe but exists to promote democratic values and is committed to the peaceful resolution of disputes to ensure the security of Europe.

President Vladimir Putin, on the other hand does engage in behaviours that appear to encourage conflicts detrimental to the peace and security of Europe. Also while saying he is using democratic principles his actions in Russia seem to say the opposite for he has effectively removed any credible opposition by either arresting or killing his opponents.

The Western powers wish for peace, but Russia and also China appear to want the opposite.


Source: Ukraine crisis: Russia criticises US military moves as ‘destructive step’ | Ukraine | The Guardian