YouGov Are Asking Whether Benefit Claimants Should Be Allowed To Vote

Of course Benefit Claiments should be allowed to vote for them not to would be against democracy, to even think this is a worry for now and certainly the future.

Same Difference

Same Difference is deeply upset by this YouGov poll question. Of course, we answered that benefit claimants should be allowed to vote.

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Jobseekers forced to book face-to-face meeting to change online password in bonkers Universal Credit blunder

Yet one more blunder, this progressive extent of blunders is extremely serious and one that should not be seen to be taken lightly. Accountability should be the buzz word, but if it was there would not be anyone left to undertake any form of responsibility, the comment ‘Fred Karno‘ is much in abundance.

But this needs to be actioned ‘yesterday’, if that was possible, in fact after all this time it should have already been rectified so now rectify it now or cease any further progression with anymore proceeding to Universal Credit until all the problems associated with Universal Credit are rectified, however, in the ‘normal’ progress of events will this be achievable.

I fear not, so the only sensible way forward is to cancel the Universal Programme immediately.

Tony Blair; When will he be held Accountable?

Tony Blair, The Money Lord

Tony Blair, what will he do next? Well I can bet, that whatever it is, he will make even more money.

I have never trusted him and I can remember at the time he was first elected making the comment, ‘How can anyone vote for someone, with a smile like his’ I just looked at his face and all I could think was ‘phony’.

What I can not understand, is how he is not held accountable for his actions. He puts me in mind of someone acting a part and you keep waiting to see the real person. He appears to be disliked by many, but liked by a few. The problem is the few, all appear to be in positions of power and wealth.

You just keep waiting to see it all disintegrate, but then it never happens, but hopefully it will be good fun when it does.

There is always talk that Tony Blair may come back to UK politics, but hopefully that is just a rumour.

Rescue, Time saves lives?


Oh my, how many more poor creatures are at risk. I am told there are 100s, if not 1000s, may be many more, of poor creatures in our sewers who may be in danger and will need to be rescued. I am not sure what these creatures are, as I have not been down the sewers to see them.

But someone has told me they may be called RATS. Anyway, they do deserve to be helped.

Anyone willing to volunteer, please ring their local Health Authority and ask for their medication to be increased.

I do believe that my Christmas and New Year celebrations to have been very excessive, as I feel I have been in a coma for going on 3 months, as it must be 1st April today.