The Government needs to step up to end hygiene poverty : Govt Newspeak

I agree poverty needs to be eradicated, and especially within the UK with it being the fifth richest country in the World.

However, The Guardian in September 2018 in the article ‘How unequal is Britain and are the poor getting poorer?’, stated ‘There is a sixfold difference between the income of the top 20% of households and those of the bottom 20%. Wealth inequality is much worse, with 44% of the UK’s wealth owned by just 10% of the population, five times the total wealth held by the poorest half.’,

Then, an article in The Guardian December 2019, ‘Gap between rich and poor grows alongside rise in UK’s total wealth’, states ‘The different rates of growth documented by the ONS Wealth and Assets survey meant the top 10% finished 2018 with 45% of national wealth, while the poorest 10th held just 2%.’,

So, rather than the gap becoming less, it is expanding.

The Conservative Governments over the last 11 years have done little or nothing to reduce the gap, in effect their meddling with the Welfare State system could well be one of the reasons it is expanding.

The Conservative Governments have together with The Media done their best to discriminate and create a feeling of disdain towards people in poverty. How many programmes are shown on TV on people improving their lives as opposed to persons on benefits where they are shown to be ab using the system.

This gives the population of the UK that everyone on benefits is claiming illegally,when they are, in fact in the minority, as on a percentage basis the degree of people abusing the Welfare State is way much lower than MPs fiddling their expenses.

While those in all areas abusing any system need to be stopped, no matter who they are, as people in need should not be discriminated against. It is also not just based on finance and poverty, for the way Social Care has been allowed to be substantially under-funded is criminal, but nothing is being done to remedy this, only empty promises. These promises have been around for many years, for in 2015 there was a plan to alter Social Care funding but Cameron and Osborne being the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer respectively decided to put it on hold and deffer it to April 2020.

This, as we know as come and gone, possibly COVID-19 could be blamed, but is it really the reason. More promises are being made, in fact, Simon Stevens of NHS England said it needs to be resolved within the next 12 months, but as Social Care even got 12 months.

So, with Poverty and Social Care and other areas this Government is forcing people into situations from which they can not escape, unless the Government provides the means for them to do so.

Some will say, some people have brought it on themselves and that may be so for some, but for the majority it will be because of forces outwith their control.

The Government is supposed to be there for everyone, not just the top 10 or 20%.

Govt Newspeak

The Government needs to step up to end hygiene poverty. Until then here’s how you can help

See the source image

Today, I would like to draw attention to an often undiscussed and ignored issue: hygiene poverty. Some people think this is a made up problem, but it hugely impacts many across the country. Those affected can often feel ashamed, but it really isn’t their fault. It occurs when you are unable to afford everyday cleaning and personal grooming products.

These are items that most of us take for granted, like soap, toilet roll and toothpaste. I remember when I sat as a magistrate from 2011 to 2015 until I was elected (and I am still a dormant magistrate) being surprised and confused because people would steal handbags and wallets, and then when Universal Credit was introduced in 2013 they started stealing deodorant and basic food and hygiene necessities.

It was a sad, sad…

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Labour’s new DWP shadow secretary attacked for toxic comments

Labour’s new shadow work and pensions secretary Jonathan Reynolds is showing that incompetents are not solely within the Conservative Party or is he a Tory plant within Labour.

Jonathan Reynolds and the Labour Party need to get their act together, otherwise we will have Tory Governments until infinity and Labour will be finished forever.

Govt Newspeak

Labour’s new DWP shadow attacked for ‘toxic’ comments on social security – DNS

Labour’s new shadow work and pensions secretary is facing anger from disabled activists and politicians after he said that people who “put more in” to the social security system should “get more out of it” if they lose their jobs.

Among those to criticise the comments made by Jonathan Reynolds was Kerena Marchant, a Deaf campaigner who stood for Labour at the last general election.

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) has written an open letter, accusing Reynolds of “toxic” statements, and later accused Labour of “fundamental ignorance around disabled people’s oppression”.

In an article for the Politics Home website, Reynolds (pictured) said he wanted to see a social security system in which “if you put more in, you get more out of it”.

He added: “One of the reasons that support for social security has diminished amongst…

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Coronavirus: Over 100 disability charities sign open letter to DWP demanding urgent benefit changes – Welfare Weekly

More than 100 disability organisations sign open letter demanding better protections for disabled people affected by coronavirus pandemic.

Source: Coronavirus: Over 100 disability charities sign open letter to DWP demanding urgent benefit changes – Welfare Weekly

UNIVERSAL CREDIT: Single mum will fight DWP in the High Court

After all this time you would have thought that the DWP would have learnt from all that has gone before.

Well, if you look at the benefits to claimants, it is clear that they have not.

However, if you look at the benefits to the DWP, then, well, all I will say the scandals keep coming, so are they learning to keep the scandals coming, what would you say.

Surely benefits should be there for the benefit of those people who need them, many of whom are there through no fault of their own, but how it appears the DWP give them no thought whatsoever.

If that is so, then that shows how the DWP have learnt, that is to learn how to make people suffer and they have learnt well.

Govt Newspeak

Single mum will fight DWP in the High Court as landmark Universal Credit case goes ahead – The Mirror

EXCLUSIVE: Nichola Salvato, a 48-year-old benefits advisor from Brighton, will have her day in court with a case that could help half a million parents who pay for childcare while on Universal Credit.

A single mum has won permission to fight a landmark case against Universal Credit in the High Court. Nichola Salvato could help up to half a million parents who pay for childcare on the six-in-one benefit after a top judge allowed her to bring a judicial review.

The 48-year-old benefits advisor from Brighton launched her case after she was hurled into debt by the way Universal Credit collides with childcare.

Parents can claim up to 85% of the cost of childcare, to a cap of £646 per month, for each child under 16. But they must pay up-front and claim…

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Boris Johnson admits £111 a month Universal Credit is not enough to live on – Mirror Online

The Prime Minister said ‘in a word, no’ after being asked if the paltry sum was enough for a woman who was eight and a half months pregnant

Source: Boris Johnson admits £111 a month Universal Credit is not enough to live on – Mirror Online

UNIVERSAL CREDIT: DWP confession is horrific

So the DWP impact statements over the last 10 years have never looked at the 5 week payment delay, how can this be, when they are bound to have an impact on claimants.

If Impact Statements are supposed to cover all impacts, which they are, surely not including all impacts makes the Impact Statements ‘not fit for purpose’.

As a full assessment of Universal Credit has not be conducted, then this benefit should not be being rolled out.

With these facts it should be deemed illegal for the payment and rollout of Universal Credit to be continued, if not, the Advance Payment should be counted as compensation.

Govt Newspeak

A fresh DWP confession about Universal Credit is horrific [YOU THINK]

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has revealed a horrific fact about Universal Credit. The department said that it has never checked if part of the benefit leads to poverty. But there’s more to this story than meets the eye, as the DWP’s failures actually stretch back nearly a decade.

More DWP chaos?

As CommonSpace reported, campaign group Poverty Alliance made a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to the DWP which asked a few questions. Some of these were about the five-week wait Universal Credit claimants have. This is the usual time it takes the DWP to give people their first payment. The Poverty Alliance asked for the DWP to give it:

The DWP’s answer was short. But it was also to the point:

Having searched all our records, I can confirm that we do not hold the…

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DWP clawed back £50million in Universal Credit loan repayments in just one month

A 5 week wait for a benefit to be paid is ridiculous for in this age of computers it should be much quicker.

This is completely wrong for New Claimants of benefits as in many instances the benefit will be needed urgently.

Then for claimant having to move from one benefit to another, this 5 week wait is also wrong, especially as their old benefits stop when the claim is received.

Why, in this day with all the computer systems could not the old benefit be continued to be paid until the new benefit is ready for payment, a seamless transfer, or can they (DWP) not be bothered. This is especially so, as some also suffer a benefit reduction when all the old benefits are converted into one.

This is not a welfare system, but a punishment system, but being on benefits is not a crime, but the way the Government, the Press and some misguided individuals in the UK population appear to believe that it is.

Govt Newspeak

New claimants for Universal Credit have to wait a minimum of five weeks for their first payment to be processed, forcing many to take out loans form from the Government.
The borrowing, known as Advance Payments, to cover their basic living costs before their first entitlement arrives

Boris Johnson’s government clawed back £50 million one month in loan repayments from some of the poorest households in Britain. The appalling cost of the Department of Work and Pension’s five-week wait for Universal Credit payments have been exposed by a campaigning Scottish MP.

Chris Stephens MP said he has been staggered to discover the government is reclaiming so much money in what he said is a clear sign of a flawed policy.

New claimants for Universal Credit have to wait a minimum of five weeks for their first payment to be processed, forcing many to take out loans form from the Government. The borrowing, known as…

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DWP loses Court of Appeal fight over Universal Credit discrimination against disabled – Mirror Online

Tory ministers have now spent two years and more than £130,000 fighting two cases that ruled Universal Credit had discriminated against some disabled people

Source: DWP loses Court of Appeal fight over Universal Credit discrimination against disabled – Mirror Online

Universal Credit: Revised prescription forms with UC tick box to be introduced

Surely this change should have been delayed until all are on Universal Credit should that day ever come.

I know which to tick on the old form, but not on this one.

This will confuse many, has does Universal Credit.

Govt Newspeak

Prescription forms have been updated to improve the process for those who are eligible for free prescriptions under Universal Credit.

New FP10 Paper Prescription Form

The new forms should make it easier to identify those who have a valid prescription charge exemption

New FP10 prescription forms that will be introduced from the end of January 2020 will include a tick box to indicate when free prescriptions can be claimed under Universal Credit (UC).

Including the UC state benefit on the forms was first announced in October 2017, but in March 2019 the government said the updated versions of FP10s were still “being prepared for testing”.

The lack of an option for UC on FP10 forms had been given as a reason for wrongly issued penalty fines for patients who were entitled to free prescriptions.

Currently, patients claiming UC can receive free prescriptions if their earnings during their most recent UC assessment period were less than…

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