Man Filmed Abusing Patients While Training To ‘Cure’ Autism

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“Horrifying” practices have been exposed that purport to cure people with autism, during which clients are subjected to shouting and intimidation.

An undercover researcher posing as a man with autism was verbally abused and mimicked by a trainer for hours.

The BBC investigated after hearing of a Hungarian firm selling training to “cure” and treat autism in London.

Campaigners are calling on the government to regulate the industry further to protect people with autism.

Jozsef Kanta offered autism mind-training from premises in London, founded, he claimed, on methods developed by Stabil Pont Technologia, based near Budapest in Hungary.

Mr Kanta claimed the researcher’s autism could be cured through a series of training sessions costing £3,500.

Mr Kanta said he was able to remove autism by locating the client’s “inner trauma”, but that could take 60 sessions or more.

What is autism?

Autism is a lifelong neurodevelopmental disorder. The condition…

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Abused, threatened and left stranded – young campaigners’ transport experiences | DisabledGo News and Blog

By Raya Al Jadir Young disabled people have been abused, threatened and left stranded while using public transport, according to a new report. End Of The Line 2016 follows a nine-month undercover investigation by Trailblazers – a network of 700 young disabled campaigners and their supporters that is run by the charity Muscular Dystrophy UK – and a survey of more than 100 of its members. It comes seven years after a previous report on access to public transport by Trailblazers, and concludes that although “things have improved significantly” there are still “huge strides to be made”, mostly because of a lack of funding and the negative attitudes of transport staff. One disabled passenger was even hospitalised because of a bus’s dangerous design, while others faced abuse and threats from both transport staff and other passengers. The report reveals the “disturbing experiences” of Trailblazers across buses, trains, taxis and London’s tube network, and concludes that their journeys are

Source: Abused, threatened and left stranded – young campaigners’ transport experiences | DisabledGo News and Blog