Ministers forced into climbdown in row over raw sewage being dumped into rivers – Mirror Online

Environment Secretary George Eustice said a new legal duty would be imposed on water companies to “progressively reduce” the amount of sewage pumped into waterways – as Tories sought to avoid a Lords defeat


In a, so called, developed country how is it that any raw sewage is deliberately pumped into any waterways, let alone impose a duty to progressively reduce such.

This should no longer be ‘Victorian’ Britain for we should have progressed after so many years much further. I think much of this is down to the fact that much of the UK sewage system is still Victorian  and this is down to the total lack of investment over the years, which in the UK is not unknown, a case of out of sight, out of mind.

In the UK this is done all the time, railways, jet propulsion, in fact most thing which the UK was the inventor of, but investment is always way short.

You can’t count on the Government for they are only bothered with political motives, mainly to score points off each other, rather than the parties working for the common good of all in the UK.

If labour are for it then the Conservatives will not be and then if the Conservatives are for then labour is against. then there is the Liberal Democrats, or is there, for who knows what they stand for. The SNP are only there for Scotland or again are they, for are they only there for the SNP.

But this is not helping the sewage situation, but investment there is in a long queue, a very long queue.


Source: Ministers forced into climbdown in row over raw sewage being dumped into rivers – Mirror Online

Family Breakdown is Feminism to Blame?

Blame Feminism

Feminism is not to blame for the breakdown of the family, except that it has encouraged females to think for themselves and be more independent and introduced moves towards equality between males and females.

Previously, especially in those so called good ‘Victorian Times‘, it was the males as head of the household who made the rules and all persons in the household had to follow without question, even his wife.

Even if she was not happy with the situation, there was little she could do, as the male was in total control.

So couples kept together even though at least 1 may not have been happy, but in hindsight was this good for the family.

It is Liberalism stemming from the 60’s that has been instrumental, as this created a culture of withdrawal of discipline, leading to lack of respect for other individuals and Society as a whole. In today’s throw away culture, people do not care for each other and there is the attitude of ‘I want it, it is my right’.

This follows throughout life.

Respect for fellow human kind is on the decline, not only for fellow human beings, but for other peoples possessions. Also being effected is the pride in fulfilling a role in employment and endeavouring to achieve pursuance of quality in that role, To many, employment is just to attend to obtain a salary, irrespective of the quality of output that they give. The maintenance of standards are in decline.