Unacceptable behaviour in football

Coin throwing

Just because coin throwing and other non-acceptable crowd actions have been taking place for many years, is no reason for not taking any action. Why do football supporters act in this manner, after all it is only a game. People say you can become so involved in the game and your emotions take over. But surely this can be said of supporters in many other games, but they do not resort to actions of this nature.

Over the years there have been other spectacles that have had similar supporters reactions, what about the Gladiatorial Arenas of the Ancient Romans. It was not right then and it is not right now.

What actions can be taken, well you can have zero tolerance, CCTV, plants in the crowd and the crowds to police themselves, or a mix of all of them plus any others. By plants in the crowd, this could be plain clothed officials monitoring crowd behaviour from within the crowd and they could use miniature CCTV cameras on their person. Also with crowds monitoring themselves, I mean responsible supporters noting who is causing trouble and then reporting it to an appropriate official when safe to do so.

The point is no matter what it takes, action to stop this and other similar behaviour needs to be taken and be taken now.

Peace in our time for Israel and Palestine

Peace campaign

Peace will only come by non-violent action and peace is required to save further slaughter on both sides. Please give this approach a chance, by supporting the action.

Please consider the following comments:


  • there has already been decades of occupation and repression by Israel of the Palestinian people
  • for years the US and Israel have held peace hostage to processes that have only led to more illegal colonisation of palestinian lands
  • the US and Israel should not get away with bullying the rest of the world to vote ‘no’ to what is morally and strategically right


  • currently there is not even a peace process in play
  • this is a new chance to balance the equation and kick start a new path towards freedom and peace
  • if the bid fails, we may have decades more of violence and extremists will win more ground


  • it is time for Palestine – this is a legitimate, non-violent, diplomatic proposal that deserves Europe’s full support
  • the UN, World Bank and IMF say that the Palestinians are ready to run their own state
  • majorities of people across the UK and 2/3rds of world leaders already support Palestine statehood

Palestinian bid at the UN General Assembly is our best chance for peace

Please support this action.

Malala is prepared to stand for what she believes in, at great cost to her

Muslims stand with Malala, will you do so to

Malala is prepared to stand for what she believes in, she deserves our support.

One lone child is prepared to stand for what she believes in and is then shot in the head by the Taliban.

While there is at least one person prepared, against the odds, to have conviction and speak out, there is hope for peace to reign some day.

Please follow the link above and show your support

Pregnant woman abused, but stands by her abuser

Pregnant woman abused

Violence in any relationship can not and should not be tolerated.

He needs to attend an Anger Management course and she needs to attend an Assertiveness course. Currently she is doing herself no favours nor woman kind.

He wishes to attend an Anger Management course and his wishes should be respected, but it should be included as part of his punishment.  By that it should be in the sentence, that he attends the course and not miss any sessions. He should then be monitored to ensure he does not regress into his violent ways.  If alcohol is to be some part of the catalyst for this behaviour, then a restriction on his use of alcohol should also be included in the sentence.

If he dares to then say his rights are being infringed, then he is not abiding by his punishment and would be showing a total disregard of the rights of his partner.  He should show remorse for his actions, by doing all he can to ensure it will not happen again. This would be showing that he means what he says.

Punishment is a requirement.

Saying SORRY is never enough.  This is a much maligned word, which is easily spoken, but very rarely meant.

Whether his partner stays with him or not is her choice and should not influence his punishment.  The Law of the Country should be there for the protection of the people, whether they wish the protection or not.  To allow any crime or unsocial behaviour to go unpunished is just one step from anarchy.