Tony Blair’s latest controversy is the final straw. Labour must expel him immediately. | The Canary

Tony Blair’s latest controversy should leave Labour with no choice but to expel him from the party.

The former prime minister has escaped exile one too many times. But his actions are indefensible. And his most recent fail should surely be the final straw.

Fresh controversy

Blair has just been photographed smiling alongside Brazil’s fascist president Jair Bolsonaro. The former Labour leader met Bolsonaro at the World Economic Forum and looked more than happy posing alongside the openly racist and homophobicpresident.


Source: Tony Blair’s latest controversy is the final straw. Labour must expel him immediately. | The Canary

The Videos by Jimmy Dore on Tony Blair and the Chilcot Report

I thank Chilcot and Jimmy Dore for their condemnation of Tony Blair. It as all been said, no one can be unaware that Tony Blair is the biggest liar in the world and he created the current situation in the Middle East and was the creator of modern radicalisation. This does not mean that George W Bush is an innocent, for he is as guilty as Blair, but that is for the people of America to comment on.

For Blair what should the next step be, there needs to be a process started to bring him to court for being a ‘War Criminal’ for if there is not, we are all complicit in being war criminals.

So be warned Presidents and Prime Ministers in waiting you are accountable for your action both now and in the future. Any atrocities created by these actions are on your shoulders and your shoulders alone for which you will suffer the consecquences.

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

In the three videos below, the left-wing American comedian Jimmy Dore gives an almost line-by-line, sentence-by-sentence commentary on Blair’s speech responding to the findings of the Chilcot inquiry into the invasion of Iraq. This has found that it was indeed an illegal war; that it was launched before all the opportunities of reaching a peaceful settlement had been exhausted; that there was no proper preparation for its conclusion and the restoration of peace afterwards; and that the invasion would result in further ethnic violence, bloodshed and the involvement of Iran.

Dore calls Blair what he is: a war criminal, who is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of servicemen, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, and for the rise of the bloody Islamist radicals of Daesh/ISIS. But these videos shows Blair is completely unrepentant. He tries to pass the blame instead on a ‘gridlocked’ UN, which could not come to…

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The Remarkable Number Of Dead People Associated With Bliar’s Ascendancy


Normally anybody who criticises Jeremy Corbyn is guaranteed knee-jerk support by the British media which apparently feels that it does not even have to pretend to be non-partisan when it comes to the Labour leader. The only political figure similarly subjected to automatic demonisation is Tony Blair, so when he fiercely attacked Corbyn last week for supposedly focusing on “the politics of protest” at the expense of “the politics of power” it was interesting to see which man would be targeted.

The Chilcot inquiry is expected to criticise him severely for his actions in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

bliar 2016Blair’s periodic eruptions are so useful because he openly reveals that, like the Bourbons, he has learned nothing and forgotten nothing since the start of the Iraq war, while other western leaders pretend the opposite but in practice do much as he would have done. It is…

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Tony Blair: Towards A Citizen’s Arrest of a Renowned War Criminal?

Counter Information

Global Research, August 13, 2015
Lankaweb 12 August 2015

tony-blair-03With a bounty on his head for complicity that led to a million or more deaths an invasion based on lies and a dossier full of allegations of conflict of interest, Tony Blair declared guilty as a war criminal by the People’s Court has arrived in Sri Lanka for 2 weeks. More than suspicious having browsed through the portfolio of side-dealings associated with Blair ever since he left office in 2007. Not motivated by money, he says read on to understand how he represents the imperial agenda that is now slowly descending on Asia having destroyed the Middle East and neutralized the American public into a nation suffering the ills of Western liberalism.

If Iraq was an invasion based on lies it means that everything that followed were also lies. What about the highly classified program of…

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