Pathological Blair – Part ii


nosurrender2eussr – > B N J O
if Blair had cared – he wouldn’t have tried to sneak all our Dead service personnel back into Britain through the quiet back-door of Royal Wootton Bassett.
that’s why it became “Royal” Wootton Bassett – because of the homecomings they held In Honour of Blair’s Dead.
that’s why I’m convinced the Queen hates Blair’s guts. 🙂

They knew they were going to war a year before they actually went in.  Just waiting for the nod from the Bush Gangsters and to also find an excuse – Any excuse. They planned to invade around five countries in the middle east. Then Bush gave himself and Blair a pardon. //// USA have heavy artillery in Syria yet again building up for something latest reports state .

macj02 – > freeal
yes and we know where the chemical weapons came from …….and it wasn’t…

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