Dodgy DWP: ITV Investigates the Benefits system

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Episode 1:
Ken Loach explains in order to gather facts for his film ‘I, Daniel Blake’ they went across the country and it was always the same story.

Episode 2:
A Maximus Nurse talks about how DWP wants to trip claimants up

Episode 3:
Disturbing findings about the dodgy work capability assessments

Episode 4
Coronation Street Actress Cherylee Houston talks about the dodgy work capability assessments


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‘Harrowing’ time of life on disability benefits laid bare : Morning Star.

A system not ‘fir for purpose’ as it is one fits all. The Government and DWP forget that what ever they introduce it should be for the benefit for the people to whom it is intended and that these people are not objects, but human beings with feelings, emotions and because of their conditions they will have good or bad days, which in the majority of cases will be outwith their control.

Yes, employment of some nature may be good for some, but not all and then what form of employment and for how long. Are there really employers out there who will even accommodate these various forms of employment and will they be understanding and be prepared to provide the required support, be it tailored training, emotional flexibility and many others.

Have the Government and the DWP even looked at what employment is there to be offered, but mainly do they care and perhaps the latter is the one that should concern us all. If, they do not care, then there is no hope.

Overhaul planned for work capability assessments for disabled people : AOL.

It is true that WCA is a flawed system, but will these proposed changes really make any substancial difference. While it is good to provide the right support for those adults in the UK who are really capabily of doing work, the assessment process should be undertaken by people who have a good understanding of any conditions which may be an inhibiting factor to to the process of obtaining work and the continuity to remain in work. The latter being as important as the former, as when in employment further support may be required which would not be expected by many employers. This could be making resonable adjustments to the work, working conditions and anyother areas, providing the right emotional support and it being available when required and a manner of other areas of essential support.

Currently we hear so many accounts where the assessors have no knowledge or are unwilling to understand the conditions of the respective claimants and in many caes do not record evidence accurately. Then there is the increased use of sanctions, which are in many cases being imposed inappropriately, again due to a lack of or unwillingness to listen and understand the respective situations being brought to them.

Until at least all of the above is under taken WCA and other benefits will not be ‘fit for purpose’.

Shadow minister set for disability equality road trip | DisabledGo News and Blog

A Labour shadow minister is to travel the country to ask disabled people for their help in designing a 21st-century social security system. Debbie Abrahams, the shadow minister for disabled people, launched her “disability equality roadshow” last week at a parliamentary event held to mark the international day of persons with disabilities. She said the roadshow would “allow disabled people across the UK to voice their opinions about how, as a society, we should be supporting them in the most effective and appropriate ways and to define what a social security system for disabled people, fit for the 21st century, should look like”. Abrahams said the government had treated disabled people “appallingly”, from “the £23.8 billion cuts in support to 3.7 million disabled people to the dehumanising and ineffective work capability assessments (WCA) for working-age disabled people”. She said the government had “refused to listen” to doctors, academics and disability organisations that have raised

Source: Shadow minister set for disability equality road trip | DisabledGo News and Blog

“How *Dare* ISIL Kill British Citizens! That’s *Our* Job!”

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

NOTE: I nearly wrote this article back in June, but in the end I decided to wait until evidence was in the public domain of post-Work-Assessment-Test deaths.

Seifeddine Rezgui is the name of a killer. On the 26th June 2015, armed with a Kalashnikov, he attacked a hotel in Port El Kantaoui, on the north-east coast of Tunisia. His frenzied attack, committed on behalf of the extremist terror group, Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL), left thirty-eight people dead. Thirty of them were British citizens, whose memory was lovingly saluted three days later, when the House of Commons observed a minute’s silence. The Prime Minister, David Cameron, then ordered that a national minute of silence would be held on the 3rd July, exactly one week after the attacks.

Iain Duncan-Smith is the name of a killer. Since becoming Secretary of State for Work & Pensions in…

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Maximus, Atos, and Work Capability Assessments

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‘Reblogged from Ekklesia, article written by Bernadette Meaden:

When Atos walked away from its contract to carry out Work Capability Assessments, the government needed to find a replacement. Today (29 October 2014) it was announced that the contract has been awarded to Maximus. Only time will tell of course, but for many disabled people the initial reaction may be, ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’.

Maximus is an American corporation which has been accused of fraud in the US. It recently entered the health assessment ‘market’ in the UK by acquiring British company Health Management Limited (HML). Medical Director at HML is Professor Mike O’Donnell – who was previously Chief Medical Officer at Atos.

In Professor O’Donnell’s Linkedin profile, he says that at Atos he was, “Responsible for Clinical Governance throughout the organisation.”

Prior to being at Atos, Professor O’Donnell was Chief Medical Officer at Unum, a private insurance company which is alleged to have had a big influence over the Department for Work and Pensions in its reform of disability benefits and assessments.

The Disability News Service has reported that in 2005, whilst at Unum, Professor O’Donnell wrote: “We know that our views and understanding are not yet in the mainstream of doctors’ thinking, but Government Policy is moving in the same direction, to a large extent being driven by our thinking and that of our close associates, both in the UK and overseas.”

In 2012 legal website reported, “Unum continues to suffer from a global reputation that it denies, delays or discontinues benefits in an alleged attempt to wear down policyholders in their pursuit of legitimate benefits.”

Disabled researcher and military veteran Mo Stewart, who has done a great deal of work on the connections between the DWP and Unum, stated :“The WCA is a replica of the assessment system used by Unum to resist funding insurance claimants.”

When Atos abandoned the contract for Work Capability Assessments, people may have hoped that a new company would mean a fresh start. Unfortunately the award of the contract to Maximus does not inspire confidence.