Newsletter No. 1 – July 2019

Now in July, the second part of 2019 and some will say ‘it will soon be Christmas’. That you may or may not be interested in. However, I do hope you will be interested in the items in this Newsletter.

I hope you feel the Newsletter is useful and if there are areas or items that you feel I should be covering then please advise. I can be contacted by either or

So now for the latest Newsletter items

Petition – Pay all employed carers the Living Wage

If you have not signed this petition, please do so Now, as the Deadline is 23 July 2019, so only about 13 days to go.
I am still issuing details of the petition to persons who I hope will be interested. Here is the lastest petition introduction
‘You may be aware of some of the problems with Social Care and the Government’s austerity cuts to Local Authorities and how this is affecting care services.
So, may I advise you about the petition – Pay all employed carers the Living Wage.
For more information please see attached. 
Hopefully this will inform the Government and in doing so they will increase the funding to local authorities. These authorities can then contract to Care Service Providers on an increased rate so they can then pay their care workers at least the Living Wage, currently 9.00 per hour, outside of London, London being 10.55 per hour.’
This petition is just the start, as is paying all care workers the Living Wage, for good quality care needs to be achieved in all instances of care and then be sustained.
This is going to be a long, long road to cover, but if we all work together it is achievable.
Thank you
Currently, this Petition has now received 976 signatures. When you do sign the petition please do not forget to verify your signature on the email you will receive after signing the Petition, for if you do not your signature will not be counted.

Initially I was hoping to obtain 10,000 signatures, which would have prompted a response by the Government.

However, with only about 20 days left to go before the petition closes, this will not be achieveable, but we may be able to reach at least 1,000 signatures.

So if you have signed or are now proposing to do so, please could you share it on Social Media that you use, if you do and also with your relatives, acquaintances and any other persons you may come across.

We all wish to retain a Care Profession within Social Care and persuading the Government to act and fund Local Authorities so they can fund Service Providers to start paying their Care Workers in the Care Profession, at least, the Living Wage is a start.

Some people are confusing the term ‘Living Wage’, with the term ‘National Living Wage’, the latter being £8.21 per hour and is the legal minimum payment to everyone over the age of 25 years, while the former is £9.00 per hour, calculated by the Living Wage Foundation to be the real wage people need to be paid, but it is not compulsory and each employer decides whether to pay it or not.
But Care Service Providers are, in most instances, not funded sufficiently by their respective Local Authorities to do this. The Local Authorities, in turn are not funded sufficiently by the Government to do this.
This is why this petition is aimed at the Government to now increase their funding to Local Authorities. At this point in time the Government is supposed to be preparing its ‘Green Paper on Social Care‘ so this is an opportune time for this petition to try to influence the Government, but your signatures are required to do this.
Please also share the petition and the information to all persons and groups you come into contact with.
Working Together is a way to succeed, no matter how slowly and how long this process takes, for eventually change for the better will be achieved.
You may say what is the point, for it is said there is no money or all the Government is concerned with is Brexit. These aspects may be so, but they may be not be.
We cannot do nothing, for then, will there be any progress. If we do not make our voices known, then will there be a Care Profession to speak of, so please act NOW, if you have not  previously signed the petition then please do so and then share, share and then share again.
Please take note, time is of the essence as the 23 July 2019 will soon be with us.
38 Degrees
What care would you want?

38 Degrees Logo 

People across England are struggling to get the care they need to live dignified and independent lives. [1] Many older people rely on their families to help – or are forced to sell their homes to cover the cost of care. [2] Our social care system is broken. [3] 

Now, a cross-party group of politicians are calling on the government to “stop faffing around,” and deal with the social care crisis. [4] They’ve published a report telling the government how to fix the problem, and to give social care the funding it needs. [5] It’s all over the news, and pressure is mounting on the government to take action. [6] 

126,000 of us have already signed the petition calling for proper funding for social care. If thousands more of us add our names now, whilst the issue is all over the press, it could be enough to tip the scales to victory. 

So, if you agree that older people, and those who need home support should get the care they need, sign the petition now. It only takes 30 seconds:

Vulnerable people across England rely on social care to live a life of dignity. But the government isn’t making this easy. With the cost of support in a care home piling up and people left waiting for care – thousands are stranded whilst ministers decide what to do. [7] And our already stretched NHS is being left to pick up the pieces.

That’s why an influential group of doctors, nurses and other NHS staff members started a campaign to demand the government give social care the funding it needs – and thousands of us have already signed in support. [8] 

Now with politicians speaking out, and the social care crisis plastered all over the news, the government will be feeling the heat. If thousands more of us pile on the pressure now, it could be enough to force the government to create a properly funded system, and make sure our NHS isn’t left to plug the gap. 

So, will you add your name, and make sure vulnerable people in England are given the care they deserve? It’ll only work if enough of us join in:

Thanks for being involved,

Chloe, Megan, Robin, Faye and the 38 Degrees team 

[1] The Guardian: Age UK: 50,000 elderly in England have died waiting for social care package: 
The Independent: Government’s £3m social care recruitment scheme set to fall flat without long-delayed reforms, experts warn:
[2] Most people pay for parts or all of their social care. Right now the government only pays for all of your care if you have less than £14,250 in assets. That means the total value of your pension, savings and sometimes your home has to be less than £14,250 for the government to step in to cover all your costs.
Age UK: Do I have to sell my home to pay for care?:
City AM: What is the cost of care?:
[3] The Kings Fund: The NHS at 70: What’s the problem with social care, and why do we need to do better?:
[4] The Guardian: Peers call for extra £8bn to tackle social care scandal:
[5] See note 4 
[6] See note 4
BBC: Social care: Hunt and Johnson urged to consider NHS-style free service:
Financial Times: Spend £8bn to fix social care ‘scandal’, urge Lords:
Sky News: Extra £8bn needed now to raise adult social care standards, say peers:
[7] See note 1
[8] A number of NHS groups representing staff, patients and service providers have come together to create the Health for Care campaign. This includes the NHS Confederation, NHS Providers, the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, the Richmond Group, the Patients Association, Healthwatch England, Shelford Group, National Voices, the National Association of Primary Care, the Royal College of General Practitioners, the Royal College of Physicians, the University Hospital Association and the British Geriatrics Society. You can visit their site here: 
38 Degrees: Give social care the funding it needs: 
Disability Sheffield
Sheffield City Council
City Wide Care Alarms
Capabilities Statement for Social Workers Working with Adults with Learning Disability
Your TARA News – 5 July 2019
Sheffield City Council - Your TARA News

Issue 47

We will send out this bulletin every few weeks to keep you up to date. We will also send Spotlight On special editions which will focus on one specific TARA or topic. If you have an article or news story to be included please contact the Engagement and Governance Team.

Lansdowne TARA Event this month


Gleadless Valley TARA new networking date


Gleadless Valley TARA would like to invite you to their 3rd Networking Social.

It will be held at the Terry Wright Community Hall, Gleadless Road, S2 2BT on Thursday 1st August 2019, 6.30 for 7pm and finish around 8.30pm. 

Please RSVP for catering purposes

click here

Click here to connect to Gleadless Valley facebook page

Can you help?


Dedicated week will make safeguarding everybody’s business


Keeping safe in Sheffield will be the key theme of this year’s Safeguarding Awareness week, which will run from 8 – 12 July.

Sheffield Adult and Children’s Safeguarding Boards will be working with partners from health, the emergency services, the voluntary sector and others, to raise everyone’s awareness of what safeguarding means, the situations in which it can arise and, importantly, signpost people to the organisations which can offer the right type of help and support.

Safeguarding Awareness Week 2019 will include a range of free activities in Sheffield. It aims to raise awareness of the many contexts in which safeguarding issues relating to both adults and children may arise and what initial steps and follow up actions should be taken in response. Information will be distributed to housing offices and the Moor Market will host an information stall and talks throughout the week.

The week will be promoted on social media using the hashtag #SYSAW19 and details of events will be available at Safeguarding Sheffield Children – sscb

find out more

Click here for information

Coming Soon…………………………

The next HNPG will be on 16 July. This will be a special celebration;



Ahead of the Blades promotion to the Premier League this season, resurfacing works will begin on Bramall Lane in July, as part of the Streets Ahead programme.

Taking place over three long weekends, work will begin on the evening of Friday 5 July when the road will close at 8pm until Monday morning, 8 July at 5am.  The same closures will apply over the following two weekends – avoiding the weekends of the HSBC UK Let’s Ride event (14 July) and Tramlines (19-21 July) when the road will be open as usual.

The work will take place from the Cherry Street/Woodhead Road junction to Clough Road.

find out more

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Government consults on a new regulatory system for high rise buildings 

The Government has issued a consultation paper on proposals for a new regulatory system for high rise buildings. The proposals in the consultation paper will have far reaching consequences for stock-retained councils as owners and managers of high-rise residential buildings. Read more

Inside Housing

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Equality Hub Network
The King’s Fund 
The King’s Fund Library
Children & Young People Now
Learning Disability England
Centre for Welfare Reform
UBI Lab Sheffield
I have been going for the last 2 months to meetings of the UBI Lab Sheffield.
UBI stands for Universal Basic Income, where every adult would be paid a basic income and then earnings and or benefits would be on top of this income. 
So for example take a homeless person they would receive the basic income which could help them to come off the streets.
Or alternatively a person relying on benefits where during the claiming process any existing benefits could be stopped, they would still be receiving the basic income.
UBI 2030: The World We Want

We’re really pleased to get Council backing for a Sheffield pilot of UBI. It’s an opportunity for wider conversations and progressing the idea of a basic income in Sheffield and beyond. Two events coming up soon explore what the future might look like, from practically what we can do next, to over ten years from now…

Imagine the scenario. UBI is introduced as government policy in 2022. By 2030, it would be 8 years in. What would this be like? Join our regular open meeting for an informal talk followed by a discussion – 6:30pm this Wednesday (July 3rd) at the Quaker Meeting House. The second half of the meeting will discuss ongoing UBI Lab Sheffield projects and lobbying. All welcome. See the event on Facebook and our site.
On Saturday 6th July you are invited to co-create the future of work. What sort of work will we be doing in the future? What sort of work do we want to be doing? In a world of economic instability, rising inequality, automation, casualisation, and the possibility of a universal basic income, our future jobs look uncertain at best.
With UBI Lab member, artist and researcher Helen Rice and ecological economist and playwright Tim Jackson. Part of the Future Fantastic Festival at Theatre Deli, see their site for details and tickets.
Keep in touch with UBI Lab Sheffield:
UBI Lab Sheffield website: blogs, links, resources and more
Email: we’d love to hear your feedback, ideas, or just a hello!
Twitter: pledge public support for a Sheffield pilot with #letstryUBI
Facebook: keep up with the latest news and events from the group
Hope to speak soon, best wishes,
The UBI Sheffield Team
That was the invite to their 3 July meeting, which I at
tended and will endeavour to go to their next meeting at Rutland Arms, 86 Brown Street, Sheffield, S1 2BS from 18.30 on Wednesday 14 August 2019.
One Stop Social
The OSS E-News – 4 July 2019
Subject: Social Worker of the Month Awards | Relational safeguarding: model for child exploitation | Discounted social work and care books and resources

The OSS E-News

Providing the latest news, jobs, resources & training for the Social Work & Care Community!

Work Relational safeguarding: a model for child exploitation that works

Nazir Afzal OBE has described Pace’s Relational Safeguarding Model which underpins its Level 4 Accredited Award in Child Sexual Exploitation (ACSEP) as a “model that works”.

Read More

Understanding Online Child Abuse

We all want to keep children safe. They are not yet aware of the dangers of the world and can’t protect themselves as well as adults can, so we all look out for children and hope to prevent them from any negativity or exploitation. 

Read More

Social Worker of the Month Awards – Promoting Positive Social

To promote all the amazing and positive social work carried out by the OSS community, we’re starting a ‘Social Worker of the Month’ award! We want to recognise the individuals who go above and beyond in their role.

Find out more/ Nominate a practitioner

The OSS Store is now live – Discounted social work and care books and resources

We’re delighted to announce the launch our brand new One Stop Social Store, which will be the only discounted books and resources store for the social work and care community.

Visit Store
One Stop Social are holding multiple events for those interested in a return to social work. This process can often be daunting and confusing, so we’re here to guide you.
Find out more or reserve your place

Free Resources

Application Forms | What you need to know
Access over 400 FREE direct resources, guides & assessment handouts

Join the OSS Team

We work across the UK and as we grow, we want to remain a front-line practitioner led service. We believe in supporting, developing and facilitating best practice within the social work and care sector. With this in mind we are increasing our consortium of Practice Educators and Training Providers.

If you or your colleague would like more information, please get in touch.
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Choice Forum
Choice Forum summary


July 2

DWP accused of ‘rewarding failure’ after companies given £630m for more disability benefit tests…


Despite 9,320 complaints over one year, the Department for Work and Pensions has extended the contracts of two private companies that currently determine who gets disability benefits:

   Read More


July 2

STOMP and STAMP: patient leaflet


This leaflet (publication date: 21 June 2019) has been produced for families of children and young people with a learning disability, autism or both who may be prescribed (or are prescribed) psychotropic medication, to help them ask questions about their care and be more involved in discussion:

   Read More
Disability Rights UK
Picture of Disability Rights UK Logo
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Thank you

Chris Sterry

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