The Labour leader appeared to ask an advisor, possibly Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry, a question as he was interrupted by the protesters

Source: Jeremy Corbyn makes embarrassing mic gaffe about Aleppo bombing during chaotic Peter Tatchell-led war protest – Mirror Online

Government ‘leaves self-advocates with #NoVoice’ after scrapping forum’s funding – 10 Dec 2016

Source: Government ‘leaves self-advocates with #NoVoice’ after scrapping forum’s funding | DisabledGo News and Blog

It’s not how you think.

Source: Donald Trump is actually a fascist – The Washington Post

Even as president-elect, Trump targets and harasses his critics via the social-media app.

Source: This is what happens when Donald Trump attacks a private citizen on Twitter – The Washington Post

“My tax dollars are going to save them, but they aren’t going to help save my job,” says a plant worker

Source: Workers at endangered Indiana plant feel forgotten by Trump –

The presidential election of 2016 is not over. It hasn’t even been held yet. Just ask the Hamilton Electors

Source: Donald Trump isn’t yet president, and the Hamilton Electors have one shot to make sure he never is –

There are many legitimate deaths to mourn here in the twilight of 2016 — reason, civility, the future of the Republic — but I felt none so sharply this week as the snuffing of my last hope for delight in the White House over the next four years. After everything women and those without a Pepe-infused sense of humor have lost, now we won’t even get the glorious spectacle of a full-time FLOTUS with the Mostess ruling the East Wing with a pavé crystal fist.

Barack Obama’s administration was a cultural two-fer: Along with a cool president, we got a funny, gracious, intelligent, down-to-earth, accomplished executive for a first lady. Michelle Obama is the kind of woman who’ll karaoke with you on your birthday and hand-pick a good novel for your present, give you grad school application tips in one breath and the name of a resilient heirloom tomato in the next. We didn’t deserve her, and she will be missed.

America is ready for a change, we have been told, and so we are installing a spiritually bankrupt reality TV producer in the Oval Office, along with his Cabinet of Horrors. A Donald Trump presidency does not promise much on the shits-and-giggles front, but the infinite comedic possibilities of Melania Trump in official first lady duties? That has kept me going since November 9.

But hold off on that bulk order of “obligatory bootie scrubs,” because it looks very likely that Ivanka is installing herself as First Lady-Daughter instead.

First we heard that Melania and young master Barron would return to the gilded tower after the inauguration. Still, it’s a reasonable commute. But this week we learned Donald’s eldest daughter Ivanka would be taking a leave of absence from the Trump Organization — leaving the other two McPoyles in charge of the family coffers — in what the New York Times calls “the surest sign” that Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner are going to move to D.C. and become the bland ceremonial faces of the Trump administration.

A step too far.

Stop Making Sense

Max Opray reports for The Guardian:

Image result for rio tinto dronesIn the remote Australian outback, multinational companies are embarking on a secretive new kind of mining expedition.

Rio Tinto has long mined the Pilbara region of Western Australia for iron ore riches but now the company is seeking to extract a rather different kind of resource – its own employees, for data.

Thousands of Rio Tinto personnel live in company-run mining camps, spending not just work hours but leisure and home time in space controlled by their employer – which in this emerging era of smart infrastructure presents the opportunity to hoover up every detail of their lives.

Rio Tinto is no stranger to using technology to improve efficiency, having replaced human-operated vehicles with automated haul trucks and trains controlled out of a central operations centre in Perth.

The company is embarking on an attempt to manage its remaining human workers in the same way…

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The Muslim Issue

Swedish security guards brutally attacked by gang of ‘immigrants’ on Stockholm subway

HORRIFIC footage of two security guards being attacked by a violent gang of thugs at a Swedish subway station has emerged.

Express, PUBLISHED: 04:06, Wed, Dec 7, 2016

In the shocking CCTV clip, the pair can be seen struggling to regain control over the situation as the gang turned violent after officials attempted to detain one person on the underground platform.The altercation between the security guards and the angry gang was sparked as the detained male refused to cooperate.Friends of the man began circling the officials as they attempted to lead the person off the subway platform.

However, before the security guards at the Stockholm subway station could calm the situation, a group of people gave chase and started shouting at them to let the detained male go.

Swedish security guards brutally attacked

The two security guards were brutally attacked…

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Revealing photos on how women’s progression or not as occurred in Libya, Iran and Egypt.

Eyes on Europe & Middle East

*La représentation de la femme au Moyen Orient à travers des photos dans les années 1950-1970
  • Libya/Libye

libyan women 1960 Vintage 1963…women celebrate right to vote day, credit: Esther Kofod

Libyan Girl Scouts 1960Libyan Girl Scouts 1960 Credit:Wikimedia

1960 Libya Before Gaddafi regime Mohamed Nga hosts a party at the Uaddan Hotel, Libya Source:

jewish women libya 1950 Source:The cutting edge news , Libyan Jewish women

  • Egypte, Égypte

égypte université du caire 1959 Egypt Cairo University 1959

egypte femmes egypt

Antigone Costanda Antigone Costanda; The Second Egyptian woman to win Miss World – London In 1954

1964 beach egypt 1964 egypt beach

women egypt 1950 Beach-goers in the 1950s

  • Iraq/Irak

in university baghdad 1970 in university baghdad 1970

iraq old photos Source: 

saddam school girls 1970 Saddam posing with Iraqi school girls in the 1970s

Baghdad students women 1960 Iraq women 1960

  • Iran

Persian women before islamic revolution Persian women before islamic revolution

women iran before revolution

  • iranian women before revolution

Iran fashion 1970 Iran fashion in the 1970s

iran 1970 2012 iran 1970 2012 women

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