teach us religious beliefs; on the other hand, we have all-night folk

Source: Islam, Beyond the Stereotypes – The New York Times

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A screen grab from a video released by the Russian Defense Ministry shows Russian jets targeting a convoy of Daesh tankers transporting oil. (RT)The Daesh Takfiri terrorists have made over $800 million dollars in black market oil sales in Turkey over the last eight months, says Iraqi MP.

“This is Iraqi oil and Syrian oil, carried by trucks from Iraq, from Syria through the borders to Turkey and sold …[at] less than 50 percent of the international oil price,” said Mowaffak al-Rubaie in an interview with RT published on Sunday.

He noted that the oil is either “consumed inside” Turkey after being refined in Turkish facilities or is piped to the Mediterranean where it is sold on the international market.

Oil tankers, owned by Daesh, transport petrol to be sold to businessmen.

“Money and dollars generated by selling Iraqi and Syrian oil on the Turkish black market  is like the oxygen supply to Daesh and its operation,” he added. “Once you cut the oxygen then Daesh will suffocate.”

He went on to stress that there is “no…

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social care network: adult social care hub Social care Autumn statement 2015 Older people NHS Health

Source: Spending review money comes too late, says social care leader | Social Care Network | The Guardian

International forces are seen as hypocritical, ignoring the deaths of thousands of Syrians then taking action only after Europeans and Americans are killed

Source: Voices from Raqqa: ‘We can’t hide from your bombs. Tell MPs to say no’ | World news | The Guardian

Source: My Aspergers Child: Stress-Management for Children with Asperger’s and High-Functioning Autism

A 23-YEAR-OLD man with Asperger’s syndrome has made a heartfelt appeal against “devastating” council cuts planned for adult social…

Source: VIDEO: Asperger’s syndrome 23-year-old’s heartfelt appeal against “devastating” council cuts planned for adult social care services (From The Argus)

Depression is epidemic in our society, and the mainstream solution is a trip to the psychiatrist and an indefinite prescription for pharmaceuticals. Dependent…

Source: The Real Cause of Depression May Have Nothing at All to Do With Your Mind | The Mind Unleashed

Exercise may help to keep the brain robust in people who have an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Source: Can Exercise Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk? – The New York Times

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Want to know why Turkey was so angry that it shot down a Russian jet? Watch the videos and be in the know. One big Turkey shoot (pun intended), destroying the purse of IS… and Turkey’s prospect of a large extension of its sphere of influence southwards. Hilarious how these Allah rascals parked their trucks in a perfect line so the Russian air force could perform some long overdue ‘major maintenance’ to these trucks.

[Switch on English subs] Extremely detailed pictures and comment, giving an impression of the war in Syria. Not even Palmyra, that ‘Roman stronghold’ in central Syria is safe from Russian bombers. It is all open terrain with no place to hide.

kuweiris-local-mapSituation Aleppo-Raqqa. Red=Assad, black=IS, green=’moderates’, yellow=Kurds.

[unz.com] – Russia’s Intervention in Syria: A Geopolitical Coup?

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Iran Israel news israeli palestinian conflict

Source: Khamenei: ISIS ‘vile’ but Palestinians face worse terrorism from Israel – Middle East – Jerusalem Post


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