What are the signs and symptoms of anxiety and ADHD and what differences are there? Learn about treatments including medication, therapy, and relaxation.

Source: ADHD and Anxiety: What’s the Connection? – Medical News Today

Limited success, but nowhere near far enough as it still depends on the drivers judgement and the stance taken by the person blocking a wheelchair space.

There should also be more than 1 space allocated, for if it is a couple in wheelchairs no more than 1 could travel at 1 time, surely that would be an infringement of the rights of the couple to live and travel together.

Same Difference

A disabled man has won a Supreme Court case after a dispute with a woman with a buggy over wheelchair space on a bus.

It means bus drivers may have to do more to accommodate wheelchair users.

Wheelchair user Doug Paulley brought his case after he was told he could not get on a bus to Leeds in 2012, when a mother with a pushchair refused to move.

He had argued operator FirstGroup’s “requesting, not requiring” policy was discriminatory.

The court allowed the appeal, but to a limited extent.

It ruled that FirstGroup’s policy of requiring a driver to simply request a non-wheelchair user to vacate the space without taking any further steps was unjustified.

The company should consider some further steps to pressurise the non-wheelchair user to vacate the space, depending on the circumstances, it said.

BBC legal affairs correspondent Clive Coleman said the judgement falls short of making…

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Guess who’s been advising Donald Trump on his picks for the people who will control foreign policy in a Trump administration?

Well, here’s a hint: who’s the most murderous, toxic, partisan psychopath you can think of? One who gained so much infamy for his services to the Bush administration that he had to flee the country to avoid the law?

If you guessed Erik Prince, notorious mercenary and founder of Blackwater, you win the dubious prize:

Erik Prince, America’s most notorious mercenary, is lurking in the shadows of the incoming Trump administration. A former senior U.S. official who has advised the Trump transition told The Intercept that Prince has been advising the team on matters related to intelligence and defense, including weighing in on candidates for the defense and state departments….

On election night, Prince’s latest wife, Stacy DeLuke, posted pictures from inside Trump’s campaign headquarters as Donald Trump and Mike Pence watched the returns come in, including a close shot of Pence and Trump with their families….

Source: Guess Who’s Been Advising Trump?

The current consultation paper on the funding for supported housing is not just a mess it is dangerous and in the four following areas: Is Sheltered Housing supported housing? Why no consultation o…

Source: LHA Maxima Cap (consultation) -Part 1 :Not just wrong but dangerous – SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites)

This evening there has been a debate in the House of Commons regarding community toilet facilities for those with disabilities, including Changing Place facilities. The general consensus was that more needs to be done to include these facilities. I’ve included a link, the debate starts at 20.24, and I do get a mention 🙂

Source: Petition update · Changing Places debated in the House of Commons · Change.org

SOCITM asked the Digital Accessibility Centre to evaluate the accessibility of council websites for people with disabilities A third of UK

Source: A third of UK council homepages fail SOCITM disability accessibility tests | DisabledGo News and Blog

Prime Minister May wants full sovereignty for the UK. But then it has to do without the advantages of the EU. The Union lives from the common rules. She must not give it away.

That is why the Prime Minister is concerned: she wants to give her electoral people the greatest possible sovereignty. Sovereignty is determined by May as to the extent to which rules have to be worked out together with other nations, whether compromises are to be made, and how many people are crossing their own borders in this highly mobile world. Until Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union , Britain subjugated – reluctantly – the logic that sovereignty can exercise together with other states in order to gain more freedom and security. Now the British government seeks the salvation in the comprehensibility. This is the legitimate consequence of the Brexit vote.

Alone: The question of the price has not yet been answered. This is the EU’s response. And this answer will decide whether the Union will endure, or whether it will fall according to Trump’s prediction. For if the price of the exit is small, there will be enough imitators who, like the British, retreat into their national shell.

Source: (1)Die EU muss den Preis für den Brexit hoch ansetzen – Politik – Süddeutsche.de

Nurses need to raise concerns and speak up now more than ever, the nurse who exposed appalling treatment of patients at Stafford Hospital has urged.

Source: Whistleblower urges nurses to speak up amid NHS crisis | RCNi

When we are not happy about any situation, what can we do but complain for just putting up with it is not right,

If people do not complain how can wrongs be corrected.

Complaints need to be recognised as a tool to improve situations and not be treated with negativity.

There needs to be at least a two-way communication so that complaints can be dealt with effectively for the betterment for all concerned.

For if one person is not happy with a situation, then there will be most likely many more, so we should all look at complaints as a positive action to enhance improvements.


Raymond Rose and his wife Susan became so fed up they complained about the practice in Bristol every time they went.

Raymond and Susan Rose have been banned from the surgery (Photo: SWNS)

A disabled couple have been banned by their local GP surgery – for making too many complaints.

Raymond Rose and his wife Susan became so fed up they complained about the practice every time they went – at least once a week.

Their complaints include being prescribed the ‘wrong’ medicine – and even about the amount of holiday their doctor has taken.

But bosses at the Greenway Community Practice in Bristol have become sick of their whingeing and told them not to come back.

The couple, both 68, have until Wednesday to find a new surgery or risk being unable to get access to their long-term prescriptions .

The practice defended its actions and said they were…

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