Well they have to find the money from some where to pay for all the free benefits they provide, University fees, prescriptions etc, surely not all of it comes from UK Government funding.

You have to pay the piper.


EXCLUSIVE: NICOLA Sturgeon has been accused of being “anti British Armed Forces” after failing to stop Scottish soldiers receiving hefty tax bills which don’t apply to troops living south of the border.

Troops in Scotland face paying up to four times as much council tax as those living in England and Wales because of discrepancies in how council tax is calculated.

Some are even being sent letters from sheriff officers threatening to freeze bank accounts and send out bailiffs if the money isn’t paid, according to ex-Royal Marine John McGlinchey.

Serving and retired servicemen and women in most parts of the UK are eligible for a 50 per cent discount on the council tax for their family home when they are stationed abroad or in barracks elsewhere in the country.

But instead of a reduction, military personnel in Scotland are being forced to pay up to DOUBLE the council tax…

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Jeremy Corbyn arrives in Glasgow on a Virgin train where miraculously he appears to have found not one seat, but two, one for him and the other for his bag. This time he did not appear to travel with his wife.

I also notice that the car waiting for him at Glasgow has a L- Plates, is he therefore accepting a lift from a Learner Driver, or are the plates for Corbyn as a learning leader of the Labour Party.


The Labour leader has been photographed firmly seated on the way from London Euston to Glasgow – in stark contrast to last time when he was filmed sprawled on the floor.

Source: Jeremy Corbyn is all smiles after definitely getting a seat on Virgin train | Daily Mail Online

Benefit tales

Fighting back: Outrage over disabled man who lost leg in illegal benefit sanctions leads to £30k Salford campaign

Salford’s Unemployed & Community Resource Centre are launching a bid to help the thousands of people stung by unlawful benefit sanctions.

Back in June, SalfordOnline.com reported how one Salford worker who illegally had his out-of-work benefits axed had been refunded by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

In 2012 Simon Milne had his Jobseekers Allowance stopped for four weeks, without notice.It left him in such a poor state that he was unable to buy food, let alone to pay for travel to get to job interviews.

The centre says that David (pictured) had his benefits repeatedly sanctioned by Jobcentre Plus officials. This resulted in him being unable to control his diabetes because he had no money for food.

This caused diabetic ulcers which became infected and he had to have a…

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I can remember clearly watching The Andrew Marr show last year and listening intently to this calm, considered, intelligent man on my television – no it wasn’t Andrew Marr, it was Jeremy Corbyn whom he was interviewing. It was the first time I had heard him talk at length about what he hoped to achieve as leader of the Labour Party and I was hooked. This was the gentler, more honest, down to earth politics; well that’s what we all want, right? He was anti-war, which is where my interest in politics initially began back when I was at college. His ideals and principals were very clearly aligned with mine and here was a chance to have somebody lead the Labour Party, who historically would not normally have the opportunity to do so. And so my interest in Jeremy Corbyn grew and I wasn’t the only one. All around the…

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No more money for the NHS, which we require, in fact cuts, but willing to lay out vast amounts of money for Trident renewal, which we do not require and there are no cuts.

Does this use of money really make sense.


Plans are being drawn up that could see cuts to NHS services across England.

The BBC has seen draft sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) which propose ward closures, cuts in bed numbers and changes to A&E and GP care in 44 areas.

There have been no consultations on the plans so far.

NHS England, which needs to find £22bn in efficiency savings by 2020-21, said reorganising local services is essential to improve patient care.

But the Nuffield Trust think tank said while STPs could lead to “fundamental changes”, many of the plans do not meet the financial targets set by the government and will face a “dauntingly large implementation task”.

Laura Townshend, director of the campaign group 38 Degrees, said the plans had received very little public or political scrutiny.

She told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “A key concern is why it hasn’t been this transparent up until now.

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Council of State, possibly the French voice of reason.


France’s highest administrative court ruled that it is illegal for towns to ban body-covering burkini swimsuits, which have become a symbol of tensions around the place of Islam in secular France.

Source: France’s top administrative court overturns burkini ban amid shock and anger worldwide – The Washington Post


French court strikes down burkini ban

It is the French voice of reason.


To what other lengths will the DWP go as sanctions were bad enough, now these hidden interview and observation techniques, so what next, perhaps lie detectors or forms of direct torture, who would put it past them.

The poor side of life

Being a disabled claimant is hard enough, the whole rigmarole of trying to ensure that you get money to live on, money that you deserve is unbelievably hard. Not happy with the methods that they already use to stigmatise ill and disabled claimants they have decided to go one step further.

At first I read this and couldn’t quite believe it. In essence they have recruited an agency to take part, alongside the DWP in what can only be seen as interrogation tactics, or methods used in police stations when interviewing possible criminals.

A claimant will be told to attend an office for an interview, as we know these interviews aren’t voluntary. If you don’t attend then it gives them the option of punishing you, usually by stopping your only source of income.

From what I have read a claimant will be asked to enter a room which consists of…

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This is batant discrimination, as what would happen if a Nun went to the beach.


Source: France’s burkini ban could not come at a worse time

Zoe Harris, creator of Remember-I’m-Me Care Charts, discusses life with her late husband Geoff during the onset of dementia

Source: ‘I struggled with the confusing labyrinth of the social care system’ | Community Care

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