That no one noticed “goes to show the lack of diversity in [Trump’s] team,” said Ceci Cardelle, who took the photo

Source: Eric Trump doesn’t know rudimentary Spanish, poses for photo with “Latina contra Trump” protester –

The CQC describe these proposals in more detail in their consultation document. You can tell them what you think using their online form, details below. You can

Source: Care Quality Commission consultation on fees asks for care operator views | Care Industry News

This is the welfare state in the UK of today for those who are in desperate need of benefits to survive. The system should be there to help not hinder as the system is not just broken it is amoral.


Like the hero of Ken Loach’s film, I, Daniel Blake, I faced a box-ticking assessment designed to thwart and frustrate the people it’s supposed to support.

Briana Shann, Hayley Squires, Dave Johns and Dylan McKiernan in I, Daniel Blake.‘What Loach depicts in his film, is a system that is designed to frustrate, thwart and discriminate.’ Briana Shann, Hayley Squires, Dave Johns and Dylan McKiernan in I, Daniel Blake. Photograph: Films/Everett/Rex/Shutterstock

My entry into the benefits system late in life came as a shock. Like the eponymous hero of Ken Loach’s new film, I, Daniel Blake, I was in my late 50s. After I was made redundant I discovered that although I’d been paying my national insurance contributions for decades, I still wouldn’t qualify for a full state pension. That’s when I decided to apply for employment and support allowance: a benefit for unemployed people of working age who have limited prospects of work because of a disability or health…

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The X Factor is promoted as an entertainment show, but is it a quality entertainment show. For some years people have commented on the quality of some of the acts appearing, but then people do have differing tastes. In the current live show there some good acts, but when you look at Honey G is she really a quality performer.


Viewers refuse to believe the aspiring rapper has any fans voting for her

Source: ‘X Factor is fixed!’ Viewers slam show as Honey G sails through despite boos from audience – Mirror Online

All crime should be recorded and shown in the statistics, where crime is not being recorded or deliberately being withdrawn from statistics, then this should also be a crime.

Muslim Statistics

Over 2,000 sex attacks against German women was committed by muslim migrants during New Year alone, and we are told similar sex assaults happen constantly. Yet statistics are now manipulated to show only 17 attacks. And why is that? It’s to try and suppress the facts about muslims and crime in society which we have published for years, and which has been taken up and discussed by every media outlet available. The Eurocrats are now trying to “prove” that our reports are wrong by lying about the reality of muslim crimes. It’s extremely dangerous to hide facts from people. Muslims ARE a problem to Western society and the future stability and peace of our countries.



Outrage as Cologne New Year’s Eve Sex Attacks Wiped from Crime Record


by Virginia Hale
Breitbart, 22 Oct 2016

Events in Cologne on New Year’s Eve gained international attention as mobs…

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The Republican nominee has promised to build a “tremendous economic machine.”

Source: Trump’s growth projections leave economists in disbelief | TheHill

The Community Cafe Project – vote for us now in the Aviva Community Fund

Source: The Community Cafe Project | Aviva Community Fund

Support Mencap’s Here I Am campaign. It’s time to learn about learning disability. Understand me

Source: Here I Am campaign – Understand Me Mencap


Writer and activist Jack Monroe knows from their own experience that Ken Loach’s portrayal of life on benefits is heart-wrenchingly accurate.

Hayley Squires as Katie Morgan and Dave Johns as Daniel Blake are caught in the tightening web of the British benefits system. Photograph: Everett/Rex/Shutterstock

What kind of person are you if you aren’t angry, devastated, furious, howling when you leave the cinema after seeing Ken Loach’s Palme D’Or winning film, I, Daniel Blake?

If you aren’t angry that Stephanie Bottrill deliberately walked in front of an articulated lorry on the M6, after her benefits were sanctioned, what kind of person are you?

If you aren’t angry that Linda Wootton died within weeks of being assessed fit for work, as her letters from the Department of Work and Pensions were delivered to her hospital bed, what kind of person are you?

The “scroungers and skivers” rhetoric runs deep…

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‘Ladies First’ : Saudi Arabia Female Candidates

by Mona El-Naggar and Adam Bolt


Muslim Statistics

Muslim immigration and Muslim statistics

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