England’s teachers among the best paid for fewest hours in Europe

I am not qualified to talk about Pay for Teachers, but pay is but one aspect of the strike action, for there are others. Be their pay be good or not there is a shortage of teachers and other forms of support in schools. Schools are also extremely short of many other resources vital to the actions of teaching and much of this is down to the continued spending cuts imposed by Governments.

No matter how much one is paid they need all the resouces available to do the job completely and this is not occurring currently.

Source: England’s teachers among the best paid for fewest hours in Europe

Rose Ayling Ellis Shocked By Stage Show Rant

I thank Rose Ayling Ellis for posting this on Instagram and yourself for sharing.

We all have a right to object, but the way or ways it is done is so important, for this man to do as he did, is also so discriminating to others and could have well spoiled the performance for the others attending.

Always be respectful and in doing so respect the Rights of others.

Same Difference

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Labour forces Holocaust survivor out of party with expulsion threat email – SKWAWKBOX

Stephen Kapos says he has a duty to teach others about his experience whether Starmer and co like it or not As Skwawkbox predicted last week, Holocaust survivor Stephen Kapos has been driven out of…


The Labour Party was created in 1900 due to the inadequacies of the other Parties at that time to deal with problems within the working population of the UK.

During that time it has undergone many changes, but is it still the Party of the working population, now that is the question.

Stephen Kapos was a member of the Party and also one of the Few Holocaust survivor still living today. The Holocaust, one would have expected to provide ‘lessons to be learnt’ but it is so clear that they have not as there are still extermations of many around the World so it is so clear that lessons have not been learnt. There have been and still are exterminations of many races, ethnicities, gender, religion, disabilities, sexuality and many others in many countries of the World.

Stephen Kapos is as said one of the few remaining persons alive of the Holocaust and is therefore a person of expert experience.

He is not just commenting on the Holocaust with his own experiences but how others are being dealt with today, even by Israel and Palestine, but just like the current Tory Government, it appears the Current Labour Party is not listening or does not wish to listen.

I am no expert on the Holocaust or even Palestine, but Stephen is and he should be listened to and the Labour Party needs to get back to its underlining former principles of listening to all of the working in the UK, which it appears not to be in some ways. But, I am not an expert in the Labour Party, or in fact any Party, but one that wishes the best for all in the UK and the stopping of discrimination in all its forms ceratinly in the UK and also wherever it occurs in the World at large.

Please lets us be a listening nation and that starts with everyone in the UK and for goodness sake lets all abide and mainain our Human Rights.

Source: Labour forces Holocaust survivor out of party with expulsion threat email – SKWAWKBOX

Ukraine is locked in a war with corruption as well as Putin – it can’t afford to lose either | Orysia Lutsevych | The Guardian

High-profile resignations highlight the nation’s struggle to prove to the world it is not corrupt, says Orysia Lutsevych, head of Ukraine Forum at Chatham House


That is so true, and we all need Ukraine to win both, or at least the war with Russia.

As Putin has to be defeated, so that is the war, but if, corruption does continue will the peace last, perhaps not.


Source: Ukraine is locked in a war with corruption as well as Putin – it can’t afford to lose either | Orysia Lutsevych | The Guardian

‘I’m just trying to go home’: Tyre Nichols heard pleading in released video | Tyre Nichols | The Guardian

The grisly footage, released in four parts, indicates an ambulance did not arrive for more than 20mins after the vicious beating. This article contains description of physical violence


This is all so wrong and my heart goes out to the family of Tyre Nichols and all the other families of American Police brutality, whatever their racial origins, but especially so the so called, Minority Ethnic origins, which are not that so minor for they are a very sizeable part of the American population and being so should be entitled to all the Human Rights allowed in America.

But, even though many Americans don’t believe so, the Human Rights in America are not as extensive as they should be, in a So Call Democracy as Very Right wing politics and right wing religions are abusing their assumed power in all matters.

Americans need to extend their horizons and see for themselves the extent of Freedoms in other so called democratic countries.

Yes, there will always be some legislative restrictions, but not to the same degree as in America and these degrees change from State to State.

It would appear that some American Police forces have not progressed much, if at all and some are now even worse that in the days of the Wild West. For it is now the 21st century and not the 18th when America was formed, but others were there before with the  Indians, now referred to as Native Americans. Many of whom were assassinated by the incoming invaders, starting with the Pilgrim Fathers and many others afterwards.

Being Christians, or so we are told, but having far right views, hence their decision to leave England and find pastures new, but without any apparent thoughts about anyone already there.

Were they really bringing Christian principles to America and then in the southern areas of North America and the West Indies to allow slaves to be brought over from Africa. In doing so not extending these Christian principles to the slaves as they believed them to be not worth any vestiges of Christian thoughts. Some of which, in many ways, still exists today in how so termed minorities are treated in America, with many Americans Caucasians wishing that the return to the 18th century should be done today. perhaps, in some extent this is why the American police are how they are today, even those of non-Caucasian origins.

Every country still has a lot to learn, but some much more than others, for we are all humans and really we should all be able to live together and not let any differences get in the way, being it gender, race, religion, ethnicity, disability and many others.

Let’s all live in peace and show each other the respect there should always have been and do away with all forms of discrimination and acknowledge the Human Rights of others.

Source: ‘I’m just trying to go home’: Tyre Nichols heard pleading in released video | Tyre Nichols | The Guardian

Exclusive: The photo that ‘clears Prince Andrew’ over bath sex

Maxwell lawyers claim ‘frolicking’ with Duke of York could not happen because there was not enough room


Whatever the photo suggests, if there is the ‘will there is always a way’, for some even say it has occurred for them in a Mini or even a small MG.

Prince Andrew, by association with Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein is guilty of something, whatever it is will we ever know?, well not in our lifetimes.

Source: Exclusive: The photo that ‘clears Prince Andrew’ over bath sex

Abortion Access Is Vital for People with Disabilities | Time

But people with disabilities are often left out of the fight for reproductive rights


“People with disabilities also have sex. They want to start families, they want to date,” Moonan says. But “people don’t see people with disabilities that way.”

This is so true and in many ways people don’t see people with disabilities at all.

Joy Moonan and others are ‘Experts by Experience’ and they all so need to be listened for the politicians and not experts in any field. It is just they have been voted into positions which gives them great power, but they use it so unwisely.

A blanket ban on abortions and some other medical interventions are so wrong as all cases should be viewed on their merits. Especially where lives are in question and with abortions in many other instances such as rape, incest, etc.

To not take into account the lives of women is justifying ‘Institutional Murder’, but, certainly in America and maybe in some other countries, politics has been allowed to run uncontrollably, as severe right or even left views need to be contained.

People should be the important factor and not just the views of the powerful or assumed powerful, for that is power by dictatorship, which can be readily seen in some, supposed democratically ruled countries, especially in some parts of America.

The abortion bans are an abuse of power, not respecting hard fought for Womens Human Rights, so disrespectful of women.

Source: Abortion Access Is Vital for People with Disabilities | Time

Recent cash injections won’t solve emergency service problems, says leader | The BMJ

The NHS has just had its worst ever December in terms of pressure on the service, with worrying levels of staff burnout and “hideously high” bed occupancy rates in hospitals, MPs have been told.The health service was struggling to meet demand, and recent government cash injections weren’t enough to solve longstanding problems, said Adrian Boyle, president of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine when he appeared before MPs on the parliamentary health and social care committee on 24 January.The NHS was now entering a “new and more difficult phase” in the ongoing industrial dispute between trade unions and the government as strike action was intensifying, MPs were told.Boyle, who was giving evidence to the committee’s inquiry into the situation in emergency departments, waiting times, and excess deaths, emphasised the severity of the situation. …


So correct, but, unfortunately for a problem to be solved all have to see there is a problem before it can be solved, but this Government is not recognising the problem, is it because they are failing to do so, or not wishing to do so?


Source: Recent cash injections won’t solve emergency service problems, says leader | The BMJ

Social care should be a universal entitlement on par with NHS, says Church of England commission | The BMJ

England’s “broken” social care system should be radically overhauled in a new national care covenant developed through public dialogue, church leaders have said.The Archbishops’ Commission on Reimagining Care has urged ministers to set out a long term commitment to a universal entitlement to social care regardless of wealth “on a par with the NHS.”It said that the new covenant would define the role and mutual responsibilities of individuals, families, communities, and local and national government, and lead to a simpler, fairer, and more generously funded system. Overseen at a national government level, the new system would ensure a stronger role for the state and a new deal for unpaid carers to provide better support and recognition.Reform would require a means of collective funding and pooling of risk, probably with a tariff of care charges established on a national basis, said the commission, which was launched in April 2021 by the archbishops of Canterbury, Justin Welby, and York, Stephen Cottrell. The report on its findings, Care and Support …


Something I agree with and it should have been done years ago, maybe in 1948 for Social Care and health are so joined together and should be at all levels and be funded similar. It would also be sensible for the same organisation to undertake both emergency services, for when required Social Care is also an extremely required emergency service.


Source: Social care should be a universal entitlement on par with NHS, says Church of England commission | The BMJ

Rape survivor wins case against ‘cruel and inhumane’ state of Bolivia | Global development | The Guardian

An international court found that Brisa De Angulo, who was abused at 15, had her rights violated during the judicial process


This is a great result for Brisa and so hopefully for all women but will it, now that is for us all to see.

Women in many countries and not just in the Americas, but in many other countries around the World suffer greatly as in many of these countries males feel it is their Right to abuse women and in many instances treat women as though they have no Rights at all.

This should never have been so and we all need to bring pressure on any countries where abuses against women occur.


Source: Rape survivor wins case against ‘cruel and inhumane’ state of Bolivia | Global development | The Guardian