Labour suspends Bootle branch that demanded Starmer resign over S*n column – SKWAWKBOX

Bootle Labour party unanimously called for Starmer to resign for cosying up with hated rag. Now branch that proposed motion has been suspended by Labour in what members regard as revenge attack Lab…

Politics can be and is very ‘dirty’ on all sides of the ‘House’ and at times the House appeasers to be a children’s playground and in doing so annoys the electorate and bring  politics disrepute, when it should be respected. The booing, shouting and many other actions causing the Speaker to request silence so persons talking can be heard, to me shows that none of the persons doing so are suitable to be MPs and certainly not deserved of respect.

I agree politics at elections need to but followed, but when MPs are elected the sole purpose should be to do what is required for their constituents no matter how they voted and also the best for the country, party politics should have no bearing, but many just voted down Party lines whether they be good for the country or not, the Party comes first when it should be constituents and country.

But this is the same the World over, but needs to be changed for all of our continued existence.

As to the current situation, I want honesty, which is in very short supply within the whole of Parliament, but expressly so with Boris and even Keir. Boris because he appears incapable to be honest, but that was clear well before he became Prime Minister, so why should we be surprised now, we got what we voted for, so in much respect the electorate is to blame.

But as to Keir I would never trust him, as he believes he is still in court supporting who is paying him, whether they be guilty or not, as that is his preferred profession.

Labour started as being the voice of working people, but over the years the defined ‘working people’ is not the people for whom the party was created for. It was for people who had no one speaking for them and did not have the resources themselves to pay out for someone. Now, many in Parliament have funds which the original Members could only dream about and have lost the ideals of why the Party was formed. It needs to go back to its roots, not just at the top but at every levels.


Source: Labour suspends Bootle branch that demanded Starmer resign over S*n column – SKWAWKBOX

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