‘He’s really dangerous’: fear as Wagner convict soldiers return from Ukraine | Russia | The Guardian

Murderers and other hardened criminals among those recruited by Russian mercenary group in exchange for freedom


Putin in his relentless invasion of Ukraine is causing so many problems, for while his invasion is causing much death, injury, and destruction in Ukraine for Ukrainians he is also creating many problems for Russians also.

Now you may say why should we be bothered, but many Russian civilians are innocents too, for with Putin’s hold on power the Russian population has no real power to overthrow him, especially while he has the military with him and the secret forces around him.

While this has been so for many years, his desire to win and considerable injuries and killing of Russian forces by Ukrainian forces are really decimating the strength and numbers of the Russian forces, so to supplement this Putin decided that Russian convicts could be pardoned if they volunteered for the Wagner forces, a private military company tied to the businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Should these convicts survive six months in Ukraine, which many are not doing, they will be pardoned and allowed to go to where they wish to in Russia. These convicts are very hardened criminals who were sentenced to very long periods due to the serious crimes they committed. many will return to where they committed their crimes and so will be free to commit more crimes, but also to punish those who gave evidence to ensure they were found guilty. These people felt they would be safe for many years to come, but not now and many are fearing for their lives and for those of their families.

These families are just as innocent as the persons in Ukraine and while the persons in Ukraine are being protected as best as can be, the innocents in Russia will have no protections.

So for the innocents of Ukraine and Russia, Putin has to be defeated, and the sooner the better, therefore the Western countries which are supporting Ukraine with armaments need to urgently provide more armaments, and if this includes jet fighters and others then so be it. The sooner these armaments are provided the sooner Putin will be defeated.

For it is not just for Ukraine and Russia that Putin needs to be defeated, but for all the other countries which border Russia and others nearby. For if Putin wins in Ukraine no one will be safe and this includes Germany, UK, France, Belgium, in fact, any country in the World.

Source: ‘He’s really dangerous’: fear as Wagner convict soldiers return from Ukraine | Russia | The Guardian


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